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  • Gallus

    #6 – A completely lovely young lady with a look of genuine intelligence. My kind of Chivette.

    #37 – 14-hours in a hot kitchen washing dishes sounds like a version of hell. I have a resolution. Come live with me, I'll take care of you, and you can have the time to do much more interesting things.

  • Chris

    #30 Find her

  • Guest

    #25 Absolutely stunning looking girl, future wife material for sure.

  • Tim

    #13 – take the apron off and show your face

  • Chase

    #28 #29 #32. God damn!!!!

  • RoMo478

    #6 that sure is a pretty cross you got there!

  • Rick

    #4 #29 Im feeling needy…so MOAR!

  • Matt

    #22 WOW! Moar pls!

  • andrew

    Love bored chivettes

  • luis_pedro_sato

    I just see perfection

  • SteveO

    Navy ensign, yes please.

  • Jarrod

    #37 future ex wife!

  • Anonymous

    i love absolutely everything about this post! MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!

  • Ohyes

    Dame mas!!!!! MOAR!

  • Onix

    Chive on from a fellow officer 🙂 if your in SD hit me up

    • Onix


  • boobies

    Yea we need more of #29

  • Odessa Chiver

    #10 MOAR PLS

  • grrregg

    #3 Something special.

  • The Dude

    Kind of a lot of fatties in this post

  • Fellow Employee


  • crazy_eyes

    #5 i think i'm the one who needs help. for symptoms lasting longer than 5 hours seek medical attention. amirite?

  • Ghad

    #10 #29 sweet mother of gawd

  • jarhead10

    #30 i wish i worked with you.

  • Taryndactyl

    Hey I'm liking #32. I'm a fellow scientist Chivette and my company just happened to publish the front page article for the issue Nature Biotechnology in the background of your amazing RACK!!! Good pippete form too : )

  • Taryndactyl

    Excuse me…… pipette. BTW NanoString is the SHIT!

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