Construction isn’t always well thought out (40 Photos)

  • jhento


    • hud

      photoshop. most of these.

  • Fatrick

    Let's see an update on Fatty (patty). How much weight has that dumb tub of lard lost?

    • Real

      That's a good point. What's up with that idiot.

    • Wordpress

      I forgot about that whale. How much weight has he lost?

    • Trevor

      Isn't that the guy who keeps screwing up the t-shirt orders? I remember my first job.

    • ttyl hef

      more importantly wasn't LG or some other hottie going to send pictures of herself in progressing states of undress as he lost weight?

      I for one would like to encourage him and hope that he has lost 200lbs so we can see LG nekkid

    • pile on

      Yeah, what's up with that sack of shit? Giant turd. Fuck face.

    • Panigale

      He is fatter.

  • B!!!

    #16 Thats PUNK!

    • @jrkuy

      That's called Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO) this one does not belong.

      • Cgreen

        ^agreed, thats actually a pretty smart idea

        • Oltimey

          Its a standard practice for anyone who has ever worked in a factory or with heavy equipment.

          • JarikCBol

            Yup. This one is a legit thing. Most of the others are the result of bizarre remodel projects….

      • Dustin

        It's not a LOTO it's a gate lock system where there is a need for more than one lock, such as an oil lease, you unlock your lock and there is a pin that slides up through the hole allowing the gate to open

        • Adam

          Agree, it's a gate lock. Have one at radio/cell tower site.

        • C-LOS

          Yup. See em everyday.

    • QTheLibertine

      Thank god I am not the only one who knows what this is.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #25 what the hell?!? How do you even use it without running into it!?!

    • The2nd

      its simple, photoshop

  • GFj

    what's wrong is a cemetary playground #20

    • Maxime

      Take a look at the slide…

  • NOLA

    #1 works! and less plumbing to run! bravo!

  • craigmarchphotography

    #16 looks more like a european tradition rather than a construction mistake. When couples get married they put a lock together on a bridge or other permanent fixture and then throw away the key. I did this with my wife while in Russia.

    • Alabama Black Snake

      You should've gone for mail-order.

    • Mrs_Conejo

      looks like it is a multi-lock for a gate. multiple keys, one access.

      • peter

        Yes – fairly common in areas (like a large oil field lease) that require that different groups have access. You unlock your lock then swivel the disc to allow the latch mechanism to move up through the hole were your lock was.

  • 007

    Meanwhile in Russia… they build like shit.

  • ayoitsdk

    #16 Do you wanna play a game?

    • You're Pretty Dumb

      *want to

  • Static

    just want to vent.. I just got my BFM shirt. what a piece of shit! the material is total crap. this sucks. took soo long to get one and i find out that it might as well be made of paper! i could buy a hanes t-shirt thats made better than this. not even worth $5. I have to pay to return it too! c'mon chive whoever you buy your blank t's from…. FIND A NEW SOURCE.

    • 29er

      Way to be grateful. Ass.

      • Static

        grateful? for what? getting ripped off? $28 for a shirt that is made of kleenex?? I CAN SEE THROUGH IT!!!

        • johnny

          go buy a hanes then you tard…. the shirt is just fine for the rest of us

        • Acesevens

          Look big picture Static , it is algebraic equation
          thin shirts + burn your bra Thursday = happy chivers

        • 29er

          How big are you that the shirt stretches so thin?!

          • Static

            dude i wear i size 32 pants… its not stretched! i can hold it up and see through it.

            • 29er

              So when you wear them as pants, they don't stretch, but when you wear it as a shirt it does?

              • Static

                LMAO… no. If i wore them as pants, the neck hole wouldnt be big enough to fit my crank through.

              • Ryan

                That was awesome 29er. Thanks for laugh sir or miss.

    • BFM

      Cool story bro. KCCO!

      • Static

        lol im TRYING to KCCO… REALLY i am… i just feel so ripped off.

    • Syd

      what size is it. would gladly buy it off you. haha

    • B!!!

      My military KCCO is nice. Sounds like you could use a whaaamburger with some frenchcries!

      • Always Last

        The military ones are a different material than the KCCO, BFM, DAR, etc. They are thin.

    • Static

      why is that im an ass, ungrateful, and a complainer if i feel like i was ripped off? if the chive GAVE me the shirt – there would be no complaints. I paid for it though…. and expecting a nice quality shirt from a site like the chive should have been a given.

      • Dr_Fap

        I think you are getting ridiculed because you are acting like a crybaby. If you have an issue with the shirt email them, don't flame on the posts.

        • Static

          how am i acting like a crybaby? because i bought something and i feel the quality is sub par?
          just disappointed and venting.

          • The Cock

            Venting = crybaby.

    • John Zoidberg

      Disagree – own a BFM shirt and quality is really good. It is a thin material but printed on a high quality blank.

      I suggest to OP that you take your 28$ and go to walmart and buy yourself some XL garbage bags for your new wardrobe.

      • My2Cents

        Mine is freaking comfortable and they fit great!

      • Static

        xl.. lol. why is it that people assume im fat?

        • figleaf

          Pix or it didn't happen

          • bzazz


    • Vince-Kristin Aleman

      Shit if you don't want it send it to a chiver who does?

      • Syd

        I said I'd buy it off him depending on the size..

    • Brian


      Did you get yours from the Chivery, or go instead with one of these knock offs?

      I've had my BFM for a year and it still looks / feels great.

      • Static

        yes… from the chive.

        • (.Y.)

          Sell it on ebay, you can get around $150 for it.

    • Lance

      Vintage tees man, they rock. I, along with most of the world, pay extra for this material. I am not assuming that you are overweight, I am assuming that you are pushing 70 years old. This is the same thing my dad says when I pay $50 for a tee made of that material.

      • Static

        lol 70. paying more money for less material.. that makes sense to me. Just like buying jeans with holes already in them they cost MORE than jeans that will last 10x longer. . I have a captain morgan shirt that i got free at a bar thats better quality – and glows in the dark! rant over… im just going to KCCO and put it on ebay

        • 0CanadianBacon0

          By ranting you did not KCCO. Could have just sent it back and asked for a refund. Just saying.

        • ChestRockwell

          Lol. You like a captain morgan shirt that glows in the dark better than a BFM vintage? Have you always liked Nascar or does that come after your move into the trailer park?

    • bzazz

      I don't know what the issue with your shirt is but I lovedmine, really soft and doesn't shrink which is a real problem with other shirts.

      • Tom

        I agree with bzazz. It's probably one of the comfortable shirts I own. And its a light weight material, which I would say is perfect now that the weather's becoming warmer.

    • Bob

      Good for you, you chump. At least try and be grateful that you got one. Have missed KCCO/BFM sales all year – still Keeping Calm and Chiving On from Oz.

    • noegod

      And I thought I was being a whinny bitch for missing out on the sales of the tees! At least, keep the complaints to yourself! Be a man and return to shirt if you're unsatisfied! Ranting on the comments to the rest of us who would kill for one is like trying to give a pyromaniac a fire safety lesson!!! You give Chivers a bad name! In fact, we ought to revoke your Chiver status! Think about that and put on the damn shirt!

  • Brent

    #18 come on you should've used duct tape

    • Dude

      it's actually used to check if the crack is getting bigger.

  • 29er

    #18 I don't see anything wrong with this fix.

  • johnny

    #5 looks legit….

  • ElDiablo69

    WTF are some people thinking? I mean really WTF!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    What? No problem, Why?

  • Dr_Fap

    #10 Is actually pretty sweet.

    • Turrebo

      It is. For a one-way elevator (going dooooooown!).

  • electric boogalo

    #12 What? It's just the handicap slide.

    • Frédéric Purenne

      You got it backwards, it's a slide that makes you a handicap…

  • Tom

    #21 "No stairway, bummer"

  • Beast

    #28 makes me smile 🙂

    • organix85

      I question the validity of this. How could you be dumb enough to do that? …especially when I'm sure no dimensions were provided for the diameter of those holes.

      • BCchiver

        I agree. They're just coring a hole through the floor for a pipe or whatever, and someone noticed "hey, that looks a lot like the balloon on our drawing!". A coincidence, I think.

    • Big_Curt

      If I saw one of my subs do this I dont even think I could be mad

    • Hammer

      Perfectly legitimate way I make an opening in a concrete slab that thick. I've seen subs do it this way many times. BUT the caption still makes it funny.

    • Jacky

      This is one COMMON way to make a square hole in a concrete floor with a drill.
      The other way is the use of an diamant saw, witch gives a straight edge.

  • Eastwood

    #24 is the worst door i've ever seen.

    • Holly Nixon

      It looks like it belongs in a Tim Burton film.

  • jhoratio

    #29 Sorry, but that contractor is just dumb as hell.

    • jhoratio

      #28 Apparently so am I

    • jimwood

      It's certainly an architect or civil engineer that made that call… The contractor just installed per plans I'm sure. So it's the designer that's dumb as hell.

  • Alex Baker

    #34 looks straight out of my Aladdin Super nintendo game

  • reaperMEDIC

    #16 Lock out tag out maybe? It's a safety feature to prevent whatever that is from being turned on, and killing all those poor bastards that have a pad lock on it. It's something we use in the fire service as well.

    • RMJ

      That's what i was thinking

    • guest

      I agree. As industrial as the surroundings are this is probably a lock out tag out station in a factory setting

    • Kristina

      My first thought too, but no tags! If it's LO/TO, it's done wrong.

    • jimwood

      It's not lock out tag out. It's a gate. After a lock is removed, the latch will slide up through the lock hole. Allows for multiple locks at a single entry point.

  • Juggallo


    This is actually really smart… its a gate lock for a ranch that allows multiple different people entrance with different locks. Ie. all your different well operators can have access without you making 100's of copies to the land owner key. Then each of the operators is responsible for their lock/access

    • Adolph Oliver Busch

      Thank you to someone who has apparently spent some time in the oil field (most likely west Texas). I consider this a great modern invention!

  • carpenter

    Did some one say non-union??

    • The_Dood

      You have to be kidding. I don't know, maybe unions elsewhere are different, but the ones around here are only good for increasing project costs, decreasing efficiency and quality, and just being generally a pain in the ass to deal with. Unions were a great idea when they were created, but they've outlived their usefulness.

      • Exactly

        Thank you.

      • bob

        amen, dood.

    • QTheLibertine

      With out a doubt.

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