Roomate has a clever way of avoiding workouts (17 Photos)


  • Gary


  • etcrrr

    Have no fear the retard is here !

    • fuckstan

      Fuck Stan!

  • kyle

    this is just retarded…. get up you lazy sob

    • Jerm

      fuck you, hitler.

  • dave


  • etcrrr

    I will delete any comment which gets a thumb down coz it makes me sad and then i do terrible things to my goat.

    • @McBeastie666

      if you haven't noticed, the real stan hasn't posted in a while…so, mission accomplished….you can leave now. dickhead.

      • etcrr's goat

        no way, this is trolling at an epic level……
        I can only imagine that Stan is crying while eating jello in his underwear……

    • liter of cola

      why do u care about upvotes there just stupid comments u aint gonna win anything. u live when people stroke ur ego? i always wondered why do people care so much about there comments getting rated what do people get out of it

      • fuckstan

        Because he is stan, and he is a fuck head!

      • Emily Celeste Gosling

        Oh my god. Grammar.

  • OhSomeEvil


    the most awesome excuses of procrastination i've ever seen… chive on DREW!

  • MAX

    very creative. i know exactly how he feels. sometime (always) you just wanna be able to sit on your couch in peace without being bothered about "moving around"

  • Roger Anderson


    • RogerExaggerates

      Was it really hilarious. Are you positive you want to describe it that way?

  • My Comment


  • echogeo

    What? No pics of the fit & the lard ass? Anyone can scribble notes.

  • etcrrr

    #13 A LOT of people show me this finger and say this to me ,i wonder why ?

    • jack of all trades

      Now I think you are trying too hard.

    • Mr. Meowmix

      The Chive should implement an ignore button…..

  • B!!!

    Nate dog! I hate to break up with you by just leaving a note, but it's kinda my thing.

  • BrazilJiuJitsu

    Hitler came from Germany and I don't support him or his Nazi cars

    • Andy Valentine

      Hitler came from Austria, idiot.

    • Flow

      Why don't you stop supporting all German technology and just skateboard through life from now on?

  • derp

    ha! Bro probably doesn't even do isometrics when he works out, pump pump pump it up!

    • Kareem Alovamabak

      I was talking about nate being a noob at the gym. I still fail though because that. is. what. i . do.

  • Hunter X

    Any bets that the kid is pale white, weighs a buck-twenty five, and has never kissed a girl?
    …but HEY! he gets to play Skyrim all day.

    • Dr. Awcmon

      He apparently has classes and a roommate, pretty sure that marks him as a college student. So I doubt he plays it "all day".
      And so what if he's pale white and weighs as much as your mother, it's fairly easy to get a girl if you can make her laugh no matter how unattractive you are. The dude is funny.

    • C.

      Fairly even trade.

  • Jason Osborne

    The girl that would have gone out with him if he had any muscle/motivation would like to thank him for not bothering- but she's got her mouth full at the moment.

  • derp

    and he'll kick your ass, Fick dich chicken hawk. AMERICA!

  • Tnert Eel Enroht

    lol too funny

  • Sara Gale

    Haha!! this is amazing. 🙂 #KCCO Drew

  • Kristi Johnson

    oh drew, you so random!

  • juan

    Um, I think they are gay.

  • Landen

    Just like my roommate and I, I've been trying to motivate him for years. He doesn't get creative with notes though, he just says "zero fucks given" whenever i talk about the gym.

  • El_Capitano

    #7 – "And finally, anyone who uses the terms, irregardless, a-whole-nother, or all-of-the-sudden will be sent to a work camp." – Stewie Griffin

  • Derek

    I hate people that can't get motivated to workout without dragging someone else along. Either shut the fuck up about it and go workout, or just shut the fuck up. It's not like we're going to hold cocks the whole time or anything. What the fuck do you even need a gym buddy for?! An iPod and some earbuds are all the company/motivation I need at the gym.

    • oldmanbingle

      You're right, you don't "need" a gym buddy. The guy is trying to help him because he is a friend.

    • Pat

      Gee, you must be so independent and awesome. If only everybody could be angry and lonely like you.

  • wjaram

    This post is awesome. Nate and Drew make such a cute gay couple..

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