Chivettes bored at work (54 Photos)

Are you bored at work? Kill some time and send your photo to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • Bored Medic

    #1 probably one of the hottest EMT I've seen!

  • Jack Reacher


    I think I'm in love

    • bdg

      Would love to help you wash off that dirt!!!!

  • Jay

    Best post ever!
    All u Chicettes, keep posting bored at work.
    Lovin it! This needs to b a perm weekly item Chiv!

  • Joepublic

    #43 you're joking right? Good thing you fill a quota I guess.

  • Scooter



  • William

    #10 The idea of working in fort mac gets better and better

    • ABChivette

      Someone needs to represent the place 🙂

  • Mr. Poland

    #42 Woohoo Sprint!

    That t-mobile chick has absolutely nothing on you 🙂

    • SprintChivette

      Thank you! 😀

  • Ken Kong

    #9 is my kind if gal.

  • BigRedEye


    Almost can not keep chewing my gum..

  • Texas

    #17 I need to order a pizza from ya

  • Smrtss1

    #43 I want to be arrested. FIND HER!!!

  • germ

    #42 I will go back to sprint for moar……..

  • Brian Kutys

    #19. I love u

  • lowoffer

    #23 adorable #44 dear god…

  • Brian Kutys

    #13 I demand moar!!!!


    #11#26 I am in love with you MOOOAAAARRR

  • Marko

    For all of you ladies at work, you are awesome. #11 you are gorgeous. # 19–What a doll! #32 Very pretty smile. #9…..Moar. Nuff said.

    • Marko

      messed up the tags. #19 you are up there too^^

  • Abe_Fromann

    #33 I am in love MOAR please!!!!!!!

  • Nixonz

    I love that #46 doesn't realize it, but she is stunning.

  • Scorpion

    #26 fantastic choice on backgrounds! i have the same one!!! moar please

  • Steve

    #5 Incredibly beautiful. MOAR!

  • Kaije


    MOTHER OF GOD — Gives me the urge to go get a steak…

  • @Thedude_1620

    #42 surfing chive on my sprint phone. Seeing where my money goes priceless

  • PSUhorty

    #9 and #32
    So cute… and with an awesome body. Keep rockin' it

  • Brer Bear

    John, you have to make #35 a COTW. By all thats Chive, you have to!

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