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  • Shawn

    #19 REALLY a Hi Point?

    • thedroh

      Left Handed?

  • whyme1973

    #5 Bless you for sharing your support with us. Please feel free to keep supporting him in this manner.
    #19 Very cute. Send Moar!
    #28 Damn that's fine as hell!
    #37 Get some Ms. Croft.

  • whyme1973

    #1 Can I find that scope on a discount rack somewhere? Would love to have, just would hate to even see the price tag.

    • http://twitter.com/Dishwater @Dishwater

      why is he staring straight in to the sun with that what appears to be a big honking Night vision scope? But being as I am sitting in an arm chair atm don't have much standing to say anything of note

  • etcrr

    #16 looks like a Korean War Paint Scheme

  • etcrr

    Thank You to the Armed Forces Service Personnel for defending our country

  • AR-10
  • Sebastian

    #41 epic

  • http://www.apparelcandy.com/ Carolynn

    Bless you for sharing your support with us. Please feel free to keep supporting him in this manner.

  • Ranger4513

    #22 more like LT man tits….

    • Travis Hanna

      Dear power ranger4513,
      How about showing some respect for our armed forces. He may have some tit action going on, but at least he's not vagina hiding away in his mom's basement trolling American Heroes behind an Xbox gamer tag. Tell ya what, you stick to fighting the computer generated badguys in a pathetic attempt to emulate these guys. Just remember tonight when your sucking on your mama's titty tonight before you go to bed, these guys are actually risking their lives protecting Freedom, away from their loved ones, not knowing if they'll ever see them again.


  • Muadieb

    #29 Not sure what the joke was but I'd like some Miss Indiana… Also, #37

  • Zmarrs

    #43 Isn't Military. He's one of those guys that go around in US military uniforms but were afraid to actually join. He's wearing a Gadsen Navy Jack patch.

  • Zmarrs

    same goes for pic #42

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