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  • Anonymous

    Moar of 29. She looks amazing

  • Hippanonymous

    #30 :O #22 Scumbag water… #20 M to the O to the A to the R

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #6 ahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha #12 i WANT #29 I NEEED

  • 556shooter

    #10 RIP Danny, you will not be forgotten!

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  • tim

    Who did #37 come from?

  • Ball Stanley

    I was at the launch for #3 in Portland a few weeks ago. Great new beer.

  • Paul

    #30 Is it just me who sees a heart down there?

  • CharlesLuann

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  • Nicnac

    #32 I have the weirdest boob right now…

  • Bob

    #4…Problem here is that this girl isn't as fat as Kate Winslett.
    #39, #40, #41, #42…She makes me fel confused. Like, I want so badly to see her in porn, but at the same time, I wouldn't want to see her besmirched by all of those other penises. What should happen?? OH!! I know, all girl porn. GENIUS!!

  • Barry

    #10 got me choked up. military service is so incredible and the sacrifices so painful it makes it difficult to just go about my day.
    Baruch Dayan ha Emes (Blessed is the Judge of Truth).

  • vitobonespur

    #42…fuck me cross-eyed. She's scrumptious!

  • DCOD

    #34 trick question. you talk about (or include in signature line on twitter) the apple products you own

  • Chivehopapotamus

    #35 could not be more fist bump worthy.

  • HolmanAlexander

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  • Chris

    Im sorry, but am i the only person that realizes that "country girl" is pretty fuckin fuggly? she is at best a 6 out of 10. seriously what the hell is going on? she has a hot body but her face looks like a fucking train wreck. Dont be those guys that get girls hopes up of being models and they end up being crack whores because they cant get work because they have delusions of grandeur because you guys telll them they are beautiful. when in all reality they are fucking 6's!

    • Awesome

      You are a mean person. Even if that is your opinion, you know she's going to read this and be pretty hurt by it. There can be 100 people who tells her how hot and beautiful she is, but she will focus on this one. Again, if that's how you feel, that's your thought. But why post it here? You should be Keeping Calm and Chiving On, not being a douche-dick-head. Nice pic, btw, you're fat and ugly. She's beautiful. Good luck ever getting someone that looks as good as her, not just because you're physically ugly, but because you're also ugly on the inside.

  • Tony

    Is that nipple on #36

  • etcrr

    yea well go was the bullshit off of youre face cause you have bullshit all over it you big dum stoopid head

  • Gianina

    #11 where was that pic taken??

  • David e.

    #2 Yeah OBX, NC at it's finest, Sand-boarding in the U.S.A….GO PAT!!!, way to not fall in the Black Tea!….Corolla, NC!!!

  • Anonymous

    #30 = PERFECT under boob.

  • gam

    You're a nice looking girl; I hope you can find more in life to do than be a stripper.
    I wish there were Chive categories for people who want to see interesting/funny images but don't want to see strippers.

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