Your Chivette of the Week: Janna VanHeertum (43 Photos)

On Monday, a GIF (below) of Janna VanHeertum appeared in our famous 'Find Her' gallery. The GIF was from the emasculating viral sensation, The Flip Side.

Janna's been a Chivette since the early days in '08, back when we had no clue what we were doing (we still don't). She always manages to send us a Chive On from somewhere resembling paradise. Janna's a successful actress, her new film She Wants Me, Starring Hilary Duff, Kristen Ruhlin, and Charlie Sheen, premiered last night. Aside from having an amazing smile and being unbelievably nice, Janna's friends are all really, really hot. I'll let Janna take it from here:

Hi Chivers! I grew up in Cobleskill, the smallest town in upstate New York. After school I was tired of the NY theater scene (although NY will always have my heart) so I moved to LA. I'm out here loving life and enjoying time with my friends, who happen to be smoking hot.

Even though I may appear to be a girly girl (as I am with some things), I'm not your typical 'LA' girl... at all (that's now how Chivettes roll in general I noticed). I'd much rather grab a beer at a dive bar than go to some trendy wine bar or club.

I'm lucky to be doing what I love for a living and I spend more time on theCHIVE than I should, my friends are all hooked too. Most importantly, I love that the Chive has a heart. I always read the comments and I can't believe how nice all the Chivers are considering the internet can be a cynical place sometimes. Keep doing what your doing. I'm honored to be a part of it all. KCCO

Say hello to Janna on her Facebook Page. Janna's Twitter.

More Janna on her Facebook Page.

Janna’s Twitter.

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  • Me1

    #19 sexy and sexy

  • @theBUCCnasty

    Not very hot at all

  • koyf

    #19 forehead hax

  • Mike

    #8 I've never had a six-some…

  • Chas Mitchell Smith

    You are just one amazing person!

  • Mickey Mouse

    #27 is a great photo!

  • Ratree

    I'd marry her today. Way better than Many of the "could never introduce her to my mother" Chivettes of the week.

  • Anonymous

    “I got tired of the theater scene…”

    Maybe the theater scene got tired of you.

  • Wtf

    Is the Internet out of hot women already?

  • Buford

    Hot. Think she needs to nail me

  • skinny

    Absolutley beautiful!

  • Skylar

    We love us a beautiful Chivette with a personality to match!!!

  • cheynecg

    I got 99 problems…and a Chivette ain't 1.

  • stonewall_79

    #14 Ohhh a Tecate light if you want a good beer try the regular Tecate that shit is strong that the best Mexican beer not Corona

  • Joshua Jones

    anyone else notice the white sock black sock?

  • tbirk23

    those hips r unheard of. yet again another naturally beautiful chivette of the week. nice work guys

  • ChronicUser

    She is drop dead gorgeous and her friends are too shabby either #15 and #16

  • hkd

    im trying to be nice and say no she isnt hideous etc but come on chivette of the week??? Really? for a second I wasnt sure if this was really her when i saw hotter girls in other pics with her. Confused for moment. And if this is what guys consider super hot, im just shocked. I know there are far better looking girls out there. I think the janitor at my work is hotter, no joke. Cant really take her pic bc she will think im a creeper

  • Goldenboy

    Janna.Nice body.But have to get a hair color that fits u.Sorry ……

  • subetai

    No insult to the Chivette of the week…but she has a few smokin friends!! Seriously, the Chivette of the Week is hot, and some of her friends are as hot or hotter! Good pic gallery imo!

  • D-360

    lol #15 in the white…"Toe Fa sho" chive you should make that a new section lol KCCO

  • Yoyo

    #26. Yikes!! I'm printing this picture and placin it outside my loft to scare the rats away! This chick is UGLY!!

  • The Weekender

    Face is whatever, no bewbs, but hey, nice abs?

  • Nick

    She looks like the lovechild of Alanis Morrisette and Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Mark

    ima say no. lets keep the bar where it shoud be.

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