• BabyFart Magizax

    Thanks chive for the black kcco shirts!!!

  • Mikey

    Now I want to go and give my mom a great big hug!!!

    • Skermitt

      Got me a little teary-eyed… damn you Chive!
      KCCO to all the mothers!

  • etcrr

    to all moms out there in chive land, happy mothers day

  • Anon

    Nice video. I expected to shut it off pretty quick but the interesting people and cool stories held me.

  • Fuck Kony.



    Guy at 1:18 and 1:21 made me laugh way more than I should have..

    • hurdurp

      You are not alone xD

  • Pants

    Bunch of feel good bullshit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.ordeneaux Jason Ordeneaux

    Once again classy post Chive!!!

  • Hannah

    That was a really sweet video 🙂 I know my mom doesn't Chive but THANK YOU MOM!

  • Jeremy

    Follow this link for black KCCO shirts. As of 8:00 am this morning, all sizes still available! http://www.thechivery.com/products/keep-calm-chiv

  • salad

    that guy burnt down a forest?

    • Chito

      That must be Josh.

  • ancientlegacy

    Thank you mom!
    You kept our worlds safe, made sure we had ginger ale and chicken noodle soup when we were sick.
    Made sure we made it to school no matter what, and loved us no matter what we did or what we said.

  • Jay

    Thank You Mom

  • JPPO

    Very nice video; sadly the only way I can thank my mom is with a prayer…

  • DeltaAlphaOscar

    I bought my mom a BFM shirt for mother's day.

    She won't "get it" but others will know of her awesomeness.

  • thom

    That was surprisingly dumb. How do you screw up a thank you to moms? Nothing funny about it.

    • arTee

      keep calm and chive, thom

  • wjaram

    Thank you mom for bailing me out of jail several times and teaching me that there are no serious consequences to pay as long as you have money..

  • Optimism!

    Thank you mom, for beating me into the wonderful person I am today.

    • OkGal

      Too true. My mom was a crazy abusive bitch, but it made me the person I am today. Thanks Mom!!

  • Sami

    d'aww, made me tear up a bit :3

  • http://www.facebook.com/don.creamer1 Draigh Creamer

    Thank you mom…for nothing…bitch!

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