If you’ve got $85 Million laying around, this Bahamian island is all yours (30 Photos)

Right in the heart of the Bahamas is Exumas, the yachting capital of Central Bahamas. There you will find an island currently on sale for a cool $85,000,000 USD. You can choose from five separate dwellings on the island depending on your mood. Here is what you can expect for the money:

- five individual houses: Manor House, Beach Cottage, Harbourmaster House and the twin guest cottages
- luxurious manor house with wide verandas offering sweeping views
- separate club-style dining and entertainment building with stylish lounge and top-of-the-line fitness center
- infinity pool
- helipad
- jogging and bike paths
- a charming chapel built of hand cut stone
- working lighthouse, staff village, mechanical support system buildings, and deep draft docks
- extended dockage for smaller vessels and seaplane

The island is made to accommodate 22 people and 29 staff members. I consider myself more of a frat guy so I think it holds closer to 400 people comfortably but that's just me. So is it worth $85 Million, Chive appraisers?

Photography by Damioanos Sotheby’s International Realty

  • http://twitter.com/keepcalmchiveon @keepcalmchiveon

    Shit. I spent most of my last $85 million on beer an women…and wasted the rest.

    • eric cartman

      The decorator was horrific…

    • Ckris Phoenix

      Sold to Instagram !!

    • Rummy


  • JPV

    But is it equipped for the zombie apocalypse?

    • Then we're fucked.

      Yes..unless they can swim.

      • twoedges

        Zombies do not need to swim, they can walk the ocean floor so he would still have to build a 200 foot wall around the perimeter.

        • We're not fucked.

          or line up tredmills.

          <img src="http://i42.tinypic.com/16awlmb.jpg&quot; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

        • Kyle

          That awkward moment when you make an ok comment but then someone replies to you and they get more thumbs-up than you….

    • nufsaid

      Dead Island.

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Not shown: Secret Underground Mega Villain Lair.

  • Hendo

    So if I buy this I can be a douche like Richard Branson?

    • pretty smile

      You spelled Donald Trump wrong….

    • pauldaniels

      You mean Sir Richard Branson?

      • Polo

        Larry Ellison?

    • Hippie Hipster Not

      No Steve Jobs is dead already

  • Oliverklosov

    Just what I've been looking for!

  • Weenus


    • Skermitt

      I feel like the inside was decorated by my grandmother…

      • fugly

        the only thing it's missing is the plastic on the furniture.

  • Josh

    Besides the creepy ass furniture, i could blow 85 million on it i guess!

  • 32G

    you'd need another $85 million to redecorate

    • StaticFX

      no kidding! its TERRIBLE!

    • justin

      so true..thats some tacky shit..lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=517848052 Brad Moles

        I was thinking the exact same thing. Ugly ass shit. Id rather sleep on the hammock than in any of those hideous rooms.

    • hello

      just sell everything in there get a couple futons, couches, tables and you will be set plus extra money for all the high priced crappy fruniture that you just sold

  • Cosmo Kramer

    Too bad I missed out on the mega millions.

  • Suckss

    #30 Why didnt I win the MegaMillion 😦

  • darsh

    Take all my money! Then you will have just enough money to pay my shitty mortgage.

  • Wet_tosti

    If al the chivers chip in with a dollar we can probably buy #6

    • Patrick

      a hammock?

    • Yessirr

      Dibs on new years party 2013.

    • MylesofStyles

      I'm sure if I pooled all my resources, I could cover the electricity bill…for at least a month.

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #8 Thats all I would need

    • Hell yes.

      Golf kart jousting?

    • quailman

      really? just the golf carts?

  • Patty

    Meh…its okay i guess lol

  • Dorque

    Oh my lord that decorating is atrocious.

    • Dorque

      I let you suck my cock.


    Not bad, but still not big enough for my sweet killer dick

    • DarkSurge

      Stop dipping your dick in sugar and giving it a knife and maybe it wouldn't be sweet or a killer.

    • Bill

      I thought Richard was acquitted of those charges?

    • Rob

      Spit it out… it's not yours!

  • Web2992

    for 85 million I would buy a new truck, some new guns, and hire Megan fox as my naked yoga instructor… let me remind you I would never do yoga.

    • saynototrash

      Redneck alert.

    • Mikehoncho

      u would need 85 million to make megan hot again bc her dumb ass fucked up her face

  • ObiOne

    wowwww give me a lifetime supply of that sweet california chronic and ill would never leave that place

  • OtherRob

    The important question. How's the internet connection? Gotta have the Chive and por- er, news.

    • deargod

      Get a life and move outta the basement.

  • st33

    What the fuck is happening in this room?

    • tom

      the exact opposite of sexy-time.

  • sdfsdaf

    prince fielder just bought it and said to put it on his tab.

  • Bueller

    I'd do it, but it would definitely be a rebuild type deal.

  • Oh-boy

    Did the Beverly Hill Billies decorate this joint? Looks like grandma had some extra flower drapes to hang!

  • Alpha_Dog

    I'd go $84,950,000 but a cool $85,000,000? Nah, that's pushing it.

  • heso

    the island is worth 85 million if it didn't have the midwestern grandma decor

  • Woodrowrules

    #29 Throw her in and we got a deal

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