FLBP: The only cure for the Monday blues (42 Photos)

  • Matthew


    • Cuttajarr

      #6, Hinto Nip!

    • JarikCBol

      Nothing Wrong With That!

      • Sceptic

        I like them boobs

    • http://whatmovieshouldiwatch.wordpress.com/ mhuard5

      Ladies, it ain't all about them big ol' boobs. It's about yer insides……….also

  • brouffy

    you need to find every single one of these – Fuck me, I could have looked at these forever, but you know, I gotta eat and poop occasionally

    • Welcome

      They all can be found on the internet…

    • Chad

      Yeah find em bro, helluva good bewb post

    • ns_chiveon

      Chive and poop. That's what smart phones are really for

    • Brouff

      I know they are on the internudes, just easier to find here. And pooping and chivying with a smartphone is the way to go.

  • RealZoo

    Great post!! #2 #8 #9 #10 #16 #28 #36

    • RealZoo

      #28 #36

    • Chad

      Find them fo realzies

    • Tarkus

      Clearly, we're sharing the same brain – you highlighted all of my faves too 🙂

    • hollaballa

      #9 is a girl I went to high school with. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1541452227

      • arealcad

        Yeah, and I took her to the prom, and all I got was a handy

    • Underbaker

      You sir have made excellent choices of available mammarys for those that would fit the large and natural category. I salute you.

    • teh spraintz

      #8 even the beermat has flbp!

  • etcrr

    #2 Kate Upton hot stuff and #10 as close to perfect as women can get

    • Chad


    • miles.v

      #10 is mădălina diana ghenea

      • Habsy

        Her perfection only lie's in her cooking ability.

    • abcd

      #10 Madalina Ghenea

  • https://www.facebook.com/david.lawson.180625 David Lawson

    Dear Chive, Thanks for making my Mondays 10,000,000 better with FLBP ^_^

    • Simple Math

      42 pics x2 boobs = 84 times better

    • SuperDanMan4290

      Agreed with Dave….. So much Awesome!



    • asdf


      CHIVE just admityou cater to white people only.

      chive likes SEPARATE BUT EQUAL





      Chive staff, your interview was so fucking self righteous. Your website does nothing but perpetuate the notion that women need to be big boobed, blonde, and white. Inte grate more mino rities NOW. WE WANT ACTION.

      To the people who say, well isn't BET racist, why don't we have WET? FUCK YOU. WET IS CALLED THE REST OF TV. BLack people are marginalized for a reason by you fucks. It is not racist to have BET or inte gration. It is deserved. we live in a culture where white people dominate everything based on institutionalized racism, and the chive is guilty for that . just look at the user comments and see how racist they are, and chive does nothing.

      Chive you failed to mention in your "interview" that you ask users to solicit pictures of women against their will and "find" them. That is so fucking wrong.

      Do you even have mi norities on staff? PROBABLY NOT.


      Email me at chiveisracis t@gmai l.com OH WOW ANOTHER WHITE GIRL SURPRISE!

      • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

        ok i'm pretty sure you aren't a real person

  • Anonymous

    #1 #20 I had the same reaction when I looked at this gallery

  • Chunk Pants

    models & repeats?? Chivettes need to step it up a bit. Perhaps with push up bras?

    • Chad

      you know how I know your gay!

    • Clark

      Complaining about boobs is like being depressed while on vacation, sometimes you need to stop being prude.

    • Blob

      Push up bras are cheating.

      • ray

        but women should be "big boobed, blonde, and white".

      • j_rizzo

        If I was in your situation, I would make the choice to stop coming to this site. You have nobody to blame for your outrage but yourself. Also, integrate is not two words and you sound like a racist.

      • Shawn

        Oh look a spambot

      • Tmux

        Blah blah blah, fuck off!

    • dave

      Not enough chivettes

  • Drex

    #1 #20 I had the same reaction when I looked at this gallery

  • benjinho

    #6 my favorite! great post Chive

    • mullie

      That's british lass Lucy Pinder

      • Internet

        *lucy lu

        • Guest

          Definitely Lucy Pinder.

    • Chad

      Mother of god, find her

    • RicH

      The elusive nip slip

      • Guest

        Not so elusive anymore with her. She went years without showing them, but now is topless frequently.

        Absolutely gorgeous woman.

        • BRADTIMES

          she throws them about now…everyone and there dogs had a nipple slurp

  • Drex

    #1 #20 I had the same reaction when I looked at this post

    • Matt

      #20 – J-J-J-JWOW!
      (My wife glowers at me every time she hears that emanate from my laptop)

      • Guse

        Ah, Hanna Minx, how we guys everywhere love you.

        • carl

          I think she's annoying. I think all people who think they are anime characters are annoying.

          • justinmacumber

            She is annoying, but put her on mute and those bewbs gain new levels of awesome.

            • Metallifux

              I'd like her for xmas, just in case anyone is buying.

    • Don't Touch My Mum
      • Supermanz

        What's NSFW

      • Chasito Bandito

        ew dude

  • Esr0d

    FML! I was an ass man. Now thanks to you I'm a boobs and ass man.

    P.s. MOOOOOAAARRRR!!!! Of #30 and #42

    • Chad

      Will you marry me!?

    • Duke

      #30 is emma glover i think….

      • Jedidiah


  • Vince


    • Mac

      #30 Emma glover. Very heavy chest

  • The Bandit

    #1….was my reaction when I saw #5 #10 #16 #25

    • Swaggar

      Find #16

      • balticdave

        How can you be on the internet and not know Denise Milani?

        • Schof

          No kidding!

      • Renegade

        No way that's Denise Milani. not a chance

    • Come At Me Bro

      Definately #25

  • El_Pirate

    #21 Should show up around this site more often. Just sayin.

    • The internet


    • balticdave

      Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

      • whos.mike

        I'd hit it in a second… Do you think he comic book DOUBLE F refers to her breasts?

    • Calder27

      Well, she was at ComicCon in Ottawa on the weekend. Nice Girl to talk with!

    • Amature Historian

      Didn't the Chive want to make her Chivette of the week before, but the chivers shot the idea down because she wasn't au naturale?

    • mucibert

      search about marie-claude bourbonnais, she's from quebec City in Canada!

    • Vent187

      She needs to grow her damn hair out.

  • Kodos

    I could look into those eyes for hours.
    I'd have to while motorboating.

    • dr. acula

      What eyes?

  • Jack_LeMac

    #4 That's a great angle for your boobs; that arm, though…

  • edslerson

    #21 huzzah

  • Trav1121

    #4, #13, #15, #17, and #21 just made a huge and glorious impression on me. FLBP is BACK and it is more problemy than ever! Wonderful gallery!

    • Chad

      You know how I know you're gay?

  • Bink

    Not tagging any of them because they are all worth you just scrolling back up to the top and restarting.

    • Franklin1138

      You got that right. Best FLBP post in weeks. #9? Oh. God. Damn.

  • If you said so...

    #27 kinda kills the mood.

    • Chad

      Word up bro

      • word down bro

        you're a knob gobbling turd tunneling douche.

        • Chad


          • SirSpellsAlot

            It's you're, now get back to trolling

            • videologic

              I believe its spelt 'yarr'

    • carl

      oh man, i laughed so hard when i read your comment. she looks like the type who always wears a pair of Dockers and jogging shoes because that is what is "sensible".

    • bob

      she's the type of girl who you refer to as a "partner" and not "wife".

    • roger

      I would describe her as "handsome". Her name is probably "Jill" or "Jane" or "Kate".

      • GapGirl

        and what's wrong with the name Kate?

        • Your Name

          You misspelled "Gape"

      • charlie

        I'll give you Kate, but not "Katie." I'm guessing her name is "Elizabeth" although there's a 66% chance it's Jessica.

    • phil

      she's the type of woman who would tell you when she has diarrhea.

      • JAFitC

        Better that she tell you than that you find out in a ifferent manner. Just sayin.

  • Rollout25

    #21 I like implants…let the arguments begin!

    • Timmy

      Sir, your agrument is valid.

    • JOHN

      to fuck, and fuck alone. pass on relationship.

    • http://www.facebook.com/crookedhalo999 Mark P Constable

      Depends on how they look. I've seen some that look phenomenal and fapworthy, seen some that look like someone glued flesh coloured balloons on their chest with the knot facing out.

    • boobfan

      As long as they still work I think they are lovely

    • Rubberbandman

      Big, fake tits rule!

  • Iam_Davey

    I want to go to hell.

    • Chad

      If you kill yourself, that's a ticket to hell according to believers. Don't be a pussy and cut your wrists though. Find a tall building or some good rope Davey. Best of luck bro

      • Daith_Lee

        Thats old school catholic, holmes….not exactly true.

        • Joe

          As a Chiver and Believer, you are wrong, Daith is correct.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      this girl is annoyinger than one might expect

      • phil

        oh jesus effing christ. i stopped it halfway through. if i had continued watching my computer would probably be out the window.

        • James

          Mute the sound its not so bad 🙂

        • GomerPyle

          I only made it 24 seconds.

          • Kopach

            You must be a constant dissapointment to your girlfriend.

      • LiT

        annoyinger, I annyoing, you annoying, more then annoying= annoyingerer

      • Dman

        holy fuck! either get naked or shut the Fu$k up

  • Hans

    #6, #10, #16, #25, #37 and #39 win. Game over.

    • Swaggar

      Find #6 & #16

    • anna

      nip on # 6

      • elric619

        #6 is Lucy Pinder. Google NSFW

    • Poo


  • Slim Jim

    would take #35 over #2 any day.

    • Seabass

      Kate Upton is hot…until she opens her mouth!

  • Web2992

    crazy eyes. and not the good kind…. #34 #40

    • yeah. that kind.

      the "I'm gonna become friends with your mom and stab you in your fucking sleep" kind.

    • Wooh

      #22 #31 #34 #40 Sweet Jesus, thanks my hand is now tired.

      • Po Dee

        #34 Emily Addison? nsfw if it is

        • nnn

          madison ivy.. your welcome

          • Jedidah

            ERRRR! WRONG!

    • pafshien

      what eyes?

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