Real names of cartoons and fictional characters you likely didn’t know (25 Photos)

  • Jason Flook

    Not bragging but I somehow knew #11 and #15, but I have no idea when or how I ever learned it.

  • 2nnt

    Knew #5 and #23 already

  • Pezski

    #1 pretty sure it's Alistair Cookie Monster

  • brayden

    yeah… so most of these are bullshit. just sayin.

  • Brian

    it's a shirt?!

  • The Metal

    I knew all of those except the Beast, but now I do! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…


  • indesignkat

    so the perpetual rape victim of our childhood Saturday mornings had a name..

    Her name was Penelope Pussycat

    Her name was Penelope Pussycat

    <Fight Club moment>

  • CrimsonKid

    The only two I knew where Miles and Tweety. Everything else… woooosh over my head.

  • Mike

    #25 Holy crap that's his shirt?!?!?! All these years I thought he was wearing a kilt!

  • tommytwotime

    #6 YOU LIE!!!!!

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  • Carmella

    I really don't like their former names haha It's good they changed it to what they're known now.

  • Jed

    Your forgot Goofy, aka "Dippy Dawg" aka "Dippy the Goof"

  • Justin

    #12 sn't it John Q. Zoidberg?

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