The 10 most expensive celebrtiy divorces ever (10 Photos)

Can anybody say Prenup??

List via Toptensthings

List via Toptensthings

  • Aad


    • Blue bronco

      Why does Guy Richie have $92 million?

  • 65massey

    My parents got a divorce…neither one fought for custody.

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      Well, you WERE 43 at the time.

      • 65massey

        Yeah but striking out on your own at 43 is hard enough but coming from a broken home makes it all the more difficult.

        • 65masseysfather

          Well, 2 dads are better than no dads right?

  • 29er

    Well when you are in it for the money, what do you expect?!

  • MOAR

    #5 SHE received $92 million? Why?

    • chrisdg74

      HE got the $92 million.
      My inner Grammar-Nazi is having a fit right now.

      • Mike

        You should go read again nazi.

      • Travis

        That wasn't a grammar error as much as it was just a typo.

      • @lackofabetter

        Yeah I thought he got the payout

    • Simon

      I couldn't work that one out either. Is that an acknowledgement that two big films made more money for him than a couple of decades of music for her?

    • Joshua Jackson

      they just got this wrong it was in fact guy that got paid on this one

    • JF Dayton

      SHE had better lawyers (and is the girl).

      • Nemo Noman

        Nope – the author just had a typo. Ritchie received £50-60 million, which was between $75-90 million at December, 2008 exchange rates (which is when the settlement was made).

    • Verbal_Kint

      For vaginal reconstruction…

    • testing

      she is the best selling female artist of all time and he is a B list director…pretty sure she paid him

  • Adriana


  • anonymous

    Were these translated from Chinese

    • MyGod


    • Simon

      I do hope so

      • Derp

        These captions pictures with not good.

    • anonymous

      I was just wondering the same thing.

    • RingoKostello

      Go Boncats!

      • StickyWickets

        Whoever the Boncats are would still beat the Bobcats. I'm from Charlotte so I know this is a fact. Also, the Spurs and Thunder now have more wins in the playoffs than the Bobcats had all year.

    • John Lervold

      seriously, who the hell wrote these captions?

    • Scruffy Dangler

      You rack plepositions!

  • st33

    I'd go crazy too.

  • r@f

    Charlott Boncats?

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      They're so terrible, they don't deserve to have their team name spelled correctly.

  • thatguy

    #6 Only $100? Somebody had a good lawyer!

    • Simon

      That's one of the smaller mistakes in this article, I'm afraid. I wish Chive would either employ sub-editors, author own content or stick to photo stories.

      I love it here, but it feels like they don't care enough about content to proof it. And content is what they do.

      • @childishwarrior


        Awkward :/

        • mises

          uh…he meant proof as in proof read.

        • L_E_Ott

          What are you correcting? Proof? Proof is correct, it is a verb meaning to check.

        • Simon

          Yeah, I meant proof, as in proof read content before publishing.

          The irony would have been fantastic though, were I to have fudged up there.

          • KCCO


      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        I'm inclined to believe they left the mistakes on purpose. I found the spelling mistakes more amusing than the story.

      • ChodeLauncher

        Most of their content is lifted from 9Gag

      • @J_M_J

        I really think posts like this here to make us all go nuts. It's like throwing gasoline on controversy fire. They do it to make you "grammar Nazi's" feel better about yourselves. Sort of like the literary people of Walmart

    • wokka

      Spielberg got off cheap!!!

    • older

      They got divorced when he was only worth about 500 million over 25 years ago

    • testing

      it was in the 80's and they were only married 4 years. $100,000,000.00 is A LOT to get after ending a 4 year marriage, no way this would happen now the way prenups are written.

  • Dirty505

    Charlott Boncats, I would be emberassed to have people posting that from my website. That whole Jordan story is strange.

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      Are you sure you wouldn't also be destraught or humeliated?

    • @beagleracing

      That and who is Jeffrey and Vanoy?

  • Bhodi

    Is Zuckerberg reading this?

    • BloodScrubber

      Thats why he married AFTER the IPO release. 😉

    • who?

      Hah… more likely, right at this moment he's enjoying the Most Expensive Sex, Ever.

    • older

      Too late!!

  • Shepard Wong

    MJ and Juanita pic. Who's Jeffrey and Vanoy??? WTF??

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      Jeffrey's his middle name. Is Vanoy hers? Too lazy to look it up.

      • LoFromWisco

        Wouldn't it have just been more simple to say "Michael and Juanita"? Whoever wrote these should be fired.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #2 Like Jordan couldn't do better than that

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Bah, #10 is # 2 I fail

      • Ned_Plimpton

        She was a lot prettier when they met….

        Your name is Shannon.

      • thatguy

        #23 actually

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          Good call. We don't like to mention the #45 bit.

          • thatguy

            No…no we do not…

      • T-101

        Sara Connor?

  • Mac

    A $100 !? Cheap ass settlement. #6

    • Amanda J

      They had to have a prenump or something! Cause I would have taken A LOT more than $100.00 that is for sure!

      • Jamanda


    • DrGarnicus

      Maybe if he was still married to her, he wouldn't have made Crystal Skull!

  • GI Joe

    Amy Irving only got $100?? This article is so poorly written I doubt it's even true….Charlott Boncats??

  • pickleman77

    Chive, I love you like a step brother, but why post such poorly worded descriptions? I know you didn't write them, but it I think it cheapens the site.

    • northerner

      Whoever wrote the copy, needs to attend a remedial English and Elementary Proof-Reading classes. Seriously. The whole write up is very poorly done. Chive? You are better than this…

  • a lot of nonsense

    Pretty sure, Arnold Schwarzenegger should be second place.

    • T-101

      #1 Sara Connor?

  • Brian

    Men, how did this happen? We used to have to be bought into a marriage with a dowrey, and now we have to buy our way out with alimony/child support.

    Bring back the dowrey!

    • tongystunter

      not to be a dick… but its *dowry

    • Kyle

      It's only going to tilt further in that direction. With technological methods of determining a fetus' sex combined with sex-selective abortion and a cultural preference for males, there are now 120 or so male babies born for every 100 females in various Asian countries – South Korea, China, etc. Those little dudes are going to be competing like hell to find mates in a couple of decades.

  • MarthaJeane

    They say there's a reason why divorce is so expensive…. It's worth it.

    • That cupcake lover.

      You should make a really expensive cupcake that tastes amazing. Name it "The Divorce".

      Pricey but its worth it. Lol.

  • savagecabbage

    it's very difficult to read this article. It is appallingly written.

  • echogeo

    And he's been hooked up with Calista Flockhart ever since.

  • Sal

    #11 Those tape recordings were worth every penny

  • esotericchuck

    Celebrtiy? Umm… a few too many before posting, perhaps?

  • Simon

    #7 "a short lived marriage", from 2004 to 2010? Whilst it's not huge, I've seen shorter.

    If you want somebody to read stuff before you press the go button, I'll step up. My contract is short. It runs from 2012 to just 4620 (Jan).

    I'm very sorry for not keeping calm, but I assure you that I am chiving on.

    • Franklin1138

      I hate golf even more because that fucking idiot did that to his wife. Yeah, yeah, I'm just looking for more reasons not to like golf (chief of which is that I suck at it), and maybe she's got issues too, but I can't help but think the logic behind that was more "I'm Tiger Woods, bitches" and less "Elin is a bitch, bitches."

  • Littlet

    Neil Diamond just got married – need to update your news………

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