World championship sand sculpture event is no kiddie contest (43 Photos)

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  • Bert Macklin


    Insert boobs, receive motorboat

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #26 is entitled 'Motorboat'

  • Malicious



  • A.E.

    i now feel as if i have no talent what so ever

  • Underbaker

    #26 made me think "insert bewbs here".

  • StealinSouls

    Hey #22, You jacked up the Quote from James Dean. its Dream as if you'll live forever, but Live as if you'll die today. #jfs

  • Park

    Beautiful artwork. Must be kind of depressing putting all that time and energy into a sculpture that can't possibly last.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #4 Meanwhile, at the DR. office…

    So, I get the part about going to the beach, but tell me again how you got all these sand abrasions on your penis…

  • Kristen

    These are just amazing! So much talent!!

  • liter of cola

    dat ass

  • Shanayyy

    #27 all the way. But I think theyre all great

  • Bryan_W

    #4 Dat Sand ass

  • youcandobetter

    u could sculpt these on a beach with children running around and not in ur ez mode sand boxes. good jobs for a controlled environment.

    sorry, got a little sand in my vagina. why don't u appreciate the conditions in which sand exists!

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  • troy

    MAGNIFICENT I want one for my frony yard

  • dave-of-kyle

    what? no sandcastle/ win kid?

  • Dickle

    I wouldn't want to be the judge

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