How would you like to live in a completely transparent house? (12 Photos)

Via Twistedsifter

  • joe

    cant fap

    • Effin Shane

      Sure you can!

    • Jester


    • Adam

      You can fap under a blanket.

      I want to konw how they poop.

      • Mr Mister

        Probably on a toilet

        • Chivin' Dutchman

          Thank you Captain Obvious

    • Kevin Mills

      Or throw stones.

  • StickyWickets

    I fap way too much to live in a glass house

    • Fapster

      You probably just fap too much.

  • DaCoop

    My neighbors might start fapping with me

  • Cpt Obvious

    no need for ctrl+shirt+N anymore

    • llawll

      i did not know this lol

  • Logicyup

    If the neighbors are cool with seeing me naked all the time, no problem. Also they'd have to be cool with some live porn and all that jazz.

    • HairyLarry


  • maybe.

    It doesn't seem like it would be awful, would probably be hotter than hell in the summertime though.

  • Mack318

    People in glass houses sink ships

    • BigOkie

      Nope, you've got your metaphors mixed…

      People in glass ships shouldn't throw stones… or get too close to the Italian coastline… or something.

      • Dotson


      • mikethemotormouth

        no no no…people in glass houses keep the doctor away…i think

    • Mark

      I see what you did there.

      Why don't you make like a tree and get the fuck out of here.

      • AdamBaldick


      • black27696

        That's funnier than a screen door on a battleship

    • GoRays1035

      Boondock Saints!!

    • Stick

      We gotta get you a book of proverbs or somethin'. This mix-n-match shit's gotta go!

    • Joshua

      Boondocks saints classic!

  • Bishop

    There would be no place to hide from the sun shine when you wake up with a hang over….

  • Lizard kng

    Now if the house were full of women, now we're talking.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      bedroom is still made out of windows…
      but i guess at that state you'd have to be an exhibitionist to buy the place.

    • wackford

      but the house is already full of…oh wait..

      i see what you did there.

    • Kent Tran

      Now…that's what I am talking about !!

  • asdfg

    where do you shit?

    • BigOkie

      Right out in plain view apparently.

    • sumdood

      cant believe no one asked this question sooner

      • KCCO

        cant believe no one grammar this question sooner

    • Monte Chiver

      The same place you fap. Under a blanket

  • Anonymous

    NOPE. I work overnights ergo my house is a dungeon.

  • Dave

    I'd buy the house next to it…

    • Mitchel

      That is a carport Dave, not a house. Only cars can live in a carport, not people…and with a name like Dave, you are better off not trying to live in carport ( your anus will be a rape magnet for the people in the glass house to watch )

      • Not Dave

        You're not funny, there is a house next to it on the other side which you probably knew about but instead tried making a joke about the car port and for some reason added that people named Dave get raped a lot

      • Also not Dave

        Whats so bad about the name Dave?

        • Clearly Dave

          Whats so bad about the name Dave?

  • @TheRealGroome

    Looks like somebody has just stacked a bunch of desks.

  • ur_kryptonite

    Biggest problem is you could just never ever sleep in. Sun comes up and game over!

  • wyatt

    never throw rocks at loose lips

  • TommyB

    These people definitely should NOT throw stones…. Just sayin….

    • bigdeal

      im so sick of the "just sayin"!!! shut the fuck up1!!!!!!

  • Greyan

    So bathroom…..?

  • thehouseofrouse

    Fap in a glass house once, shame on you. Fap in a glass house twice, shame on me.

  • b3nje

    looks like a level out of mirrors edge..

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Asian woman, fetch me my red sneakers

  • spicticus

    Just 2 problems, not a fan when in the restroom for any reason and don't want people watching me on my computer…I mean a date.

  • McCarthur

    I guess it's perfect if you spend a lot of time just sitting and smiling. You can always go and let out all the years of built-up angst by doing some totally crazy stuff in the next war or something.

  • Friar Tuck

    Was waiting for the hot chick under the shower, but… 😦

  • BigOkie

    Your best friend… the guy you can buy Windex from in the 55 gallon drum…

    It takes an act of congress to motivate me to clean the few windows I have in my house right now, much less this monstrosity.

  • Juddster

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

  • DarthLoki

    How, exactly, does one earthquake-proof a glass house? Seems like that would be kind of important in Japan…

    • @Speedstripe

      Perhaps its shatters in the same way a car window shatters?

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Excellent goddamn Point.
      that better be bulletproof glass

    • lives in Japan

      plexiglass. doesn't shatter. bends and has a give under extreme weight. cheaper than glass as well.

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