It's time to Choose your Weapon (27 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    #5 with unlimited ammo #26 for cooking and morale

  • whyme1973

    #25 The Kennedy is a formidable weapon, any way you cut it…but #26 Will bring men to their knees everywhere.

  • Kodos

    I don't need #24 to zero in on #26.. good God, who is she?

  • Muadieb

    The Jolly Roger F-14 from #10 would be pretty bad ass to fly around in… Also agree with the finding of #26 as she's pretty hot!

  • Franklin1138

    I'd have to say #26, hottie blonde, and #27, military working dog, are my weapons of choice. But it's worth saying that #9 kind of makes me think it's the great-great-great-great-great granddaddy of the SPARTAN laser from the Halo games.

  • ten80

    #9 Carl Gustov FTMFW!

  • GreenDawg58

    #26… Must HAVE MOAR!!!!!

  • BuckersAZ

    #26 is pretty hot but I think I'll take #25 in a battle

  • SjKim

    #1 has some great history and at $100 each why not?

  • DEZZA!

    Definitely would not choose to go to war in #18 big no,no! tended to explode on landingor the fuel dissolves your flesh should it leak!

  • H8FUL

    #26 MOAR!!!!!!!!!

  • coolaid

    #13 you re better than all shot me from my brain and you always nice girl.

  • Titrit

    that, its not my fault that most the mcs i know are white, its just where im from. All i know is i came across your comemnt saying to leave rap to black people. Maybe you should backtrack and make sure you remember everything you said correctly.

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