Seattle’s real life superhero just got called out by a real life supervillain (Video)

For the last year, Seattle has been protected by a man named Phoenix Jones and his gang of real life superheros calling themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement. Today, Jones and his crew have finally met their nemesis, a supervillain who goes by the name of Rex Velvet.

  • Meander

    Like the YouTuber said: I hope this gets out of hand quickly.

  • Ryan

    what the hell did i just watch??

    • Hawkll

      Apparently YOU Chose To Watch It–You WERE NOT FORCED TOO !! Wanker !!

  • new to me

    Douche-ometer going nuts with this guy, but researched the Phoenix Jones dude and I gotta say that he has my respect. The suit thing is a little over the top, but i guess it tells people a couple of things: 1) Bad neighborhood + guy in superhero costume= crazy motherfucker who'll probably make more trouble than I want to deal with right now; 2) If anything happens, odds are this shit will be on about 5 different cell phone videos (pretty hard evidence).

    The GQ piece on this stuff is pretty good:

    • new to me

      plus the torso of the suit is actually body armor with a knife-proof layer, so i guess there's that, too.

    • Ryan

      hahah! douche-ometer.

  • this guy says

    he is holding a bottle opener

  • Scott

    I'm not sure if I'll frown or smile when I see a group of adults running around in costumes in the near future…

  • Corey

    You're all just jealous your city doesn't have superheros AND supervillains!!! The Emerald City is awesome!!!

  • Todd_A

    I just want to know where I can buy whatever it is he's drinking.. Looks like fun!

  • Ferret

    New to WWE Seattle ….

  • @JorEl10262009

    My Home Town needs a Justice League AND an Avengers… It's that bad…

  • Bryce Otis

    WHAT THE SHIT!!! Its like a fucking movie trailer

  • kashakesh

    ahhhh… leave it to the seattlites (that's us) to come up with this stuff. We are the kings of indoor sports (coffee drinking, card playing, crib, etc.) as it rains so frequently here.

    I wonder if I can sign on as a henchman – the gigs are always short-lived, so I have time for that…

  • noegod

    So i guess I'm moving to Seattle in the hopes of catching a glimpse of these guys fighting in the streets!

  • Austin

    This seriously sucked ass….. watched this with my "friend"….. and she hated it too.. so Im not alone

  • CJ Garcia

    Hahaha, the music done with garage band loops, "Rollin' on Dubs"!

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