Nero Yacht by Neptun Ozis is yours for a cool 89 million (18 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Cool an 89 mil motorized yacht to go with the 85 mil island from the other day, they go hand in hand awesome

    • ken


    • Timmer

      My thought excactly!

    • Sleep_Salone

      It looks a lot like Johnny Depp's sailboat, huh Stan.

    • fucktarded stan

      etcrr is a fucking spambot, and a dumb one at that..

  • eclipze

    Didn't theChive posted a 80m island yesterday? Hell I'm going to choose the island any day.

  • Dadoftwins

    I really don't know if this can cost 89 million dollars, I want to see a receipt. I call bs.

  • Logicyup

    If you can only fit 32 people (guests and crew) on that thing, that would mean my truck holds no people and my house maybe 2. I'm guessing the people who came up with that number don't drink nearly enough and enjoy having an acre of personal space or something.

    • Micah Cox

      right again! pretty sure you could throw a rager of 50+ in every one of those rooms..

    • Martin_McFly

      I believe it SLEEPS 12.

      Clearly, though, there's enough seating on that thing for this album to seem redundant.

    • StaticFX

      it may SLEEP 12.. with beds… fk that! i see PLENTY of couches and nicely carpet rugs for sleeping bags.

    • MRB

      of course you could fit more than 12 guests, but once you go above that number then there is a ridiculous amount of government regulations on how you can use a boat. so if you you want any privacy at all, you have to keep it at 12 "guests".

    • Paul from the gump

      It appears that would be about 1 couch for every person.

    • brad

      haha my thoughts exactly!

  • Fr2xedom

    I'm on a boat mutha fcka

  • OzT78

    Not sure this is Bill Gates style, doesn't appear to be much in the way of top of the range technology on board.
    Still, it certainly beats the hell out of my house 🙂

  • Joe Moore

    "able to accommodate up to 12 people" in absolute luxury. Or up to 200 normal people…

  • snooze

    I wonder if the 89 million comes with the captain and staff? Or is it sold separately?

    • Chris S

      Ships like this you normally have to pay a crew like you would any other employees… Weekly/monthly/yearly, etc.. I think I saw on a show that you can expect 10% of the cost of the ship per year for maintenance, crew, etc, etc, etc. So, now only are you spending close to $90 million, you'd be paying another $9m a year for upkeep and such.

  • bukssna

    32 people? More like a thousand!

  • Straight_talk

    89 million for a boat. A boat! It's not a submarine, it can't fly, it can't even get on land. It's just a stupid boat; more like 89 million dollars for you to let someone financially fuck you in the ass, and then give a boat after hawaii islanding your backside…. A boat. Seriously!!!

    • The dude

      Not a boat, a yacht.

  • EasternCanuck

    Just imagine what it cost a year to run it… probably a cool 2 million a year.

    • MAGSGQ

      Christensen yachts in Oregon manufacture some nice custom yachts – sales people won't even talk to you if your net worth is under like 100 million or some ridiculous amount. If you can't afford to run it, they won't sell it.

    • ribilzzz

      Rule of thumb for yachts is 10% a year. So we are looking at 8.9 not including the gas which is probably 2500 gallons a fill up.

    • Jim

      Gas, maintenance, captain and crew, and dockage. Lots of money.

  • LucretiusCarus

    I suppose if you have enough disposable income, go for it. I can, however, think of many other things on which I'd like to spend money than a yacht.

  • Retired Navy

    89 mil for that?? Goes only 17 knots (24mph)??? Carries more crew than guests???? Are we sure this wasn't built by a gov't contractor????

    • Jim

      Seems pretty normal. They don't buy these for practicality, they're a symbol of wealth.

    • Jim

      And, to add to that, many yachts go months without seeing their owners. Generally it's just the crew on board.

    • hydrogenbond

      Did your question mark key get stuck????


    Toss in 20 FLBP crew members – I am in.

  • chris

    For 3 Million Less you could have the Private Island that was previewed yesterday.

    Um, I'll take the island.

  • MarthaJeane

    #2 You know some crazy rich person will buy it just to shout "i'm the king of the world" on that bow. Ridiculous.

  • Akzombie

    If I was rich as phuk I'd build a sick ass pirate ship not buy a gay floating museum like this, looks boring, slow, and overpriced to me. I'd call it the Black Pearl, and you'd have to dress like a pirate if u wanted to party.

  • J.S. Wright

    This will go GREAT with my new fusion reactor…
    that I plan to take over the world with.
    As long as that pesky James Bond doesn't stop me.

    • Tom Robbins

      You're not a writer.

      • J.S. Wright

        …and why do you feel the need to provoke me into a childish forum fight, imitation Tom Robbins? Are you a failed writer that pretends to be his literary hero, leaving bitter comments with every person you perceive to have done better than you in life? Awww, poor baby. C'mere, give Daddy a hug.

  • Jack Henoff

    Get rid of these Mother Felching rolling adds on Mobile…

    • hwath

      I HATE them!

  • andy

    What no helipad, how does this have no helipad. And before someone says it does look at the cables running from the masts to the decks.

  • misanthropetb

    Ok, just had an awesome idea. If all the chivers out there chip in we can buy this boat and turn it into the Chive Party yacht! I figure there's got to be at least 500,000 chivers out there, so that's less than $200 bucks each.

    Who's in?

  • Tyler

    So I could spend $89 million on a yacht, or spend $85 million and get an entire island in the Bahamas.

    I think that I'll take the island, even with that furniture

  • pete

    ill take the 85mil island in the bahamas please!

  • ddd

    I'll take a 10 mil boat and 78 mil in cash

  • Kang

    I gawked at the pictures of this yacht. Decided to stroll through Now I realize I'm in my basement apartment. Realizing i'd be stoked with a 100 bucks in my pocket. Meanwhile, these boats people randomly buy are in the millions. Fack.

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