Behind the scenes on the set of the ‘Indiana Jones’ films (34 Photos)

  • BigFatal

    Docta Jones!!

    • Mo'Phat


      • bigdeal

        wtf do you mean junior? thats clearly shortround yelling for dokta jones.

  • DrotheP


  • chiver

    Those movies are classics, betcha indy would not approve mobile ads

    • malaka

      hopefully facebook doesn't buy the chive next

  • PenthouseTommy

    You call him Doctor Jones Chive! #5

  • echogeo

    #1 #2
    Ya gotta love 57yo Sean Connery playing 45yo Harrison Ford's Dad.

    • tv_paul

      You're talkin' Sean Connery here, He could have been his fifth kid by then in real life.

  • jake

    one of the best trilogy's ever!

    • MOAR

      Exactly. We do not speak of the 4th movie; It never happened.

      • DrFunkenstein

        Didn't see it, don't plan on it! Wish I did the same with Live Free or Die Hard (and Die Hard 2 for that matter)

        • thedude325

          Really? Die hard 2 was good. Live free or die hard…not so much.

      • Pete

        I don't think it was as bad as people expected it to be. Animated chipmunk, and monkeys aside, it was for all intents classic Indiana Jones… and certainly at least on a par with Temple of Doom (but in my opinion, exceeds it).

  • Dude Imbibes

    #13 #24 Is a badass

    • Underbaker

      So he is stapling his hat to his head? Get this guy a fight with Mick Foley! (Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love. for those that don't know).

      • Static

        Yes he actually stapled it to his head because it kept coming off during one of the scenes….total BADASS!

    • Master_Rahl

      #24 can't lose the hat, that's commitment!! Go INDY!

  • bob_the_cook

    #13 This is what male movies heroes are supposed to be. I feel bad for the "Twilight" generation

    • DanTheMan

      Twilight is a movie for little girls, No man in any generation looks at them as a male movie hero

      • That Guy 13

        You speak the truth!

  • Suzannes1974

    Great movies, every one of them! Indy is so awesome….and sexy, too!

    • Indy

      You're a whore.

      • Ryan

        I just spit my drink out reading that. Well done.

  • Ralph

    Someday I would love to take stills on movie sets. Step one would be move to Hollywood. KCCO

  • BostonRugger

    #30 Kali Ma… Kali Ma…


      Habum Shibai! Habum Shibai! Habum Shibai!

      • bigdeal

        stop frantically shouting! im trying to dig your heart out of your chest. ….bitch.

  • whyzkid


    • loka

      That person is an Indian actor who has been playing a villain's role in so many movies..he died a couple of years back..

  • Martin_McFly

    #21 My God this is one picnic I wish I could have been at..

  • GAChiver

    #7 E.T. is one of my all time favorites. Awesome movie.

  • hark1985

    #5 doctor jones dr jones

    • bigdeal

      docta jones! i love you! -burn with torch-

  • tv_paul

    #4 Hey, my mom where's that same hat !

    • Douche

      yeah nice army hat

    • jayc2640

      wears, moron

  • Anon

    #9 Dan Akroyd WTF??

    • chrisdg74

      Weber in Temple of Doom

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      He was at Shanghai airport at the beginning of the film, all of 20 seconds!

    • Jim D.

      Dan Akroyd is in TEMPLE OF DOOM in the beginning. He is the one who leads Indy on the AIRPLANE after the street chase with short round driving.

    • redpre

      It could be worse. It could have been Bill Murray.

      • Jawbone

        No shit. The frat boy worship around here gets fucking pathetic.

    • simtafa

      In the same scene with Dan Aykroyd, you can actually see Steven Spielberg, too. He's one of the missionaries. (Director cameo)(Source:IMDB)

  • etcrr

    Loved this Trilogy the traps, the strategy, great acting by a lot of people

    • Bill57

      i agree. The best part is when he says "i didn't kill my wife" and the jumps out of the dam.

  • ReadChristopher

    Waitasec. Ackroyd???

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  • M4jestic

    #30 friend you wouldn't like to have


    #19 Lady only there because she is humping director.

    • bigdeal

      i used to agree. but a friend explained that her ridiculous screaming and fit throwing is done because shes supposed to be like a chick out of a pulp fiction book. her screaming and sassiness is perfect.


        no it's true. She was blowin Spielberg. Watch the DVD extras instead of listening to your stupid friend.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #19 The film needed more of her screaming.

    • Kodos

      wished that Indy would have given Willie the same treatment as the guy with the sword in "Raiders"..

    • MonkeyMadness

      and moaning.

  • hwath


  • bwkisley

    where the humps at!?

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