The Red Dress Found: Oh In-Hye (31 Photos)

Oh In-Hye was a little known South Korean actress until she dawned a red plunging neckline dress and walked the red carpet at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Photos of her amazing sideboob exploded across the globe and arrived at theCHIVE in yesterday's 'Find Her.' Enjoy the rest of Oh's red carpet photos…

  • Stiggy


    • Lou101

      no sir, i believe it to be a Orange dress !

    • Lucas


      • banananah

        i think we can agree that we just don't know the color. We're men here, goddammit!

        • Nick

          So you're saying men are either color blind or stupid.

    • _me

      I think the color is really irrelevant due to… BEWBS!

      • sam

        i kept thinking, that is one ugly dress… except for the boob area..

    • Bobby

      Nay. Kamsahamnida indeed. Sarang hae, In-Hye!

  • filmguy2



    Oh, herroohh!

  • Bus

    Oh I like her

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    #22 HALELUJAH!!! I ❤ this site!! Great job FINDING HER, now just find the rest!! :D:D

    • etcrrr

      Thechive ,helping fappers find material since 2008.

  • Noob

    Her boobs look lopsided in like 90% of these photos.

    • Jeff

      they totally are lopsided… I noticed that yesterday too

      • JohnnyAppleSeed

        My wife has this problem, D in one small C in the other. I still lick 'em tho

        • banananah

          ok, great you told us your story!

    • Jimmy

      Two sizes in one! Nothing wrong with that, ya get the perfect C with a fun packed D on the side!

    • JMB

      Most sets are

      • John

        Clearly these clowns haven't seen many real pairs in their lives.

        • Steph

          REAL boobs ARE lopsided. just like balls are.

          • KyleGamgee

            Yeah, my left one hangs quite a bit lower than my righty.

          • Slip

            Are you out your tree not like that

          • Big Poppa

            Mine aren't lopsided just casual.

    • Happy Canuk

      I still wouldn't kick her out of bed.

      • Slip

        I would kick her in the smaller boob just to induce swelling for symmetry.

    • Maca

      All pairs of boobies are… As are bollox

    • cdnop

      Doesn't matter…. saw bewbs

    • etcrrr

      My bf stan`s boobs are also lopsided.

    • Texan

      I think it's a wardrobe malfunction, or at least a misapplication of the two-sided sticky stuff some cavrone invented to hide nipples…

    • PinkMember

      Lopsided just mean they are real and finally a real woman

    • DeAnna Michelle Weppler

      They definitely look like it

    • nerfherder


      • Slip

        Ha you funny one

    • @McBeastie666

      so they are lopsided except for the pics where they clearly aren't. thanks.

    • Zach

      you can fit all the fucks I give about that in a thimble.

    • Fappity Fap Fap

      One bewb got first in my FAP contest this morning. The other one got third. Either way, i'm a winner!!

    • ChiveMaster

      That's how you know they are real. Real=Better

    • who cares

      They look "real" is what you mean. Real boobs, and for some (including myself) that is actually hotter than all the fake shit out there.

    • Slip

      One is a D and the other is a C this is definatley not an optical illussion. Chive you have been hoodwinked by a defective easterner.

    • Chris

      it's because her name is "wung hung lo"

      • jim


  • JimSedona

    they just don't look right…..

    • no doors

      do they look like breasts? Then they look right!

    • r00s7a

      because… they don't look like a penis?

    • Maynard B.

      a.k.a. One hung low.

    • who cares

      You've never seen boobs in real life have you?

  • GlobeSwatter

    Wow. She is gorgeous. Oh…and hiiiii!!!!

  • h0llygh0st

    Makes me wish I was a famous Starcraft player =/

    • kyle


    • Freaksngeeks


  • JimSedona

    They just don't look right….

    • Travis

      Why because they look real??

  • SteelhorseCowboy

    Love you long time….

  • That guy

    is it just me or does lefty a little heaver than its counterpart righty?

    • @Exile714

      It's because she was walking. Those things have a mind of their own… which I guess men should understand given our own anatomy's reputation.

    • northerner

      Well, I was thinking the same thing, her left breast looks larger and less attractive than her right breast. Maybe it's camera angles. Straight on shot it's not so pronounced. Lovely lady. Boobs a tad bigger than I prefer, but still nice.

  • nojoke420

    #17 The left one's bigger, but who cares?

    • Bender

      tha's okay most people are right handed

  • savagecabbage

    I'm sorry, she's hot an all but her titties are lob sided. it's weird. sometimes things are best left to the imagination but i wanna see them cans unleashed

    • Desi

      *Lopsided. I have no fucking idea what "lob sided" means.

      • savagecabbage

        uhh semantics. whatever douchebag, if you didn't know what it meant why did you correct the spelling? and also you enjoy balls in and around your mouth. and also because boobs… and they're lob sided. I don't say evasion, i say avoision. I love you Desi, you're so cool and awesome. can we chat online?? reply with a smiley face if that's a yes…..

        • chris

          u sound mad bro

        • Desi


    • Joe Q?


  • Mark Bernhard

    It's "donned a dress," not "dawned a dress." Maybe there were other mistakes too, but… boobs!

  • drbman

    #23 the reason I love women!!! all women!!

  • Wang Lo

    Too much plastic surgery, eyes, lips, breasts, chin, cheekbone, nose. It's not even a real person anymore.

    • Also not Dave

      I thought the breasts looked really natural. Not heaps perky, slightly different sizes, nicely pear shaped.

    • MOAR

      You're drunk.

    • pingas

      fuck off dirty chink

      • beaner

        you first stinkin goya bean spick

      • wdh

        hey! you missed a spot on my lawn you prick. now i have to call your dad to finish the job..

      • Mike Hawk

        Back to the border guanaco

    • A BiPolar Guy

      You are wrong on all counts… How could you possibly think those breasts are implants? Implants are too round, to gravity defying. That's how you can tell.

    • nope dont care

      dont care id still hit it

    • A Guy

      His trolling level is OVER 9000!!!!

  • JustTrollin

    #8 #17 #25 What the hell? Her left one is bigger than her right!

    • Sceptic

      I think it's just the perspective

      • truth

        perspective? no.. there is a large difference here. most women have some small variation, but this is huge

        • macs scumstache

          Today's racist comment by a chiver:

          this is gross, half of these kids look 18 years old, and the gross 40 year old chive staffers troll for pictures of young individuals to satisfy their pedophilic ideologies.

          i'm going to submit these to local law enforcement.

          chive please take these pictures down.

          lastly, why do we celebrate idiocy in higher education? only in America do we throw away money towards drinking and acting like idiots. no wonder why we lag. we need to focus on studying, and celebrating great thinkers. Most of these college kids get pay outs from the government in the form of loans, yet will turn their back on the government and call obama a n##gger. I've seen this on the chive.

          I have an idea ladies and gentleman. Put down the beer, grab a book and study.

          Chive please promote picture galleries celebrating great American thinkers, achievements in science, achievements in need blind admission at universities, cultural events at the college level

          and by the love of God, MORE BLACK PEOPLE

          Not a single mi nority in this post!

          • Bastard King

            The whole post was a minority. They showcase women of color all the time.

  • etcrr

    Looks pretty fantastic to me #27 Oh in Hye is OMG and she's not little known now

    • etcrrr

      I apologize for this retarded comment from this impostor.

    • Holy Shit WTF

      I'm kinda jealous you have these stalkers just begging for your dick. They make fake similar names so they can get your attention. Seriously just drop your balls in there mouth already. Also, Good Job At keeping calm and chiving on.

      • figleaf


      • notstan

        don't forget to log back in, stan

  • LukeTheTerrible

    I like her boobs, especially the way she is proud of them and willing to share. Beautiful lady.

  • Michael Marquez


    creeper much??

    • banananah

      go on and try not to stare. I dare you. I double dare you, motherf@cker!

      • Michael Marquez

        I can do so in the comfort of my house though…and only creep out my roomate and dog. That's better, right??

  • tdr

    Really … one red dress shot would have been enough.

    • Maca

      Agreed, it's OTT

      • bud

        shhh back to the kitchen with you ladies

  • Jim

    Why was she found she is average looking at best

    • Random

      I'm sorry, all I heard you say was "I love the cock".

    • wdh

      jim jim jim.. if you're not dating a super model, you fail at life. that is all..

      • Jim

        I've still banged hotter girls than that and continue to do so to this day, I guess you don't so your the failing at life. As for this woman's post it's almost as bad as cat Saturday which is just plain horrible.

        • CaptainInsano

          I feel like Jim set himself up to make the banging hot girls comment..

        • wdh

          im sorry, but no one believes you jim. pics ;]

        • who cares

          Sure you have Jim, you're the man! You bang all the hotties doncha?! Then you wash your hands and zip your pants up.

        • (totally not a dude)

          Yes. Jim bangs hot women. I am a hot woman. He had banged me many time. So good. Wow. Amazing. I'm totally not a dude and lying, by the way.

          • wdh

            nice try jim.. nice try

        • Mike Hawk

          Mom and sister doesn't count

    • who cares

      What do you think of her knees? I bet you think they are too sharp huh?

    • Vee

      Average girls can't be hot? I think the standard of what is hot hasn't been quite set as individual taste set the bar, what you find hot I might find completely repulsive. Just saying, your average might be my hot and your hot might be my average.

    • Lindseyblossom

      Jim… I am confident in the knowledge that you have never had, and will never have sex with a real woman. I am certain that you are in your mid-to-late forties and that you live with your mother. You are a disgusting example of a man who has such little self worth and respect for any individual, that you will pass judgement on others to make your pathetic and lonely life seem a little brighter. I fucking hate people like you.

  • DrMa7moud

    I love the way fashion is developing. … Hope all girls copy that

    • N0F4TCh1ck5

      Except the fat ones.

  • Affie187

    Most girls with natural breasts has one smaller than the other,check it out next time you get to play with some.

    • etcrrr

      Silly affie ,the chivers know nothing about touching a boob.

      • Oltimey

        yeah, we head straight for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    • fact

      this is true but she has a much larger difference than most…. also very saggy tits… not that great

      • MAGSGQ

        After 14 years of marriage (a wonderful wife) and a wonderful son – a tit's a tit to me.

      • A Guy

        Well the "fact" is that people aren't perfect. I'm sure that you have many imperfections. One, I know, is your brain. Another is you're probably 250 lbs. and live with your parents with expectations of the world to be perfect, even when you're not. Now, the boobs are gorgeous. When you're balls deep in her vagina, they'll be bouncing around everywhere and you won't give a fuck. You'd be more giddy than Hansel and Gretel in Willy Wonka's factory. Another thing is, boobs don't look like what you see in hentai. They sag a bit, so what? Majority of girls' boobs sag. Stop jerking it to Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 getting stuffed by a moogle and check out real life and how it really it.

    • Fred

      Affie187 – most dudes on here haven't had that chance. They don't know these things. Symmetry is very uncommon in woman.

    • echogeo

      I believe the term is known as fluctuating asymmetry. Nobody has eyes that line up equally, or nostrils, etc.
      Look in the mirror. One side is higher than the other. Same with tits. One is always slightly bigger, or hangs a tad lower. Google Keeley Hazell & see for yourself.
      In some people the facial asymmetry is more obvious than others.

      • Doug

        I am surprise most dude even mention this…this doesn't only apply to women… Most men have one that hangs lower than the other. Besides…boobs are boobs…I have to point out though…the dude next to her is very creepy looking.

      • kelso909

        nobody likes a smart ass. tits are tits. except fat girl tits. those are just plain nasty

        • supersniffy

          I used to work with a guy….his favourite expression was "My worst piece of a$$ was marvelous"!

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