Celebrities get s^*@-faced just like the rest of us (30 Photos)

  • AdamBevan

    Imagine if when scrolling through the DMA or DAR you could click on your favourite photo, you got one vote and one vote only per feed, then at the very bottom the photo with the most votes of the day would be the winner, winning the privelige of closing the show, so to speak – Just a thought, Adam from the UK.

  • Kanerbaby

    #23 He wasn't really drunk. If you watch his show, he even said that it was an act.

  • Franklin1138

    Is #17 Kate Moss? Because I'd like to invite her to get shitfaced at my place if it is.

  • mikethemotormouth

    Are we sure he's trashed? Thats not his normal face?

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  • Jim

    They get more shitfaced than the rest of us, because they have access to better drugs and booze, and can afford to be driven home by a chauffeur.

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