Actors behind the popular movie masks (40 Photos)


  • BabyFart Magizax

    #37 looks just like him

    • foogee

      Dude, you are turning into etcrr…..

      • BabyFarts Magizax

        who's that

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #27 and #28 rip heath

    • Steven B

      still one of the best acting roles ive ever seen

      • Lil John

        Then you should get out more. Yes, good actor. Yes, great job. Yes, it's a damn shame. But come on. The best acting you ever saw was in a reboot of a reboot of a reboot of a rebooted superhero franchise?

        • Atom819

          And the reboot of a reboot of a reboot of a rebooted superhero franchise was the best superhero movie ever made.

          • jer

            considering every other franchise has shown joker as a funny guy when in the original stories he is a freak like Heath was able to portray. The movie not olnly brought out the joker for what he really is supposed to be it also casted a brilliant actor who was great in many roles and this role, which was his last, was the absolute best performance of anyone playing Joker. Heath brought out the true sadistic behavior of the joker much like Robert Englund play freddy flawlessly, the new freddy sucks balls

            • Dude Imbibes

              Check out Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke". A lot of Ledger's performance is based on that, as well as Malcolm McDowell's character Alex in "A Clockwork Orange". Basically Ledger did a combo of two great psychopaths and did so brilliantly.

              • Aaron

                ones of the best graphic novels ever, and ledger topped that in my opinion. he was more sinister, more sickly deranged and histerical. he was portrayed as a total absolute, the absolute of chaos and anarchy, the 100% lack of human empathy vs. the absolute of justice and good in batman. ledger made it impossible to look away.

            • Daith_Lee

              I dunno man…Joker has always been kinda silly. I get what you are saying. With that being said, he brought the more sadistic, murderous side out. I just think he made someone you wouldn't take seriously if you ever saw him, VERY believable with out being corny and or campy. I said this before but the only guy I would think that could also play that role would be Brandon Lee and he's dead also….dang.

            • dyl

              and it was ultimately that role that overwhelmed him and drove him insane. That's the dedication he put into it

            • herb

              In fairness, Ledger's last film was the under-received "Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus". Since he'd died before principle filming had completed, Jude Law, Johnny Depp, and Colin Ferrell stepped in to take turns playing Heath's character — it's a Terry Gilliam film after all, and such things are possible — and what touches me is that all three of them donated their pay from the movie to a trust for Heath's daughter Matilda.

          • Daith_Lee

            At first I was gonna argue this and say the first Blade movie was the best with Michael Keaton Batman (being true to the comic styling) coming in second…but after more thought, I find that you would still be correct in this. Batman Begins and TDK is probably the best superhero movies to date with Blade 1 and Iron Man 1, 2 coming in a tie for 3rd…just my opinion though.

        • frankus

          sounds like we got a team edward fan here

        • Scuba Steve

          Why So Serious?

        • Shut it

          Isn't knowing too much about and being a hypercritical snob about movie knowledge exhibit the exact opposite of "getting out more"?

        • zepolcire

          He was very good in the Batman reboot. His portrayal of the Joker is a principal reason I like the movie. I still enjoy Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker also. Jack was funny/deranged while Heath was more funny/sadistic. I can imagine Jack's version with a darker color scheme costume would have been great and really made the character darker.

    • crazydog

      Best batman movie EVER and a ridiculously fantastic performance.

  • Luke

    what???? First!!!!

    • BabyFart Magizax


    • McBoogerballs

      Nope, Chuck Testa.

    • Dick Salad

      Honeydew sucks balls, cantaloupe is the superior melon.

      • fact

        agree, but you're still a dick

    • GOB

      I wish YOU were dead. I'll trade all the "first" assholes if we can get Heath back.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #6 hottest of the x-men, although she wasn't one of them

    • John Stamos

      Halle Berry is better in bed AND better looking

      • fendermallot

        I LoL'd

    • who cares

      how many nipples does she have on those tittays?

  • cmo

    Chive this is lame…where are the ladies?

    Cmon guys!!!!

    • Fall

      There's plenty of porn sites around if you just wanna see "ladies"

    • MattyDeuce

      Yet, here you are!

      • hater

        Oh the Merica Irony!

    • adxasd

      I think it's lame because most of these are common knowledge…

      • Couvs

        some of them aren't as well known to the younger half of our generation though. Some of us grew up with the classic Star Wars movies and I wouldn't expect half of people under 25 to know who David Prowse was.

        • Web2992

          I am proud to say I am one of the few guys in the 'younger half' that do… they definitely don't make movies that anymore.

  • El_Hefe

    #11 # 12


    • El_Hefe

      dang it #12

      • Guest

        Whoa, she is really…wait a minute…my phone is ringing.

    • GernBlansten

      No doubt. One of the biggest transformations on the list.

    • The Dude

      Yup, mind=blown

    • Mouchettepas

      Yup, complete 180-ftw

  • Valkyr

    Actually real sweet & beautiful (tho I don't know her age, hope it is16+ so I don't feel like a perv)

    • Loadedcarp

      She's 21 so perv out all you want. 🙂

    • Drew

      She also played Lilo in Lilo & Stitch.

    • ..l

      I hope you meant 18+
      Pretty sure 16 still makes you a perv.

  • Gabino Salgado Jr

    #6 Looks sexier as Mystique.

  • WilliamNye

    Bring back Things That Bounce!


      I have to agree with this. This post wasn't that interesting. We've seen it all before on here.

  • Mikehoncho

    #11 who knew she was hot. and i think it would be hillarious if she brought a guy home from the bar and came out of the bathroom looking like #12

    • bob

      there was an episode of "Seinfeld" where the girl looked horrible in most lighting situations…except at one restaurant. I think they called her a "two-face". but, i think in this case it's more than a lighting thing, so, nevermind.

    • r00s7a

      Most girls I bring home from the bar look like her, in the morning they look like her character…

      • testudo321

        Beer goggles LOL

  • lackofabetter

    #19 Kelly from Bad news bears

    • Rhyno8507

      Also plays Freddy Kruger in the new one

    • Coach Boilermaker

      Thank You!! I knew he was familiar, but I couldn't place him.

    • Steve zisou

      Scores the 10,000 $ shot at semi-pro and gets a giant check

      • Apol

        Holy crap that's where I know him from! Hahahaha

        • FukTard

          He was also Moocher in Breaking Away.. And he was in Shutter Island.

    • bob

      and Moocher from "breaking away"

    • TacoCops

      Shut up butter maker

  • Dr_Originality

    #11 I still would knowing what she looks like in the dark

  • Steven B

    ah, i liked this thread

  • Dakota

    #11 please be 18

  • tv_paul

    #12 #11 Well, well growing up to be quite a little hottie. (I just checked she's almost 22 so no worries)

  • The Bandit

    #1 was wayyyyyyyy better than #19 as Freddy! Englund is still one of the coolest Horror Icons around…replaced in the Remake for nothing and no reason. He will always be Freddy…nobody else….

    • jer

      damn straight!!!! Robert Englund showed how sadistic freddy was by making his killing fun and comical yet terrifying at the same time…. this Jack guy just made freddy out to be a pissed off monster out for revenge,… granted that is what the character is about BUT Englund brought out the true sadstic behavior we have come to love out of freddy

      • FukTard

        The new guy is only 5'5… Pretty scary!

    • Maavus

      Actually, Robert Englund was not replaced for "nothing and no reason". He was approached first to reprise his role as Freddy in the reboot but he turned it down saying that he had already brought Freddy back once when they made New Nightmare. He said it was time someone else put on the glove.
      I will admit that Robert is and will always be the best Freddy but Jackie did a decent job.

      • jer

        I respectfully disagree with you saying Jack did a dcent job, his job was Meh at best

  • the_mike

    #7 Agent Smith was V?! I think that might of just ruined my day…

    • Brain melt

      Also, the voice of megatron in transformers

      • the_mike

        I'm cool with that, him being the bad guy and all.

      • Lil John

        Also Elrond in LoTR.

        MMMiishter Frodo.

      • @McBeastie666

        also Red Skull in Capt. America….eh, see….I can use IMDb too.

    • Awesome-O

      How did you not know this if it actually ruined your day?

    • GNZ

      "might of"…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Dr_StrangePants

      And My Personal favorite:

      Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park

      • bh11

        nope. Sam Neil

        • Dr_StrangePants

          i stand corrected

    • crazydog

      Wanna hate facts? He played a transvestite in a movie……still awesome actor

    • StarznSkullz

      This above all (besides seeing Heath) brightened up my day!!! No wonder he seems so intelligently vindictive 🙂

    • ThatGuy

      He also played Rex the sheep dog in "Babe"

  • GernBlansten

    #11 Yes kids, she's legal. She'll be 22 this July.

  • Lisa

    #19 played the new Freddy Krueger too, right?

    • drbman

      I don't know but he played a pervert freak in a movie with kate winslet little children maybe?

    • LOL

      unfortunately, yes.

    • its_forge

      And Guerrero on "Human Target" which was WAY too short-lived a show. That was a seriously fun character too.

  • frank

    #5 that might just be the hottest stare down look i've ever seen. YOWZA!

  • Geee
    • Mike Snifferpiffits

      know i'll get a total fear boner when i watch the ring.

      • Dylan


      • sodapants


  • Geee
    • DB Conor

      7 days.

  • misschris

    #11 Woah. See Lindsay Lohan, *this* is how you do puberty right!

    • feelinghornynow

      Hey redhead….I want to touch your cervix with the tip of my tongue

      • Dr_StrangePants

        speaking of trolls:
        …where's Paula?

  • Corey

    The man.

    • Captain Planet

      Fuck yea. Anybody that doesn't like Gary Oldman can fuck a cactus

    • Evie Rose

      Hell Yeah, loved him as….. well, everything

      • Justin

        as sgt reznov he was pretty beast

    • Zoey

      I continue to be amazed at the movies he's in where I didn't even recognized him.
      He's AWESOME!

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #28 what an amazing character he created

    • everyone

      Most overrated acting job this decade

      • Shockteck

        Dumbest reply of the decade.

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