The most expensive materials on the planet (16 Photos)

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  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    Intresting …

  • dirtysteve99

    Checked out anitmatter on Wiki
    'According to CERN, it has cost a few hundred million Swiss Francs to produce about 1 billionth of a gram (the amount used so far for particle/antiparticle collisions).'

    Yikes! We'll never get the warp reactor online at this rate.

  • beerpie

    how much does unobtainium go for?

  • Anon

    LSD may be that price per gram but the amount for an effective dose is way lower than a gram.

  • pigeyez

    when coke goes to $215 a gram ill go back out on the corner

  • Justin J Kemler

    ummm, the prices are more because they are talking about the good stuff, not the stuff you are buying on the street.

  • dlbone

    F- this. I'm going to FLBP.

  • weeabro

    they mean pure cocaine… not the shit you get from a dealer

  • Avanue

    They are talking about pure cocaine, not the half crack meth you have been buying, but that is still too high.

  • Dickle

    #8 I'm sorry but the prices on ALL these drugs are way off. Maybe if they are 100% pure.
    I'll haven't ever lived in FL I guess. Haha

  • 100% Purity people!

    they are talking about 100% purity of these materials, people. they really are this much, pure coke is worth tons.

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  • CRP

    Lucentis, Wet AMD treatment, costs 4 million per gram

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