Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Find Her (32 Photos)

  • @bdaley84

    #25 a redheaded must find

    • Underbaker

      The one on the left is Caitlin Fairchild

    • justin

      Yeah…my lifetime collection of prized dryer lint to whoever finds this one

      • Hook357

        I wonder if that's Pinky.

    • Ted Mills

      That's as close as you're gonna get!

    • Mike

      Best I could do is find where the pic came from
      The person who took the pic said she is a personal friend and does not really model for anyone, so finding moar may be difficult.

      • CSCHIVE

        Erik Jones is so fuckin lucky. He makes a living by shooting fine ass women in the buff and then illustrating them.

        Check out more at

      • Jery

        Who cares find her and get moar pics!

    • @theterryburke

      i wanna say its Alex Sim-Wise but because it seems like something she'd do but it's probably wishful thinking

    • Trav1121

      Could always shoot J.Scott Campbell a message or email. If anyone would know, it would be him. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • tman

      #2 is Rosalee Ochoa and she needs a post to her self guys!!!

  • Megan

    #1 ….. are her boobs lop-sided?

    • :P.

      find rest of right one!

    • S.Freud

      Nah. It's just the angle the picture was taken from

    • Jeff Albertson

      Does it fucking matter?

      • Panigale

        put your mouth on the small one and squeeze the big one. also…my left testicle is slightly larger than me right one.

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          ahahahaha i could only give one thumb up….cause i'm drrrunk and i lhad to do alot of backspacing…

      • Ander

        You know, now that I looked at other pictures, they might be lopsided. Now that it matters! I'll still take those lopsided bad girls!

        • Mike

          non of you have ever seen a women naked have you? or do you only watch porn with chicks with fake tits….*sigh*

          • Axe2Grind

            Seen a women? Nice grammar…

            • Kyle Bartley

              That grammar was fine…

              • Grammar Nazi

                It's "seen a woman" dummy, not "seen a women."

                I'm bothered more by "non of you."

                • DaddyD

                  Maybe he's French?

                • Seri

                  Correcting people on the internet is like subtracting 1 from infinity.

                  • Ken

                    or raping a rapist who once raped you

          • Ludo

            totally agree ^^ I like their slight difference… the shy, the player.. they are like your kids, a bit different, but you don't care, you love them as much as the other!

          • Ludo

            Only thing is that those are fake too… :p

    • Anon

      Megan, It's definitely time for some more Meg from Nebraska pics!

    • Adam

      And now I can't stop seeing it that way either…

      Damn you.

    • Sam

      Haha yep!

  • swope

    #1 without a doubt, please!

    • Wally

      Korean actress Oh In Hye

      • swope

        Nice, thanks!

      • DoomsDayDub

        Not sure if real name…….or Asian joke

        • DaddyD

          Probably both.

    • Shat_Thrice

      Korean actress Oh In Hye

    • djp

      A little better posture and I might have gotten light-headed.

    • Chris

      Who cares??????

  • AssClown

    #5 That's uncle Ronald not giving a fuck…well actually he is.

    • Skermitt

      Looks to me he is getting, not giving, a fuck.

  • akbrown006

    Again, PLEASE we need a country gallery. Thanks in advance John!

    • Benjamin

      I agree ten fold!!!!!!

    • Mike

      Sheridyn Fisher??

      • Matt


    • ATx

      Sheridyn Fisher…….meh

    • A.J.

      After the first week in july, I imagine there's gonna be a lot of Alberta Chivettes popping up. The hottest cowgirls on the planet all come out to play at the calgary stampede!

    • Oolon Colluphid

      Looks like Rachel Hunter to me.

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #10 Yes please find now

    • Trolling

      She probably died of dehydration by now.. should have found sooner..

  • Vince
    • damn

      U DA MAN!

    • Anon

      that chick looks kinda like she might go demon and start scuttling side to side…

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        You are just so wrong….and yet it made me laugh!

    • Token Black Chiver

      Was I the only one who read the caption in a loud "yelling over roaring air and plane noise"?

    • @DJ_DARKSID3
    • ChaseTheWalker
    • KennyB

      Good Job

      • blah

        Roberta Mancino? sounds like the female name for Reberto Mancini lol.

        • Always Last

          She's more badass than most anyone else. Impressive.

  • Yo Yo Ma

    #26 Don't kill yourself looking.

    • Matt

      'effing socialists… No need to find at all.

      • yherth

        LMAO – Your narrowing your gene pool options dude. Which may be a good thing.
        She's a cute socialist.

      • Cali_Dude

        So you are saying you would not be a socialist for one night?

      • LukeTheTerrible

        Matt, you are a deluded capitalist republican moron. You probably don't even know what a socialist is.

        • thedude325

          All anyone has to know is that they suck.

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          Why is, "you probably don't even know what a socialist is.", the go to argument? It's the equivalent of, "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't' understand!" About as brainless….but I'm sure you'll have an explanation!

    • Shat_Thrice

      This is from a news story about the French presidential election. No info the the lovely young lady in the pic.

      • Idius

        So, that button on her shirt must say, "We surrender!"

        • Germany

          Actually it means "Together". As in, "Together, we surrender!"

    • 1/2FunAndDon'tCry

      She's in the welfare line, looking for government handouts and not doing shit to contribute to society. while they feed off the good ones that actually work for a living. Stay in Europe.

      • libussa

        whoah…so much stupidity in so little words…you must have broken some kind of record there

        • 1/2FunAndDon'tCry

          Coming from the person with the college level education, you must be line right behind her. .

          • 1/2FunAndDon'tCry

            ….do the world a favor, FIND yourself a cliff and get a running start.

  • Benjamin

    # 1
    I bet it is Mega….

    • Fixed


  • echogeo


    • Bastard King

      Areola, to be exact.

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #12 Army green and red, white and blue! God Bless America!

    • Lex

      I don't know who the one on the left is, but the brunette is Amanda Mertz, current miss Kentucky.. She is back to being a blonde now I think. Google her is always a good idea for a cheer up

      • Rusty_Dreams

        NOT Amanda Mertz. Amanda Mertz has brown eyes, this girl has blue eyes.

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          because contacts don't come in blue…=/

        • Random

          you are an IDIOT. def amanda mertz, I not only live in the same city as her but I KNOW her. too bad she lets the popularity get to her, used to be a cool chick.

          • rock35

            your a douche Amanda is a sweetheart and i knew her growing up and everytime i see her she is still as sweet as ever!!

            • Name

              You guys are really cool.

          • Rusty_Dreams

            Grow up loser. "I know her! I know her! And now I'm better than her!" is so fucking sad. Crawl back in your loser hole.

    • haha

      don't 4get the fake tits! Those are all-American too-

  • ScotchScotchScotch

    Scolling down the page and then all of the sudden…WHAMMY! #9

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Agreed, this one has to be found!

    • BG22


    • Matt

      This looks like Brianna frost.

    • Token Black Chiver

      Body = Perfecto

    • gee

      if this doesn't make your mouth water then nothing beautiful will

    • banana flapjacks

      u guys are idiots. im new to this and realize thats bill fucking murray. consider it found

    • Trav1121

      Everything about this picture is amazing. The body, the clothes, the lighting. Wish this mystery Chivette would submit some more.

  • Tillman61

    #1 If she has those AND a Megabox, I'd say we're all set…

    • Jammy

      Don't think I'm associating the right thing when the phrase" Meagbox" and "women" are put together…

  • LoyalLAChiver

    #1 Holy Schnikeys #12 God Bless America #23 COTW

    • McBluffin

      #1 is 'Oh In-hye'

    • Craig

      I have googled Holly Schnikeys, and I don't get anything like this girl… Bluffer!

    • Jhobbs3

      me-"holy Schnikeys? thats a weird name"

    • Shat_Thrice

      #23 is KRISS LARKINA

      • F3n1x187


      • mike

        is unfairly beautiful!

  • DrunkOldMan

    Nice crop today

  • gromtown

    why the fuck are half these girls on here? find them so you know to not ever google search their name again?

    • gromtown

      #28 #26 #21 ?

    • Jeremy

      That was might cunty of you sir

    • Chris


  • Devon Marx


    Her name is Oh In Hye from South Korea, you got that John? Do YOU???

    • Chuck

      Don't Care – still want to see her boobies.

      • moar boar

        Great linkin' Devon M!

    • Jammy

      Devon Is a "Google Assassin" Rock on…

    • Danno Maurer

      That page doesn't show us her bewbs. I SAID BEWBS OR GTFO!

      • Mr. McGibblets

        Kiddin me…. scroll down on that page and watch the Korean movie trailer!!!!!

        This girl needs her own post ! ! ! ! !

  • BB23


    OH MY GOD A HOT STAR TREK FAN!! I'm in love, most definitely, and kudos to her for the 7 of 9 costume. MOAR PLZ CHIVE FOR THE LOVE OF THE SHAT!

    • TylerG_76

      I happened to have taken and submitted this picture, it was at the Comic and Entertainment Expo in Calgary. ๐Ÿ™‚ So many great looking costumes and so much amazing looking women, but she really caught my eye and I had to take her picture. ๐Ÿ˜€ She was so sweet and I could have talked to her, but we stopped in oncoming directions and we were packed like sardines. It was impossible to stay and chat.

      So honoured that it made The Chive and I hope she is found. Keep Calm and Chive On!

      • Cat

        I know her! Haha she's a friend of mine. I sent her a link to this page, so if she wants to be found she can be, or else she can remain a sexy Star Trek mystery!

        • TylerG_76

          A sexy Star Trek mystery's quite appealing, actually. ๐Ÿ˜€
          Although the Chiver's would kill me if I commended it. xD

    • Trav1121

      She kinda looks like my brother's gf, honestly. lol Gonna have to inquire.

  • paulhitchcock

    #1 Oh In Hye

    • Hippie Hipster Not

      Cute Cute Cute. too bad she lacks the usually AWESOME Asian nipples…oh well

    • Smarch455

      How about a girls with different cup size boobie catagory?

  • Schnizz

    #27 I believe it's KCCO

    • joe chiver


    • :).

      Hard to type with eyes glued to that..I forgive him.

    • daved

      Brittany Doleman ?

    • Jandro

      There were words on this pic ????

    • kimohoyo


  • Mike

    #2 is a must

    • Sean

      She looks like Erin Young

    • Cristian Fabian Bustos Beckenbauer

      Her name is Rosalee Ochoa

    • Come At Me Bro

      Dear innocent 8 lb 12 oz baby Jesus, please find her!

    • For Mike
    • Richard

      Rosalee Ochoa from salt lake city

      • Trav1121

        Salt Lake, Utah?? ๐Ÿ™‚ You know what that means… Greatest abbreviation ever! XD

      • b-real

        Rosalee is an awesome chick and unlike most bangin hot girls she isnt a complete stuck up b*tch! her facebook is the place to be if you wanna check out pictures of her!

  • BB23

    #10 #15 #27

    PS, some moar of these amazing creatures would make this crippled guy's day, too.

  • Tillman61

    #16 That is one cute little, freckled redheaded girl.

    • RobsterCraws

      Lindsey Lohan– circa Parent Trap… wtf

      • Insnsprtn


    • Bastard King

      I bet that's what she looks like first thing in the morning.

      • SpeichH

        Or just after devouring souls!

      • sploodge

        go sniff her underwear you freak!

    • ya kent


      • blah

        she doesn't devour souls, asshole.. she just doesn't have one.

  • echogeo

    If/when you do find this fine specimen of woman, please invite her to the Chivette of the Week post.

  • steve

    #31 lauren robson – front model

    • DrewskiDrew
      • Cosby Sweater


      • B_Error

        NSFW!!! Come oN man!

        • DrewskiDrew

          Did I get you fired or something?

          • B_Error

            No, Just give people a heads up is all

        • Chuck

          Everything here is NSFW. Now stop being worthless employee.

    • tv_paul

      Thank you, I just look at her and wow, she needs a special feature just on her on the Chive. Again thanks for the name.

      • Vampirate

        Since she's a model for front magazine and the chive only ever steals it's content from places that aren't likely to sue or issue a dmca notice it seems unlikely she'll get her own feature.

    • Bud

      What the hell is a front model? Like, she doesn't show her ass?

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