• https://www.facebook.com/kirk.schuman Kirk Schuman

    Anyone know why I can't get these videos to play in Firefox? I have to load up Chrome to view them

    • @lackofabetter

      Not sure, I use Firefox as well and they work fine. Maybe just an update or addon youre missing

      • The_Dood

        Worked fine in Firefox for me also.

    • someone

      get a flash update …

      • Underbaker

        What someone said. The video box requires Flash Player. If you installed FireFox after you originally installed Flash then you need to reinstall Flash so it can update Firefox.

    • Chiver

      Make sure plugins are up to date.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Stick to IE, it just works… Right John? ❤ 😉

      – Fan testimonial: "well it is ONLY the best site in the whole world. It has all you need and Paula too 😉 – insanely great"

    • Chris

      Try playing it in full screen. Mine does a green screen on firefox for some reason unless its in full screen mode.

      • someone

        update flash

  • vinz

    kill it! kill it with fire!

    • K to the C

      what is wrong with you?!?!?

    • Billy


    • http://www.facebook.com/christelelaineplatt Christel Platt

      Kill YOU, Kill YOU WITH FIRE!!

  • Alex

    So does he keep it forever?

    • asdasd

      More like, for the 3-5 years it lasts.
      At most unfortunately, because it's cute as fucking hell!!

  • KMAC173

    Update your firefox? I have not problem with it and firefox is all I use.

  • @lackofabetter

    Oh noooooooo Feelings!!! Argh! Very sweet. Gonna go watch some monster trucks and have 3 twinkies for lunch

  • Gursh


  • a-nom


  • miss lisa

    Pretty dang cute indeed! Takes a really awesome dude to care for an animal so sweetly. 🙂

    • https://www.facebook.com/Buffy8888 Inna Kuliyev

      I'm in love with this guy for having patience and heart to take care of something so precious.

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    He got a hummer.

    • oqsig99

      you mean "some girl needs to give him one for this".

  • mdexter_6666

    aww cute!

  • Matt

    have you ever seen an adult hummingbird? Very small.

  • Corky

    Best viewed on MUTE

  • theGoose


  • tv_paul

    Great job saving/raising the injured bird. On a side note: with this video and story I bet he gets a lot of "Tail" and I don't mean the Humming bird variety.

    • AmBush_Steve

      You're not wrong if Miss Lisa's comment above is any indication.

  • Dusty

    I wonder if life would have more common things such as this if we wernt so caught up in all the bs out there.

  • HoustonChiver

    Wicked awesome. I want one

  • NcouthYouth

    I think "baby" is the key word in the title.

  • Do0zer

    What part of "Baby Hummingbird" didn't you understand exactly?

    • not shitfaced

      Hate these asshats that delete posts because they are getting ripped. Take it like a man. FYI he asked why this bird was so small.

      • Yan

        I think it's a bee hummingbird, the adults are that size. A baby one would just look like a shrivelled ear lobe with a beak.

  • Jay

    This was great. I just had a hummingbird outside the window for a while earlier. Amazing little creatures.

    • CaptainInsano

      Yep good eaten

  • Justin Gayackett

    Where is the fly swatter when you need it!

    • rob

      up your ass like everything else lol

      • Al bondigas

        Thank you Rob, just what I was thinking

    • http://www.facebook.com/christelelaineplatt Christel Platt

      wheres a gun when you need one…or maybe someone like you is so fucking stupid you will end your own life, eww lets hope so!

  • Kells Bells

    Oh hell…my ovaries just quivered. Too cute!

    • amrith777

      Mine quivered as well…and the bird's also cute,too,LOL!!

    • Dave

      You might want to see a Dr. about that

  • Token Black Chiver

    Soon to be a Disney Pixar movie… copyright Walt Disney & Pixar Animation studios. All right reserved

  • Megan

    He needs a haircut…. but what he did was great and it's amazing that the bird survived.

  • etcrr

    That's good, faith in humanity restored

  • Ham

    Cool story bro……could have done without the John Gayer music.

    • sam

      Jack Johnson

      • mia


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