Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

Do you have so many cat questions? Jason David Shapiro is a cat expert. He holds multiple degrees in cat psychology, send him your cat questions and photos of your cat on twitter here.
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  • Andy Valentine

    #4 – Every. Morning.

    • Woop

      So true. So true

      • Harold the Pig

        Da sunz iz up, You feed now.

    • Paula_

      That is not the kind of pussy I want this close in the morning…

      – Fan testimonial: "I wish I could give you 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up for that Paula. You gave me a good laugh 😀 – MissChris"
      – I sense… an administrator approaching from the East

      • sploodge

        but the only kind you can get

    • Amod Munga


  • sithney

    #6 "Hello, Ladies."

    • The Occupant

      Look at your cat, now back at me.
      Now back at your cat,
      Now back to me
      Sadly, they aren't me,
      But if you kept calm and chived on, you could look at me

  • brian

    i dont care for cat saturday. please replace with pussy.

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Brian, you're comment is plain stupid.

      • Imzkid


        • G.Nazi


          • Yoga Pants 2012

            God damn it! I'm a Grammar Nazi too. What have I done!!

    • Trav1121

      I was talking to all the cats here and they all agreed on one statement: 'Shut up, brian!' Actually they said 'meowmeowmeow'. I just translated it for them.

      • G.I.joe

        Just how the hell did you get 113p in this amazing site with such lame comments?

        • Trav1121

          They can't all be gold! 🙂 The shitty ones just appear when I am REALLY tired. I'll try harder next time. Haha KCCO, Joe.

          • Habsy

            Forever alone

          • Yoga Pants 2012

            Not gonna lie, tha meow meow meow you tube comment is probably the best I've ever seen…

    • DaUndeadDodo

      I don't care for your comments. Replace with intelligence. Or, you know. Nice things to say.

    • mcfadinj

      I've never understood the will-power of some people. I don't know what I would do if I was stuck clicking on links I knew I'd hate. Probably leave this world in a hurry.

    • Tom

      Dude, you just got 26 pictures of pussies, so shut up!

    • Snugs23

      Then don't look at the pictures, pretty simple!

    • Stormageddon

      I like Caturday but pussy is better.

    • Vent187

      You are a douche

    • lavmdmv

      donrt be a fucking hater

    • kurtis.g

      if you want pussy go to a porn site you idiot, I love the chive but I hate the direction its headed with assholes like you on here everyday.

      • turner

        go fuck yourself kurt

      • brian

        kurt and all the other peolpe, i love this site too. i just think the cat thing is the worst part of the chive. Give me more funny pics, more bill, more scantly clad women , more THINGS THAT BOUNCE, and less stupid cats!

        • Mike

          were you bullied by a gang of cats growing up?
          Im sorry for your traumatizing life, but not all cats are the same, you cant hate them all just cause a few bad apples.

          • B!!!

            Hating cats on this site is like masturbating on an airplane . It's frowned upon, thanks binladen.

        • DEATH GRIPS

          ok so have a website with just pics of half naked chicks, and how do expect to get girls on the site to submit half naked pics. O i got it cat saturday. The Chive is just one step ahead of you brian

        • twoedges

          If you are unable to find the awesome in cats then you, sir, must be devoid of a soul.

        • figleaf

          Comments like yours are the worst part of the Chive, sir.

    • Joe6226

      Wow. You must be sitting in your bedroom at your parents back from school wondering why you haven't gotten laid yet.

  • Oscar Havoc Tequila


    • gaz


    • Justin

      I'm sure there's a prize for you somewhere.

    • lavmdmv

      just why?

    • aussie aussie aussie

      Ummmmm……. turd

      • B!!!

        Urquilla on the troll! I see you bro

  • Britt

    #3 that looks like my cat when he was still a kitten.
    he is 12 lbs now.

    • Tribb

      Shut up, whore.

  • gaz

    #3 time to go on maury and get a dna test

    • Maury

      Gaz you are NOT the father!

      • gaz
        • Maury


  • IceBerg

    If you own a cat are you required to have camera at all times.

    • TheJCG

      No, you're required to suck dick one way or the other.

    • This Guy

      You forgot the question mark

  • Buntalufigus


    #23 I will have the light Jacuzzi spin please

    • katastrophe89

      nice these are the exact two pictures that i commented on lol

  • Brian Johnson

    #8 is me right now #11 gotta remember this next anniversary

  • weelee

    10th or 11th … 12th maybe

    • katastrophe89


  • lakotta

    LOVE cat saturday..would love it more if you posted some of mine on there!!

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #5 and that was the worst cereal I ever had

    • Kodos

      real beef and chicken instead of fillers

  • Justin

    #9 "Paul, that tab you gave me was too big!"

    • Guest

      Damn, you're a fucking idiot.

  • Edge

    I hate cats…

    I love Cat Saturday…

    I now tolerate cats thanks to Cat Saturday.

    But they are still not dogs.

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Yeah… Not as delicious…

    • Jkeester

      Yes, cats are not dogs. Very Keene observation there Frank

  • leonard hoffsteader

    Caturday is to originality what Oprah Winfrey is to poverty-

    • Errol

      Not sure how you can vote him down when Oprah can cure poverty for a year

    • Liam Hanna

      Yeh very true. This is Cat Saturday though. So leave

    • Matt Bloom

      If Cat Saturday isn't original, where else is there Cat Saturday?

  • Trav1121

    #18 A scene from Cat Prison. 'Put your paw ti the glass and give me some love, grrl. See you in 2 to 4. Tell my lawyer that bird was dead when I found it!'

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Is that a Bobcat?

      • Lunchbox

        Looks like it.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Can almost hear the beer bottles clinking. Tabby….Tabby… Come out to playeeee.

  • caturday fan

    only looking on here about a month and already have seen so many repeats..

    <img src="; width="350">

    • mcfadinj

      Please find over 100 brand new cat pictures a month to post. Once you do, and you do that for many months on end, you will have the right to bitch about re-posts. Until then, shut the fuck up.

      • Smitty

        Somebody got up on the wrong side of the be thismorning.

      • caturday fan again
        • mcfadinj

          Too bad I've seen that. Your shit is old.

      • Sara

        I'm sure plenty of people send in pics so they would have to use so many repeats. I have a 15lb fat cat I've sent in alot of funny pics and I haven't seen one on here. it does seem kinda lazy to have So many repeats

        • Haeddre

          Sara… Same here…

          • lakotta


            • Another Loser


              • Tottally


  • Diana Santos

    #11 f*ck the flowers! 😛

    • Cristian Fabian Bustos Beckenbauer

      Do you want some cute kitty's?

      • Diana Santos

        Yes, I love cats ❤

  • Tron

    Quit posting the kitten with the bananas, I've seen it in multiple posts from the past 3 weeks

  • BroTank

    Cats are stupid. People who own carts are stupid. Dogs are nice

    • Vince

      why would anyone want to own a cart?

      • LucieMac89

        if youre homeless

      • Claire Hesselbäck

        I guess a cart might be usefull if you had a bunch of stuff but nowhere to put it. Like homeless or a hoarder.

    • Crash

      But carts are handy to move heavy things. I don't think people who own them are stupid, possibly lazy. But not stupid.

    • Bobby

      How many people do you know that own a cart? Dogs are great, cats are tolerable yet annoying. A cart on the other hand? It would just take up space.

    • chibwack

      If you think cats and dogs are mutually exclusive, then you are the stupid one

    • haeddre

      Whew… Don't own a cart… I'm safe!!!

    • Jeffro

      I'm guessing you like nickelback? Dogs are great cats are great. Get over yourself.

    • Amy

      Learn how to spell….. Ur stupid! Cats are awesome

    • Aide Pineda

      you are stupid!!!

    • telly

      dumb ass

    • Claire Hesselbäck

      What a relief! I don't own a cart. So I guess I'm not stupid. I do have 2 cats thought and I think dogs are nice.

      • Claire Hesselbäck


  • Mat Gurda

    does that say multiple degrees in car psychology?

    • Mat Gurda

      emphasis on Multiple and spellcheck on the Cat

    • 0331

      It is a grueling degree. Catology, catculus, some ornithology, canine evasion, feline history, sun bathing, food snubbing, You get the jest.

      • This Guy

        You either mean jist or that's one hell of a pun.

  • LucieMac89

    need dog sunday

    • I like girls

      We need a YOU Sunday
      Damn girl, send in some burn bra pics of yourself

    • Brandon Phillips

      I like your line paintings….niice

      • LucieMac89

        thank you!

    • Ed Martinez

      I agree let's have some balance !)

    • Seattle


    • Underbaker

      I could go for Caturday mornings and Dog Day Afternoons.

  • dend
  • Yor Mother

    Then don't visit the site douchebag.

  • The rare commentor

    Get a life man, its the internet, if you don't like this page then don't go to it, its simple. Go spread your hate somewhere where people want to listen to you, cause we don't.

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