A few interesting facts about the human brain (20 Photos)

  • Direthol

    #2 + #10 = math is a bitch

  • Meee

    Half of this is bullshit, just like the last few posts of that kind. You got a new lazy intern or what?

  • WhiteVanMan


    60% fat


    70% water

    So thats 135%. Someone's brain is 100% shit!

  • CallahanTodd

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  • Chivin' Dutchman

    #14 *is going to stop

  • Anonymous

    If a brain is 75% water and 60% fat, does it belong to man-bear-pig?

  • http://www.facebook.com/philip.alvarez1 Philip Alvarez

    wait women have brains?

  • googleitright

    #2 – probably, yes, but barely the 'body fat' triglycerides- instead mostly phospholipids, which the cell membranes consist of; as neurons have a high membrane-to-volume ratio and neurites are wrapped into glia cell membranes for electrical isolation, there's a lot of these.

    #3, #17 – the AVERAGE number of synapses is 1000 per neuron, so the total number of synapses amounts to about 100 trillion, not 4 quadrillion – still, as there are 200-400 billion stars in the milky way alone, and the observable universe contains around 80 billion galaxies, a single human is short of synapses by at least a FACTOR of 4 million to reach the number of stars.

    #9 – so does an adult brain within one decade, no matter how old (not regarding Alzheimer's and such). In fact, a child loses – in static numbers – more than half of all synaptic connections it possessed at birth within the first few years; this doesn't mean it gets dumber, but the brain structures become more specified towards their uses, only unused connections are degraded.

    #10 – the whole body consists of – on average – 60% water (w/w). For organs, which normally contain no bones or cartilage, the water percentage is of course higher – for example, the liver consists of around 75% of water as well. Fascinating.

    #14 – interestingly, as with the number of synapses, the total number of neurons decreases after birth, and new neurons are only produced in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus for short term memory and the olfactory bulb; however, these do not dramatically increase the brain size and are produced throughout the human lifespan. true, the brain undergoes changes through puberty, but it doesn't grow in terms of neuron number.

    #15 – alcohol doesn't slow down the propagation of the action potential along the neurites, but dampens the binding of neurotransmitters to their respective receptors- that's where the speed is lost.

    #18 – it is also thought that a yawn is just a social sign, of peacefulness and/ or tiredness. as well, bald men get tired, too, so cooling it down doesn't seem to help them waking their brains. I strongly advise cooling these pictures' author's brain to room temperature, so it is of utmost use and doesn't waste energy.

    Seriously, shit like this leads to people converting to creationism because their false facts are just as false but way more creative.
    Just kidding.

  • broken halo

    I'm drain bead now after this

  • https://www.facebook.com/npsantini Nick Santini

    20% oxygen, 75% water, and 60% fat? Something doesn't add up.

  • Andrew

    well wait. how can the brain be 60% fat and 70% water?

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  • Nasser

    How do you know that these are facts rather than assumptions? besides who approved them?

  • http://www.yahoo.com kashaf anwer

    how can this possible that humans mind consist of 60%fat and 70%water????

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