theCHIVE’s Indiana University Meetup (41 Photos)

Last year, on a whim, we decided to go back to college, rent out a bar, and see how many (if any) Chivers would show up. It was a complete accidental success and we vowed to return again to burn out what remained of our youth and drink the bottom out of Bloomington.

This year we returned to the upstairs at Kilroy's on Kirkwood for Chive Five (the weekend before IU's famous Little Five bike race). All the beer was on us, no corporate sponsors, no tickets, and the first 100 people in line received free limited edition IU KCCO's. All we asked in return was a $5 donation to the Indiana University Dance Marathon supporting Riley Children's Hospital.

When we arrived, we war blown away. The line to get upstairs stretched through downstairs and outside the bar. Last year we burned through 65 pitchers of beer. This year the Chivers rang up 470 pitchers of beer. Wow. Who knew you can measure % of annual audience growth based on pitchers consumed from one year to the next? Go figure.

Thanks to all the staff at Kilroys and especially to all the Chivers for your kind words, input, and Olympic-level beer drinking ability. theCHIVE would be nothing without y'all and we don't take that for granted for a second. We'll see you next year.

Next stop: New York City.

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  • Neil Song

    <img src="">That time at university, that is how good a memory, I think that is the dream of every people often do<img src=""&gt;

    • Billy

      You still drunk………………..

  • daviburt

    one question gentlemen – where the hell did that damn grey goose in the corner come from. that was the beginning of end for me. great hanging with you all both nights, it was an honor.

    • matt

      lol i remember taking at least one shot of that goose burton.

  • the city

    chive going to New York? that's going to be insane

  • WTF

    girls not guys

  • Macro

    Toronto demands you pay a visit.

  • Alex

    Will the black KCCO ever be available?

  • paulhitchcock

    #37 I need one of those hats.

    • xspader

      Why? The last world war was in the 1940's and was not won by America alone….but then again if you win a competition in America where only american teams participate you are also crowned World Champs, so lying to make yourselves feel better or rewriting history to make yourselves look better seems to be the norm. P.S the British were successful in breaking and decyphering codes encrypted on the Enigma machine and U-571 is pure fiction not 'based on a true story' as many seem to believe

    • josh

      Screw that other guy. Put a KCCO on the back and I'll take one.

  • frankus

    internet much?

  • dyl

    plan trip to Ole Miss top 3 party school 5 years running

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Ya, I hear Jerry Sandusky frequents there.

  • Woodrowrules

    #22 D bag
    #33 I miss college

  • chris

    when you guys going to stop by miami?!

  • biggs

    F'N AWESOME!!!

  • mickdeck

    That NYC meet-up better be after October 4th.

  • jesseDubya

    Mac lol you are hilarious. that is all

  • frankus

    chive the jersey shore. with chivenation we could show everyone what the jersey shore REALLY is

    • All of us

      We already know what a Douche-dom Jersey is. We get MTV here

  • Big-Ben Smith

    where did dude get his shirt? I'm a full figured fella, and the 2x one I got from the chivery is too damn small on me 😦

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Haha! Fat man get special shirt made!

    • Pat Brown

      All I did was order a green shirt, print out the KCCO logo, and took to a t-shirt shop here in Indy. They got the crown a little big, but oh well.

      • KyleGamgee

        That crown is HUGE 0.0

  • freddy boy

    When I last visited IU it had the largest student union bldg in the world. Now I see it's far, far more than just stone and mortar. Very nice, all of you.

  • DubU2Death

    #37 Where can i get one?!?!

  • dude

    you guys need to come to TEXAS the greatest state in MERICA! chaos would ensue unlike any ever experienced!

  • toban

    you know canada especially manitoba has bars and universities

  • LucretiusCarus

    #2 And there's the stupid scarf.

    • Jason

      I sure hope John isn't doing a BJ shot there!

  • Nate Woodard

    #29 Find the one on the left! Hot

    • Alex

      I concur with this statement. Very beautiful indeed!

      • Janeva Rae

        Haha thanks! KCCO

  • NICE!

    you guys should do a tour!… LOL

    The turnouts could be record breaking.

    maybe team up with each state university or GGW or something. ; )

  • @mattdwilson1984

    Ya'll some ugly motherfuckers man (the dudes from Chive site).

    • the south


      • @mattdwilson1984

        Aww, you's guy's..

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Ya and they probably banged half of IU that night.

  • Ganja Bob

    #6 – Great unintentional downblouse… more please
    #14 – Please tell,me you got that guy a 2nd shirt

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