So many tushes, so little time.. (40 photos)

  • john


    • elliott

      Attention chivers. Click on the photos for a whole new place to comment. Subculture begin

      • Hahaha

        Wow, Elliot you're one brilliant mother fucker.

    • Epitomizer

      You need to be "headshot".

    • The Devil

      264 comments and no one has mentioned the sperm dripping down #33 's inner tie

      • Teach Love

        that amount is so miniscule that it doesn't merit mention. She shoulda been drenched…that's how I roll!


    #32 God bless hump day

    • Tuff Guy

      Why don't you let someone else comment among the top?

      Your comments are mostly unoriginal anyways.

      Now that that's been said, HOLY FUCK #9, I'd like to show #36 my magic mushroom head

      • MICHAEL

        why don't you register your username?

        • Tuff Guy

          Because fuck you… Why don't you stop your lame comments?

      • Ned_Plimpton

        How bout just ignore him? It's Hump Day. Most comments are, "Oh, dat ass!" or "Mother of God!" Just enjoy the pics, dick.

        • MICHAEL

          I agree Ned. I wish more people could just enjoy this beautiful site for what it is. So much drama over nothing.

          • truth

            Tuff Guy's not so tuff… just another limp dick

            • pickleman77

              For sure! What an ass clown!

              • Kent

                I think Michael brags to his friends:

                "Yeah bra, just hit 150 posts on Chive. Pretty sick, huh?" says Michael.
                "Damn, you done changed the game, playa!" replied Pickle.
                "Aww sheet, know what?" Michael excitedly asks Pickle. It's as if Michael is about to explode after harnessing this information for so long.
                "You're gonna fap again to Berry?" Pickle is sure he is correct.
                "Besides that…"
                "Fap to Cat Saturday?"
                "BESIDES THAT!" Michael becomes angry, "You should know, that because I'm top fapper on Chive, I'm going to even change my FACEBOOK picture to me with a KCCO!"
                "Oh… Em… Jee, you never cease to give me raging clues, Michael." Pickle pauses, "For that, I'm going to go buy you another Affliction shirt, and I'll buy an Ed Hardy one. Because we both know that those are hippest brands with Ed Hardy being just a little less cool than Affliction, so like, everyone will know we are both awesome but you're the leader by just a little bit."
                "Maybe one day you will earn the Affliction shirt," encourages Michael. But as of now, with both my FaceBook default photo being KCCO, and having like one of the highest post counts ever… I obviously am at least a little bit cooler, just because of that, because you know, with move posts, blah…blah.. You get it."
                "Wana go fap Berry with me right now?"
                "You complete me." Michale and Pickle walk out of the room together holding hands. Pickle suddenly stops!
                "Oh my gawwwaad!!" Pickle throws both of his arms straight down, palms facing behind him, straightens out his back, pokes out his rear, sticks his chin in the air, and floats more gracefully than any gay man has ever done. Not even a woman could compete. "Wheeeeeew! That would have been a DISASTER!" exclaims Pickle. He lightly prances back to Michael with an item hidden behind his back.
                "What is it?" asks Michael.
                "Hehe, the key to dryness!" Pickle whips out a bottle of lube and squeezes it twice to make a *squish* *squish* went mushy sound. They giggle together and walk away together. Before they are out of sight, you see Pickle inserting his fingers into the sunset-silhoutte of Michael's round, plump, hairy, [sic] ."

                • pickleman77

                  Tuff Guy? Is that you? Hey, can I have a cool nickname too? I was thinking about "Cool Dude." What do you think?

          • Tuff Guy

            Fuck you…why don't you answer my question?

            • Don't bite anybody

              The next POA you get will be the first.

          • pickleman77

            Only a total pussy would give himself the name "Tuff Guy" That's like a 5'2'' shrimp giving himself the name "Shaq." Must be compensating for something…

    • Wow

      Let us not forget #15 #20 #31

      My Goodness….

  • HOOK

    #10 OHHHH MY!

    • SneakyPete

      Oh Sweet Jesus!

      • mike

        Ohh Looonnggg Johhnnnsoonnnn!!!

        • Dakota Moore

          ahahahah you got me good.. i choked on my food

    • clyde

      Google Jaime Koeppe

      • Matt

        Thank YOU !

      • Houdini1972

        thanks man

    • remidemic

      dear chive,

      • Gabe

        yes, and also #36

        • Ass Cpt.

          There's a lot of pancake ass in this week's hump day, the onion butts in #10 and #36 saved this for the true ass men like myself.

          • Gabe

            "Onion Butt" I'm stealing that

            • Teach Love

              onion booties…porn website…

          • Troy Wilson

            Like Madea "Hallalouyer!!!"

          • Lotus

            Glad I'm not the only one who found this hump day lacking in size. Keep the tiny asses in mind the gap please.

      • chive

        dear remidemic,


        • tongystunter

          agreed, no

    • gs425

      I know right?

    • O_O


    • Matt

      Fucking hell, I want to live between those cheeks !

    • GWood

      Best one on here wow…

    • Omega

      That. Is an epic ass.

    • Guest

      There musta been ni***r in the woodpile.

      • Teach Love

        yeah cause a cr****r could reach it…..

      • Cali_Dude

        Sh1t head had to comment under guest. One of my daughters is black and I get tired of seeing knuckle draggers like you polluting up our internet.

        • John

          Still talk to her mother??

    • Murph
    • Blackmantooboocoo

      SHOPPED. Most of Jamie K's photos are. Here's here real ass

      It's ok but not quite what we have here.

    • Stretch Armstrong


      • Guest

        That ass is fricking amazing! Bury me in between those cheeks.

    • Jeff

      A definite WOW !

  • HOOK


    • PenthouseTommy

      Have to agree on these RUMPS! Now if we only KNEW they were chivettes and not just internet searches. I think MOAR photographic evidence is required!!!

    • Armadillo

      num 6 n 15 also top 4 deff

  • MOAR

    #11 "pretty little maids, all in a row" – Tommy Boy

    • John-Paul Wolf

      Woohoo UofR

    • LucretiusCarus

      Love how the one in the middle isn't wearing panties. Way to one-up your competitors. Brava.

      • rich

        and also has the best ass!

    • Huntington Beach

      The only 5 nice asses in the 909.

    • JESSE

      "buddy wack-it?"

    • Rich

      " I want the one on the 'middle,' she's perfect. Which one do you want?"…..RIP Chris Farley…..had to adjust the quotes for the situation although the one on the left is very nice as well!

    • Kushwizard420

      only a group of U of R Chivettes would post as a group haha and there are plenty of great asses in the 909 you dang beach haters gonna hate

    • Happy Canuk

      We need and HD version of this.

    • gedda_g

      Nicely done, ladies! You're making me proud to be a 909er (Valley of the Dirt!)
      You all have fantastic tushes and I would like to thank you for sharing them with us… in person.

    • Projekt_J

      I love my home town

      • Always Last

        Must be one helluva college…"Califona" ….too funny

  • tv_paul

    Redlands,CA girls, I salute you.

    • big_james

      Branding Iron anyone?

      • big_james

        Hey idiots Branding Iron is a bar/club that I am guessing these girls go to.

    • DiRock

      i wanna peel those onions

    • Dom


    • salsaburrito

      so glad to see some local booty love the one without panties

    • kh2the1

      this is pretty much how i envisioned my conveyor belt of asses would look like.

    • Macghee

      I'm from redlands! I know the one in the middle and maybe to the left of her.

  • Dibdy

    Thats a whole lot of BEAUTIFUL humps. Bless all you chivettes!!!!

  • DaveR

    #29 MOARRR

    • wjaram

      I second that motion

  • May Hadfield

    #36 Damn.

    • 80's Baby

      If one hot tush is "mother of God"… I'll go out on a limb and say 3 is a "Trinity".. #36 FTW

    • *****

      Guess those mushrooms went straight to their asses 😀

    • Williemo32

      Those don't look like the Mario bros I remember.. They look MUCH better

    • Dom

      need more of #36 and #9 in my life

    • Fat_Chiver

      Is it too much to ask for a gif you of ladies shaking it?

  • duke

    Still looking for a chive shirt to attract chivettes, anyone seen them or ebay or anything recently?

    • Macro

      Remakes are available all over the net … try this new-fangled web thing called "Google".

    • JustSayin'

      I can't possibly digest the gayness of your post.

      • jjj

        The room's startin to spin real fast… cause of… cause of all the gayness. Cal… I love you
        – Ricky Bobby

        • nicholls state

          omg win for life bahahaha

    • Chivacy Please

      Chive shirts aren't a substitute for having game or looks….

      • Really?

        They aren't?

      • Teach Love

        or money or intelligence…still want a shirt tho…

      • Ihavegame

        Wrong and really? Game? Let me guess you have four no Five Ed Hardy shirts no wait they are Affliction shirts.

        • Jonny

          yea… and doesn't even know what the affliction shirt is actually for either

  • jmdmn

    #4 Wish this were one of those animated jiggly pictures…

  • FrK

    #20 wins !

    • mike

      wins 3rd behind #3 and #6

    • John

      We need moar of 20! Face pic too!!

    • Teach Love

      if you like pancakes…look…everyone has two cheeks and if you pull pretty panties up u crack most of us will "mother of god" you…but ..and trust me on this…there IS a difference between pancakes and onions…Onions will have you licking it and not understanding why….

      • its_forge

        It doesn't have to be ghetto to be a sexy butt.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #10 POW!

    • gs425


      • chiver


        • cmerk

          no one calls Jaime Koeppe gross … NOBODY !!!

        • Huckleberry

          I try to never use a worn out and tired old reply… but I've got bad news for you buddy.

        • John

          I agree –absolutely ugly

          • Pedro

            You are so gay

          • Pedro

            Why you so gay? answer me, why?

  • tv_paul



    • Emily the Chivette

      super mario hoes!

  • Ricky Ross

    #11 Kudos to the girl in the middle going commando

    • Happy Canuk

      HD pic plz!

    • xcusemyass

      She is the winner.

    • Robyn Murree

      always gotta be a one upper in the crowd lol

  • rtaylor12

    #27 whoever holds key to that lock is lucky, and #9 cherry bottom panties over apple bottom jeans any day!

    • @bdaley84

      #27 "You have an absolutely breathtaking heinie. I mean that thing is good. I want to be friends with it."

    • Happy Canuk

      #9 I've seen perfection and I'm in love.

  • Hunter X

    #32 My finger refused to continue scrolling when I saw this lovely hump….


    #6 I feel the need to go slap a co workers ass now

    • Jonny

      my gf saw me stop at this one and stair… in the dog house but it definitely was worth it

    • just a dude

      that pic makes you think of your co-workers? You my friend, have a sweet ass job!

    • jkm

      buy far the best out of the 40 pics!!!!

  • echogeo

    "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
    It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
    Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
    Who is already sick and pale with grief
    That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she."

    • sneederbee

      #1 – don't care if she lives in a trailer – MOAR!

      • You R Welcome

        Lindsey Gale Evans, Playboy Miss October 2009. You are welcome

        • Correction

          Lindsey Gayle Evans

      • BabyFarts Magizax

        Miss mau5

    • MattyDeuce

      Juliet is 13 years old in that play, FYI, so the comparison is not cool…plz don't ruin Hump Day with that noise.

      • @LuNcH_bOx13

        Dude, really, the fact that you pointed that out makes me wonder how much you like the 13 year olds. "Thou prosteteth to much".

        • MattyDeuce

          Ahh, Hamlet…another spineless character from Shakespeare.

          Oh, and while I'm at it, *protesteth, *too.

      • its_forge

        Oh for the love of Christ will you PLEASE GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP

    • TheBAMFinater

      Now that part makes sense. Thanks!!

    • Moose

      Yeah, classic literature is such noise. Why can't you quote Reggie from Archie comics, or something cool like that?

      • MattyDeuce

        I'm an English teacher actually, and Romeo and Juliet, with the exception of the character Mercutio, is his worst contribution to tragic literature. I would be happy to debate it with you, but the reality is, there are asses to be appreciated.

        • Moose

          Is that a personal ad in your avatar description?

          • MattyDeuce

            It is…and it doesn't work 😦

        • Will Hunting

          Then why is it still so popular? It is so trendy to say that R&J is his worst contribution, and yet its readers are able to connect so profoundly with the story. By my heel, I care not…

          • MattyDeuce

            It is popular because, quite frankly, it is his most simplistic (AKA, easy to understand) tragedy. Readers connect to it so easily because the characters (again, with exception and my greatest apologies to Mercutio) are lack depth and provide the enduring tagline of true love always conquering all things. There is not a more vacuous character in all of his tragedies (those who are supposed to play serious roles) than Juliet. Not that I would ever compare the works of Shakespeare to the trash my students read for pleasure (Twilight, vomit), but Romeo and Juliet provided the mold for the teenage dramatist novella that we are stricken with today. Also, it is taught across the spectrum because most state-wide curricula require a major drama for freshmen, and instead of making it difficult and psychologically peaking for them by teaching, say, Oedipus, most schools (mine included, thankfully I teach sophomores) go for R & J.

            • emerson

              Like you mentioned earlier, the salient points are there is an ass and yonder there's a light. I'm grateful for both.

    • amanda

      lol I dont think shes a virgin ;P

    • Gbiscuit

      Wrong, Shakespear. That moon is more fair than any sun

    • its_forge

      "…and forsooth hath a hiney so fine it maketh one cry just to look upon it."

    • just a dude

      is it wrong that I read your post with Tracy Jordan's voice? seemed appropriate at the time

  • Rad

    #11 WOW. Redlands is awesome. Nice to meet you neighbors!

  • st33

    Soo hot #13
    I love HUMP DAY!

    • Lance

      Is that Dylan?

    • jjj

      Don't think Dylan would have that cord in the bottom of the pic. Her pics are always perfectly setup.

    • Stretch Armstrong

      Very very very nice!!!!

    • alpha

      this is my chick. she didnt even know i posted this.

  • thatguy

    #24 Chive, for the love of mercy, stop blocking out nipples!!! Also, love the tush

    • MattyDeuce

      Don't get greedy

      • thatguy

        Theres nothing wrong with wanting MOAR!

    • Dylan

      The blockage is probably from the girl, and the reason there are no nipples is probably due to advertiser conditions.

      Plus, most people come here for class & awesome, not porn.

      • thatguy

        Good point. I dont come to this site for porn, but occasionally…idk, wishful thinking

    • 650

      I often wonder how many ridiculously awesome photos theCHIVE sifts through, that we don't get the opportunity to see…

  • Tim

    #6 OMG. perfection

    • Armadillo

      when your right your right TIM i would kill to bite that lol

  • pickleman77

    #22 Getting some naughty ideas….

    • paulie


    • DoomsDayDub

      Mmmm..Khal Drago likes!

      • Smack76

        holy mother of dragons

    • Keith


    • jeff donuts

      reminds me of my ex who had this little leopard thong print that would get me super horny

      • just a dude

        his was a little bigger though, I'm guessing

    • Fish

      #22 & #29 – Me Likey! MOAR and Find them Please!

    • @jahrodnz

      Best by far! Need MOAR Chive!!!

    • PELTCH

      chivette of the week fasho

    • JohnnyB

      #22 what a beauty!!!

  • DemonDan

    #1 MOAR!!!!

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