The people he helped honor one of the greatest men who ever lived (Video)

As World War II was brewing in Europe, one man, Sir Nicholas Winton, worked in secret to sneak 669 children out of German-occupied Czechoslovakia to safety in England. Years later, his wife was going through the attic and discovered the documents detailing her husbands heroism and sent them to the BBC. They then organized this event to honor one of the greatest, humblest, and most inspirational men who’s ever been born. Sir Nicholas Winton.

  • rick

    You did it again chive…

    • Jed

      I don't always shed tears in the morning but when I do it's because of things like this.

    • PdxChiver

      Hear come the man tears.

  • Derek Lutz

    And this generation has.. Snooki.

    • Jake

      yes we do have attention whores like her, but in the future we will give recognition to those who have helped the fearful and defenseless escape from harm… its really a shame how snooki is famous for being an idiot while heroes are so soon forgotten

  • Whiskey_Drinker

    Through my screen, I could actually smell the same onions that were making his eyes water. They got me the same way.

    I love the way he stood up and turned around. A truly touching moment.

  • Adam

    And what have I done with my life so far? Must get up and do something.

  • WWII Child Survivors Honor their Savior, Sir Nicholas Winton « Motley News and Photos

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  • etcrr

    Wow do I feel insignificant, He is an amaziing man

    • yup

      that's becasue you are a piece of shit…he on the other hand is a hero

  • ???

    gotta say it…. damn ninjas cutting onions

  • Web2992

    Shit… how is it I get something in my eye every time y'all post one of these videos???

  • Scott

    That man is awesome beyond all reason. He is my hero

  • WWWin

    Dusty. So very dusty. Onion dust…

  • DChiver

    To do something so remarkable and yet keep it to himself, not even share it with his wife… WOW!!!!
    No one is cutting onions near me and no I have nothing in my eye, I am a man and I am crying. I am crying because in this world there still people like him and its something that makes me so intensely, happy.

    • Old Man

      F+++ you – now my eyes are watering….

    • PhilG

      I can imagine him reading the paper and drinking tea one morning as his wife enters the room inquiring about a big dusty book she found in the attic… "Oh that? Yeah.. some odd years ago I secretly rescued over 600 children from German occupied Czechoslovakia… Could you please pass me the sugar?"

  • English_Rob

    The world would be a much better place with more people like him.

  • Oregon_country

    I hope one day im 1/100th of the man he is.

  • humantyphoon713

    i almost cried when he looked to his left, but i couldn't hold tears back when they all stood up ToT

  • Jeff

    Stupid ninjas…. stop cutting onions…

  • dochandy

    that is seriously one of the most moving videos i have ever seen. now if you'll excuse me, i have something in my eye.


    Sent me on a few wiki tangents

  • WhyVess
  • Marshal

    Chive…stop making me all teary eyed at work!!

  • dangermavis

    Extraordinary story. Sadly in this day and age (yes, with the aforementioned Snooki) he'd be charged with human trafficking, treason and all sorts of immigration law violations. Probably a sexual assault too for good measure. Our kids no longer have heroes of this calibre to look up to…

    • tmach81

      I have to agree, someone somewhere would find a way to make him out to be a monster, if this was a story of today.

  • Squwilf

    That is what i call a "real" knight.

  • thurst306

    Faith in humanity restored.

  • Atom819

    This is great. Love these WW2 stories

  • Jennie Krueger

    Damn my allergies!

  • Garvey

    He is much more well known in Europe. That clip was on a BBC show in 1988 just a few months after his wife found the paperwork in their attic. NW is still alive. I think he is 103 now. Who says the good die young? Saw him being interviewed about 2 years ago and he was still sharp. This pic is him last year at 102yo at the opening of an exhibition in London. <,img,src,=,";,>

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