UFC visits USS Enterprise…so, hot girls of MMA (75 Photos)


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    Question of the week, my answer is:- Cavewoman Snow #1 $3.75 becuase I have been following Budd since the Caliber Press days;Hate Annual $ 4.95 becuase you can’t live without Peter Bagge annual humour!- Ultimate X-Men Marvel’s Greatest Comics #1, $1.00 I usually buy every low price copy to keep a “reading” copy of comics I have loved a lot (this being the case) or to try new titles;- Walking Dead #84, $2.99 becuase I want to read it every month, as always (the Italian edition publisher and translator are friends and both from my town, btw ;- Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #2 $3.99 I love everything Godzilla and the new mini was very fine;- Mighty Thor #1, $ 3.99 Just saw the movie yesterday and it was great, great director Kenneth Branagh as expected, very good Stracz… screenplay also, easy to follow for absolute newcomers too but with sufficient nerd references too;- Secret Avengers #12.1 $2.99 I have ordered all Point One issue so far, the premises sounds good!- FF # 2 $ 2.99 well, Jonathan Hickman stories have been great so far, so I have great expectation about this “new” title, although Spidey inclusion sounds odd to me, but when Walt Simonson did that several years ago, it was a lot of fun, so we’ll see….My total is really $ 26.65, I breached a few but I think that FF # 2 deserves this! )Please note, I wrongly left my answer on the Shipping Date page, but I have seen that can’t cancel it, can you provide that, thanks!

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