Transportation around the Meteora Monasteries can get a bit dicey (5 Photos)

  • dashete

    #3 Zombie apocalypse, what zombie apocalypse?

    • etcrrr

      2 words – Flying Zombies.

  • Daniel

    Silly Greeks

    • Giorgos Boufetis

      more than you are?jackass

  • igor

    James bond begs to differ

    • Rocks Off

      For Your Eyes Only, I believe.

  • Rod

    I've been there, these photos don't do it justice!

    • Zoey

      I was also there, and agree; these photos don't really show a good representation of the NUMBER of monasteries up on the rocks like that.

  • Alex

    It was in the 007 movie For Your Eyes Only

  • etcrrr

    Perfect place for me, nobody can hear the screams. B)

  • etcrrr

    Am here now so you please handle the goat and fuck off.

    • kenfused

      LOL – etcrrr made up his own profile?

      • Kyle

        There should be a race to 0p

  • Big C

    THIS IS SPARTA!!! Ok, I couldn't resist.

    • AAWW Yeah

      You should have at least tried a little harder.

  • DaddyD

    Forever alone.

  • WhatFinals?

    #2 So how many people have died riding these things? that's all i'm asking.

    • @falcoMVAgusta

      None, ever!

    • Guest


  • wigs


    • Lisa

      Yes clearly, this transportation device has homosexual sex with other transportation devices.

  • Mr.Cellophane

    Obviously, OSHA doesn't exist there. No safety helmets or harnesses.

    • Suzannes1974

      Yet another reason I'd love to live there…

  • Timmer

    And how did they get up there to make the buildings in te first place?

    • SMT

      Thats what i was wondering

    • Adam


    • Slick_Nick


  • doc

    Clearly this is going to be where I go during the zombie apocolypse

  • Mr. Tea

    Elevators? where we're going, we don't need elevators!

  • @falcoMVAgusta

    And you will lose one of the most beautiful places in the world! Trust me, it's breathtaking!

  • AussieChivette

    How were they built?

    • NewZealand Chiver


      • Anathulia

        Wow.. you failed as a Grammar Nazi.

  • Master_Rahl

    #1 #2 #7 So… pulleys? A winch? People at either end of the ropes pulling you along? Not sure how the locomotion gets going, but I'm 100% sure that I would need fresh shorts by the time of my arrival. More power to those monks!

  • ChiTownChiver

    Hows bout NO!!! Not afraid of heights but f*$k that sh$t!

  • DubU2Death

    Were the materials flown in to make the buildings? Couldnt have just been brought in on those things.

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'll be adding "don't visit monastery" to my to-do list…

  • Landen

    Hell ya, i would ride that thing in a heartbeat!

  • Flip Wilson

    Say, can you give a brother a tug?

  • socalmarti

    Talk about faith!

  • Ckris Phoenix

    Im greek – i never gone there – i ll never get there – ill stay on the beaches-party-fun-girls

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