Hangover Heaven bus rolls through Vegas. Is it worth it? (6 Photos)


  • matt

    great idea. need a bar n strippers on board n ur set

    • r@f

      Its called Gatorade. Drink one before you go to bed after drinking. It does wonders.

      • fo real

        Vitamin Water, Restore. the label speaks to being hung over.

      • redext

        apparently you dont understand… This is for professional drinkers… not for your pansy ass who has a couple cocktails when hes out to dinner and maybe a few more sorry ass watered down drinks at the tables then has a gatorade before he goes to bed. This is for the guy who gets shitfaced at his bachelor party past out in god knows where with his face in (insert strippers name here) crotch and needs to be at his wedding in 6 hrs. pssh drink a gatorade, please who has time for that.

        • ddd

          true alcoholics dont get hangovers. also, 90 dollars for this shit is 'tarded

          • qwert

            thats because the best way to avoid a hangover is to stay drunk

    • karl

      Man you're gay.

    • DickFister

      It would cure the hangover a lot better if they had vodka in the IV drips

  • SaskatchewanChiver

    we need those and make them kiosk's as well in every major city

  • Bad Ass

    Seems legit

    • Dick Salad

      It's extremely legit… We used to go out to the bars at night, come back to the barracks and hook up IV's before passing out, and wake up ready for a 20 mile hike carrying 80+ lbs of gear like it was nothing.

    • bob

      Just drink a gallon of salt water, gatoraide, and some airborn and your set…

  • Martin Brody

    Just drink a few beers in the morning and don’t stop drinking and you will be fine, ya knob.

    • F3n1x187

      So very true

      • DrROBOTO

        I was gna say a gatorade followed by 3 bloody marys, but youre spot on

        • techno_viking

          A couple bloody mary's will make you feel like a new man…

          • Drunken Pro

            Well then, I better have a couple for him too.

    • qwert

      in my experience it takes 2 beers: the first one goes down hard, but the second one does the trick

    • sheoncebelieved

      Exactly….how can you drink all day if you don't start in the morning.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    Some gatorade & a shower have always worked for me… And the occasional "herbal" treatment..

    • Yowza

      Someone gave this a thumbs-down? Get over it, people – marijuana prohibition is sooo 1997.

      • Guy

        And also the best hangover cure

    • qwert

      i thought you were talking about shampoo…
      but yeah, weed works great!

  • whosyopapi

    If this really works… move over, sliced bread

    • justme

      should they're hanging 'banana bags' its what alcoholics frequently get when they're in the hospital. A little fluid and electrolytes and all is better-ish

    • sam

      It does. IV bags are the only way to "cure" a hang over besides just waiting for hours. they're used in detox rooms at hospitals

  • dkassa

    I'd let the woman on the right #3 cure my hangover anytime! 😉

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1837426703 Christina Bagnaschi

      It's called sarcasm you derps.

      • Underbaker

        Well then he should have used the sarcasm font, then we would have understood that he is not a chubby chaser.

        • cucucu

          is comic sans the sarcasm font?

          • Underbaker

            I just use (\sarcasm on) and (\sarcasm off), as you see it does nothing, but you would know that that was a very sarcastic "and".

            • sfg

              It's <sarcasm> </sarcasm>.
              A take on HTML.

              • Underbaker

                Thought it would hide them if I used the actual <> marks.

    • guest

      woman on the right is the one looking up right?

  • mid13

    Every college should have one.

  • yup

    How much for a happy ending 🙂

  • Biggus Diccus

    I would do it if it didn't cost so damn much. It's a good concept though, I'm sure more entreprenuers will pop up at every spring break location as well.

    • matt

      Exactly. $60 for a bag of saline with some vitamin C in it is stupidly expensive.

  • Un-chive

    Delete the banner ads off the phones, come on, please!!!!!!!!!

    • SophiaLouise

      They have to pay their employees somehow. Quit bein lazy and x it out!

    • https://www.facebook.com/cleary.mike07 Michael Cleary

      Buy the Pro App!

    • john

      just click the little x

  • Mr. Bywater Blues

    Bring your bus to Mardi Gras and you will never have to work again.

    • topher

      Hydration problems in New Orleans? I sense a distasteful jokes coming…….

  • Bw11

    I hope you mean left….?

    • dkassa

      no right! lol im jk

      • Ned_Plimpton

        Actually the 1 in the far right behind the hippopotamus don't look bad… Just need a better look!

        • Shaggy

          That's who i thought he was talking about in the first place lol

        • https://www.facebook.com/cleary.mike07 Michael Cleary

          I lol'd.

        • HotashNerd

          the man?

  • basic

    You can rehydrate yourself and take some vitamins for less than $10. I do it all the time.

    • Saint

      Hospitals have been using this trick for years to sober up workers that get called in. It's call the banana bag and no amount of hydrating yourself can match the power of having an IV directly into you blood stream.

  • littlet

    why do they look fine? I would be on the floor with a trashcan next to me hooked up to those things and that is even if i could get up enough to get into the damn bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dirty_Dingus

      No kidding. And I bet that bus would reek like vomit after a week in service. That's exactly what I need when hungover….:(

  • Abel

    Such a win business idea.

  • F3n1x187

    We could use some of that in cancun………though many will miubt on their high horse >.>

    • F3n1x187

      ****mount**** damn typos >.>

  • Stains

    Their first mistake…they stopped drinking… its fucking VEGAS!

    • Underbaker

      Must have run out of quarters, or just forgot to tip the waitresses.

  • jamie

    2 Advil and a bottle of Gatorade wait 1 hour then pour a double Goose & Soda. That is all.

  • kosta

    Reading this post with a hangovervis such a tease…

  • Swamp1983

    hell yeah bring that on, it'll save quite a few lives.

  • Jeff

    Drunk & dehydrated and you're going to get an IV? Start drinking juice, water & gatorade, eat some food and take a nap.

    • mcfadinj

      This is about being able to get back to your vacation, not go back to your room and nap the day away.

  • Dave

    Ah yes… rather then using some self control and drinking a little less, maybe mixing in some water, get as drunk as you want and just visit the bus in the morning.. brilliant idea

    • Billy

      Yeah, I agree with this guy. Bring one to Philly.

      • mcfadinj

        Excellent response to the troll.

    • Mick

      You must be new here

    • http://MP.net Sloppy Joe

      Self-control? I'm sorry, you lost me.

  • Steelhorsecowboy

    I thinks its brilliant….

  • JpizzleMcDizzle

    I'm just picturing Nickelback on board and a lot of high-fives from the "most rad night ever". Drink a Gatorade before bed, pop two Advil and get back out there.

    • Steven B

      exactly lol

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