World championship sand sculpture event is no kiddie contest (43 Photos)

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    #35 Jabba the hutt, rad!!!!

    • :).

      #4 Still would..

    • ;).

      #26 Free Mammograms

  • Amirite

    i have sand in my vagina

    • sophie

      can i lick it out

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    annnd #23 is INTENSE!!

    • Dave

      Just Trippy

  • viet

    If my phone wasnt so slow i would be first bitches

    • TonyM

      +1 for tellin' it as it is!

    • Nam

      If your mind wasn't so slow, you would have found something wittier to type.

      • Viet

        if you're mum wasn't so slow maybe she could have produced someone with a touch of intelligence who would have learned to spell, or even use a spell check, they teach you this in grade 1 you know ill have my 5 year old son tutor you if you would like…

        that is all

        • Dr. Fap

          Your sentence is what is known as a "run-on" sentence. Your grammar is horrible and there is an apostrophe in "i'll". In a sentence you spell out an number that is less than 100. Also, sentences do not end with multiple periods. Maybe you can use some tutoring from your five year old.

          Sorry to be the grammar police but you brought it on yourself.

          • Dr. Fap

            *Correction, "any number".

          • Viet

            damn you dr, you just schooled the f out of me…

            • Dr. Fap

              I like to troll the trolls. 🙂

        • black27696

          spell check.
          That is all.

  • etcrr

    The amount or artistic talent and attention to detail amazes me, in part because it is sand, which I presume makes it much more difficult to achieve the wanted results

    • Static

      they actually use a mix of water and glue to help it stick together (at least thats what i heard)

      i am lucky if my bucket shape stays together! lol

  • triplecap

    #4 MOAR!

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    #5…Both makin sure da jimmie is on! All of them are awesome!

  • Greg the Keg

    #1 this sandman has 6 testicles.. im impressed

  • Steve

    KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON, fellow chivers and chivetes

  • 2Dogs

    #25 SHUT UP HIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Girl

    what it felt like = metal pin art… '90 kids you know what i mean

    • mojo77

      at least all the hippies will be dead, since they dont beleive in corporations, such as the ones who produce gas masks!

    • Capt. Bo Jengles

      Lol NEVER OPEN YOUR EYES haha kudos thanks for the memory flash.

  • browncoat

    I have the overwhelming desire to just dive right into these.

  • Trav1121

    Holy shit! I find it difficult to wrap my brain around this gallery. Just the sheer dedication and patience to make these with such detail is astounding! Congratz to all of them.

  • insanely great

    Holy hell what a massively talented bunch of people, couldn't pick one favourite out of them all..

  • MonkeyMadness

    #6 #15 Did his hair on the left side have problems during the build?

    • sshhh

      chainsaw haircut?

  • Greyhead

    So who won?

  • Eric

    Geez, and I get excited whenever all the sand comes out of the bucket in one piece. Amazing work!

  • ProdigalSOB

    Lame. Show us some dogs instead.



    ill be dead by then so no worries…

  • Tom

    #5 kinda looks like love is sharing a BJ with your special someone

  • 11B68W

    All I can make in the sand are boobies.

  • Lulatsch

    #3 my expectation, everytime, I tried to build a great sandcastle!

  • R.Pgh

    #6 RUSTY!!!

  • whodey88

    #29 you show me where in washington state they have palm trees ……………

  • Liam_K

    I couldn't judge these, they are all flippin' sweet! Nice Post

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