• Unfkngblvbl

    Not a baby…but that is determination right there.

    • LIJay

      What do you mean that's not a baby? I'm looking at him right there. It's a fucking baby.

      • r151

        Baby's can't feed themselves.

        • r151


    • Sjayu

      David Hasselhoff junior :p

    • Boogaboos

      That must be some goodass ice cream

    • manny

      You can do it kid!

    • Evan

      He's going to be a generous lover someday

  • oliver

    3 minutes? really chive? if you watch for 10 seconds that's enough to get the just of the video

    • http://twitter.com/RndmThtz @RndmThtz

      Perhaps if you got the gist of spelling & grammar you would have known to use the right word.

      • http://twitter.com/dafishex @dafishex


        Whenever you correct someone's grammar just remember that nobody likes you.

        • Boozer

          Need a comma in there methinks, pal o' mine.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Well then stop after 10 seconds if that's your choice. Is that so hard?. But Babies and Ice Cream are as American as apple pie., so why do you hate America?

  • ray

    that's pretty stupid. one this i hate is stupid babies.

    • You're dumb

      One this I hate?
      You're a stupid baby

      • not ray



      Stupid babies need the most love!

  • LIJay

    I wouldn't watch a 3 minute video to save my grandmas life, I'm sure as hell not doing it to see some kid eating an ice cream cone. Post up a 3 minute vid of Kate Upton doing…well, anything, and I'm game all day long.

  • etcrr

    Now that's dedication to icecream

  • Joe

    Parenting Fail!

    • guy

      How is this a parenting fail? I bet you don't have any kids.

      • DaveStinson316

        Joe was referring to his own parents, they never let him have ice cream, even today as he resides in their basement.

  • Dr. Fap

    That how I look after a long night of drinking.

    • Bud

      Ya, you could definitely see the same thing with a 25 year old asshole at 2:00am and a burrito

    • thedude325

      Or like a guy on heroin trying to eat icecream.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    If he don't eat it, I will!

  • gungagaloonga

    I'm sleepy now after the 3 minutes of that

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.dennison.9 Benjamin Dennison

    I feel like that on my last beer of the night

    • Beer Drinker

      I can totally relate to this!

  • Intensedebate1

    Reposting whores

  • noegod

    I can barely stand to watch my own kids with ice cream! Give me boobs!

  • Master_Rahl

    The kid is putting up Homer Simpson-esque effort by eating while sleeping. Homer would be proud.

  • Driver

    Thats what i look like when i eat pussy

    • Insnsprtn

      You must be really terrible at it.

  • Josh

    Best. Dream. EVER!

  • Rick

    It seems like a toddler but who cares he's tearing that shyt up in his sleep.

  • bewbz

    isn't that kid like 7? not sure how that's a baby

  • Mike

    Baby!? That kid is like 35!

  • http://www.facebook.com/corypoodle Coralie Ginette Colon Quiñones

    So adorable!

  • ryan bonline

    that is like me on my last beer of the evening.

  • Idius

    But I don't want to go to viddler.com! I want to stay HERE on theChive!

  • cartman

    Mmm. I can't possibly finish this whole cake. Uh, yes I can.

  • noIdonthavekids

    and everyone wonders why there's an issue with obesity. Maybe eating ice cream while sleeping, starting at a very young age, provides some clues.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      No the problem with obesity is that we have "nannies" like you telling everyone they have to be the same. Go
      go Nanny state! =/

  • Scarred

    The noises that baby was making will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

  • Jammy

    kids are awesome…Just another day of laughing at something ridiculous are kids have done…

    In all honesty soft serve ice cream has the same affect on me.

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