A few college cheerleaders to get you amped for the week (27 Photos)

  • Ray

    Is #13 even legal?

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Who cares, those are my kinda ladies.

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Everything is legal in Vegas baby!


      i don't know but whatever they're doing they're doing it right

    • ok....

      Now kiss.

    • Sean

      All of a sudden I have a desire to go to Las Vegas.. again.

    • Rich

      Not sure, but 00 (dark hair) is one smokin' hot young lady… Would love to spread those legs myself :B.

  • Mr. Zip

    #17 hands down

    • Joe


    • Wood Dog

      That pic is the pits…#17

    • *Mr. T*

      yep definitely

    • andrew

      most beautiful by far

    • den

      absolutely! outrageously hot!

  • whyme1973

    #17 Winner…no doubt about it.

    • dan

      for sure, so smokin hot

  • Dancing Can

    great post, all hot!

    • trill

      they're all, like, weird… boobless… sex dolls

  • chiver

    i like the one with the boobs

    • cleatus

      & the purdy mouth

    • trill

      which one? i had a difficult time finding…

  • Hook

    #25 Yes Yoga pants and flat tummies.

  • craig

    What they lack in boobs, they make up for in flexibility.

    • jason

      They're called sports bras you dumb bastard!

  • Rollerpig


    • Bhutch

      Geaux Tigers!!!

    • Anon

      GO TO HELL LSU!!

    • RivaMonsta

      5 out of 27… Legit

  • FSU

    Florida State! Florida State! Florida State! Whoooooooooo!!

    • Guest

      FIND HER CHIVE!!!!

      • Kowabunga

        she's found…she's a cheer leader at FSU. pfft..

      • Oman

        My girlfriend and her cheered on the same Allstar team for a few years together

        Her name is Chelsea Campbell I think she's a senior this year at fsu

    • FSU

      cut out the Wooooo!! and it would be fine

    • TheJesus

      Go Gators!

      • fsu

        FSU = 2 pics. white trash UF = 0 pics

    • DaveR

      Go Noles!

    • jws

      now the other leg!!!

  • RuffieG

    No Tarheels so LSU will have to due! Great post guys

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Hmm…. Do*……. or Deaux* if you're doing the Louisiana thing.

      • InternetToughGuy

        Nope, deaux would sound out as 'doe' or 'dough'.

  • untamedride

    #11 every time i see some hottie cheerleader from the south or Cali like lil miss UCLA here, i question why the hell i continue to live in the northeast. especially on a crappy day like today where it is snowing in April

    • DaddyD

      Don't know what your problem is. Crappy weather outside means more time for sex inside.

    • Someguy

      We get more sexy brunettes and snow bunnies, but what a horrible day it is indeed 😦


      you are not alone…the rest of the country wonders why people in the northeast and big cities torture themselves by living like overcrowded rats when life is really a lot of fun when you have A LITTLE space!!

  • st33

    Camel-tastic outfits

    • jeff donuts

      dos pussies

    • https://www.facebook.com/jorgerenato.sancheztixi George Sàntix

      beautifull,belliams girlds!!!!! 🙂 .

  • Chirs

    7 of the 27 photos are of LSU's talent! GEAUX TIGERS!

    • Lowrent75


  • Frankie J

    6 out of 27 pics are LSU girls…hell yeah. Geaux Tigers!

    • Jbro

      LSU! LSU! LSU!. Nothing like a Baton Rouge Beauty to get your day started right.

    • Ben

      Got to love beautiful southern women.

    • Captain Planet

      Haha u dumb fuck. One LSU fan says 6/27 are LSU girls and another say 7/27. Holy shit LSU ppl are so fucking stupid…kill yourselves.

      • Alabamacountry

        Dude, not cool. I hate lsu (Roll Tide!) but u shouldn't say that. u suk

  • Ken

    #24 – insert _______ here

    • pat

      haha went to high school with her

  • etcrr

    #13 surprise butt sex

  • cjuncosa

    UCLA Oregon and LSU are well represented. We need some diversity here, folks!

  • jack wagon

    #6 looks like Stephanie from Sons of Guns. #12 #17 #27 GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!

    • ya kent

      #6 FINNNNDDD

  • craig

    #13 need to teach my gf

    • Truth

      scissor me!

  • Baylor

    #7 Go Bears!

  • Chivette


    • ChiveonLSU

      GEAUXXX TIGERS!!! 6 Pics! Suck it Oregon!

  • DaveR

    #18 #20 Go Noles

  • Sistine Chiver

    You do know there are black cheerleaders right chive?

    • Chiver Majority

      Yes, we just don't like them.

      • maxbrooks

        They just arnt pretty

        • chivers

          word. even the brothers want the white prize

  • misschris

    #17 2-4-6-8- You make me want to masturbate! (teehee)

    • chivers

      can we watch?

    • rich

      well put, misschris.

    • Ellen

      Can I lick your fingers…or would you rather I go straight to the source?

      • Chive dude

        I can team up on both of you:)

    • show me

      when is the webcam?

  • rr2420

    # 17…..Find please!!!!!!!

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