6.2L of high-res Arrinera (19 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    Nice car #18 Sexy gorgeous woman

    • Frank M

      #18. Keeley Hazell

  • Androaz

    #12 that's one ugly interior

  • pope

    poles can't make cars

  • Tryn2bcnstrctv

    All due credit its better than i could do at this time. The back is kinda cool, if you could spend more time with the rest you might really have something. And stop looking at lambos for inspiration.

  • whyme1973

    #3 #11 #18 Sweet rides.

  • wtf

    Why would you buy something like that. Why not buy a real Lambo? If you can't afford the real thing don't buy a cheap imitation, buy something cheaper that still has a smidgen of originality.

  • todthebod

    Is this the Chinese copy of an Aventador?

  • Ray Pissed

    As a huge fan of the Lamborghini wedge shaped cars, I am shocked that nobody until now has stolen the shape until now.

  • DrFunkenstein

    Soooo they took a lambo and a veyron, then smushed them together?

  • Random guy

    Front = ok
    Back = good
    Side = bad
    Interior = bad
    Overall = meh

  • Dud Mac
  • capn spooky

    The interior looks like a Stryker. I kind of like it.

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