Fall in love with an AutoCAD Girl (29 Photos)

  • namjak

    OOOMG… HOOOOTTTT!!! Thanks for posting!

  • etcrr

    Gorgeous nice to meet you, the Man you get will be very lucky, Choose well

  • Kurt

    Oh thank gawd she at least drives a Chevy! If you don't already have a boyfriend, the one you get will be incredibly lucky.

  • whyme1973

    #13 #21 You are beautiful.

  • Oregon_country

    #13 They do exist. The ellusive, gorgeous country girl with a badass job and rockin body.

  • Lindz

    I am a ProE drafter 😀

    • Bob Saget


      • BOOBS


  • jhoparmy

    Very impressive. I use Unigraphics and love it. I have to say I don't think I would get much done working with you. 🙂

  • EasternCanuck

    Damn girl… come to Canada… we've got tonnes of outdoors and there snow here somewhere all year round… Some of the best hunting and fishing in the world. Heck.. you can even stay at my place.

    • mattymac25

      Dont forget the ocean!

  • cadman

    Finally a hot autocad user i have been in this feild for a long time and have rarley run accross one as hot as you

  • geoff

    What kind of drafting.. she's definitely a hottie, weren't any of those in my classes.. lotta cad work here in houston, cmon ova 🙂

  • Jeff

    AutoCAD 3D, Carlson and Inventor OH MY! I work at a surveying firm in Fort Worth and use Carlson all day! THIS JOB SUCKS! You're hot though 😀

  • Paul

    Hands down the hottest Draftsman Ive EVER seen!!!

  • mith

    You wanna to be a steel detailer?

  • bob

    #22 shoulda been a Ford

    • Epic Fail

      Parking isn't her thing either 😦

  • Do0zer

    #23 A hot Acad drafter? That's unheard of!!! Want to move to Ohio? I have a job waiting here for you.

  • Tatts

    You are seriously gorgeous. Did anyone else notice that in the #28 pic it's 5 pictures of a chick on a computer and one of a house?

    • da trufe

      Did anyone notice the in the last pic she is Tebowing at the computer?

  • Jack Spectre

    A gorgeous outdoorsy computer nerd woman? I'm putting my wallet in my mouth because I'm about to have convulsions…

  • Chris

    in love… check.
    #23 #7

  • UKfan

    Seeing her wear that UK gear makes her even hotter! Go cats!!

  • Spork

    #7 Great googalie moogalie.

  • cadguy606

    She was NOT in any of my classes, nothin' trumps smart and pretty except maybe for #23

  • Detaildeviant

    I am an AutoCAD draftsmen in NY and I think I'm in love!!!!!!!
    I could talk Polylines and dimensions to you all night long 🙂

  • Mr. Mister

    I teach drafting and I have to say she is a unicorn. Most of my female students look like they caught fire and someone put them out with a rake….

  • 1/2FunAndDon'tCry

    I'm a GC……… and we just created a position for you, like 5 minutes ago. Feel free to bring your skills to our team, right now. Did I mention we are in Hawaii!!!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    For someone who works 2D you have a great 3D going on for you 🙂

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