• BabyFart Magizax

    I ❤ keyboard cat!!

    • How You Livin

      Why do you have to be such a hater, the dog is doing awesome on a whole nother level.

      • Liam_K

        what's nother mean?

  • justabill

    If true, it's amazing. But the fact that the person is only half in frame makes me wonder if there's some sort of signalling going on here.

    • iamonlyabill

      Are you sitting here on capitol hill?

    • JoJo

      Looks like the person leans ever time sheplays a note. Seems like the dog could just move over a little when the person moves there body.

      • Tim

        The person is prompting him for which key to hit. Before he actually hits a key, she will lean one way or the other to move him further. The pitch of the note may give him the general area where he needs to be, but the human is the one telling him which key to press.

        It looks cool, though.

    • jmiker

      May be. But for that dog to hit almost every key (I didn't watch *all* of it), that alone is pretty amazing.

  • me...BN!!!

    Nope!!! WeGo is still the top DOG!!!!

  • passwordistaco

    Annoying either way, don't care if legit.

    • No Hipsters

      So pretty much every dick wad hipster on Chive loves cats and hates dogs. Yes you, Dick Wad Hipster.

      • passwordistaco

        Whoa there fucktard, Just because I don't like this video I'm a what??? For the record I'll take hipster over "internet badass" any day.

  • craig

    Insane… he's better than me at piano.

  • common sense

    FAKE! the dog just folow where the girl looks

    • chris the medic

      Still pretty impressive even if that is the case

    • Cantaloupe

      Of the 20 keys, he manages to guess which one she's looking at? Really, this is your theory?

      • Tim

        The woman is leaning and turning her head when he finds the wrong key. The second time she plays a low note is where it's most obvious (1:08). He even is about to press the key, and she quickly prompts him to move one more note up by moving her head to the left.

        It's still very impressive that he's able to follow that well.

  • common sense

    FAKE! the dog jus follows where the girl looks

  • Yankeesji

    How can you not love dogs? Awesome.

  • AtlChiver

    Lame. I'm a dog person for sure, but keyboard cat wins here.

  • Moon unit

    Weirdest keyboard ever – each individual key plays multiple tones…

  • Kenbart

    Ya, but can he play the wiggles theme with only armpit farts and slide whistles?

  • organix85

    Yea, but can he fetch a beer?

  • Ballen

    Awesome. He's right handed too

  • Bronor K

    <img src="http://www.allstaffitness.com/funny/cat.jpg">the dog that's a genius, my dog answers to the name of Blackie. <img src="http://www.allstaffitness.com/funny1/dog.jpg"&gt;

  • Corky

    Seems legit….

  • Duber

    If its real than this is fucking awesome. If its fake than shame on them. I wish we didn't have to scratch our heads about a video that is fascinating being legitimate or not.

  • ddd

    Can he not play low notes for fuck sakes

  • Dr_Fap

    There is definitely some editing done, but very impressive either way.

    • Dan

      It's 2012; everyone edits every video ever posted anywhere.

      • Dr_Fap

        Your observation is as astute as mine.

  • David

    Its easy when you dunk her puppies whenever she gets one wrong.

  • o_0

    the piano is nice the recorder hurts my effing ears!

  • http://thechive.com/ PagingDrDickey

    this is what happens when the Germans can't have an army

  • etcrr

    Down right freakin amazing, what a smart dog

    • windowlicker

      And what a dumb comment.

  • The_Dood

    Did this give anyone else flashbacks of the dial-up modem at the beginning?

  • GeeGonkey!

    Man, that dog can't play for shit!

  • Eezo

    As a musician and if it's not fake, my mind is truly blown!

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