Flash back with some behind the scenes shots of LOTR (50 Photos)

  • bob_the_cook

    Sweeeet post

    • bob_the_cook

      especially #46

    • LucretiusCarus

      I concur. Was there anything about these movies that wasn't awesome?

      Books were even better.

  • Alex


    • Greg

      go back to your Twilight.

      • Alex

        Who the fuck likes twilight

        • Damn Right

          Someone who considers LOTR gay, SHAME ON YOU, Chive and LOTR go hand in hand

    • Rex Hondo

      If you're referring to Sir Ian McKellen, then yes, he is. Congratulations on pointing out that which is a matter of public record.

  • dan


  • me...BN!!!

    not sweet!!!!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #22 Nike's??

    • tv_paul

      I think these are Khloe Kardashian feet.

    • Fatty Magoo

      It's the new version of those toe shoes

    • timmy

      yup Nike hairs

    • CastofThousands


      Bare Jordans,

      of course.

  • fetts

    anyone else pumped for the hobbit?

    • Tommy Bahamy

      first review weren't good, they filmed in soap opera format…

      • sweet tiger robot

        which isn't to say the story itself isn't bad, but some say the format is too distracting to even get invested in the story. but what do i know? i'm just a sweet tiger robot.

      • Brian

        I think all take a few peoples opinions on 10 minutes of unfinished footage with a grain of salt. A lot of the stuff I have read said that the 48 fps takes getting used to, but once you adjust, it looks brilliant.

    • Landen

      So pumped. The best movies of all time are getting a prequel

  • tv_paul


    RAID!!! Kills Orcs Dead.

    • Todd_A

      This one has my brain messed up.. I know it's a scale model, but part of me keeps wanting to scream "shopped!". Epic sets are a sign of epic movies.

    • Rex Hondo

      Must be a deleted scene…

    • Nerd.

      Uruk Hai.

  • kittygato

    #2 #34 – get that man a dentist

    • streethockey

      and an arrow for his bow.

  • Dildo Baggins

    One does not simply flash back w out watching the movies again.

  • fish

    #49 drunk hobbits

  • PenthouseTommy
  • frank

    #50 and there goes my chance at taking a nap

    • Perkins Maxwell

      i jumped. actually jumped at that moment in the movie. and the woman behind me screamed and spilled popcorn on me. soo freaky

    • Sydawz

      I dont remember this part…

      • GomerPyle

        When Frodo was taken to Rivendell in fellowship…

      • riverdog

        clarification on rivendell comment — it is when Bilbo is tempted by the ring and all of a sudden a demonic look appears on his face

        • MacNCheesePro

          More clarification — it scared the fuck outta me and I peed a little

    • sithney

      ian holm can be scary as fuck

  • Needlegun13

    Such an epic movie series. I love it to this day!

  • RGT1026

    #15," I am Gandolf. These are my bastards Gandolf Jr and Brian. I have my doubts about one of them."

    • zachR

      anyone else notice that gandolf is wearing one boot?

      • tralfaz

        That's his ass kickin boot.

      • matt

        Yes. I also noticed that you both failed to correctly spell Gandalf's name.

    • cheeseSammich

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    10 years ago…FTW!
    And how come half the images needed to be reloaded?

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    The resemblance is remarkable.

    • Nargon

      definitely worth of Oscar

      • fact

        No. Because it wasn't a solitary performance. Dozens of artists were involved in producing the character of Gollum.

  • tv_paul

    Thanks, thanks a lot eHarmony.

  • Bill

    90% Special FX and only 10% CGI. Thats how you make a good Fantasy/Scifi movie and not like 100% green screen how George "givemeallyourmoney" Lucas did.

    • Erik D

      I agree 100%
      Makes the sets more real and believable instead of polished and clean

    • GomerPyle

      Sorry, but Lucas couldn't have gone to New Zealand and shot a battle in space. Middle EARTH vs places in space…

      How else can it be done?

      • Bill

        You are right. It's rlly hard to find a location to shoot a scene on a desert or jungle planet. And nobody can build a realistic alien costume these days.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan

        He was doing it fine for the original trilogy

  • RAY

    This series of movies is one of only a few that I feel the need to watch periodically.

    • Breeland

      Try books… read the books too so much win in both versions, it is the only place where such an excellent arrangement can be found!

  • Forest

    Greatest movie of the decade. Greatest fantasy movie of all time. Awesome!

  • sassygurl129

    only one of the best movies of all time

  • Chris

    #49 Mr Frodo….. Sam :*

  • Anon

    What's going on with #15?

    • Bink

      Stunt doubles. The tall one is for stunts with hobbits in the same shot.

      • Erik D

        Pretty much,

        Horse riding stand in and Hobbit stand in for scale

    • GomerPyle

      Gandalf, his brother Darrell, and his other brother Darrell

  • personwithalife

    Made it half way through the first one, got bored, didn't attempt the rest.

    • Aurelle

      But you scrolled to the bottom to comment about it?

  • FoolOfATook

    Best movie series EVER!

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