Animals that don’t suck (45 Photos)

  • Drug User

    #24 wow someone really brown nosed their way on to this post

    • NeoH831

      What's the difference between a brown noser and an ass kisser…depth perception, ahh thank you.

    • Nunya

      this is a stupid comment. calling a person that supports the chive and dresses their cute dog in chive gear is not a brown noser.

      • Kris

        Truth hurts much?

      • Katie

        I agree. So is every person who is in the 'chive everywhere' a brown noser because they submit pictures with chive shirts on and hold up signs that say chive on?

        • Hard

          I agree totally. And yes, they are all brown nosers, to the very last one of them. Polite, hopeful, brown nosing gimps, the lot of them. Some are perhaps more innocent than others, but…

          I became thoroughly bored with Chive when a good fraction of it became 'People Wearing Our Shirts'. You can largely replace People with Americans and that sentence mostly holds true.

          You know the same goes for all brand names, right? Who you schmoozing with that kit?

  • etcrr

    #4 you go first, naw you go first, I got your back

  • Attaxia

    #29 ninja cat !

  • Arcona

    #2 Shamwow Eyebrow!

    • Underbaker

      When I first glanced at that I thought it was some kind of new skull candy head set for internet gaming, didn't realize it was a real snake until I saw the bigger picture.

  • etcrr

    #1 paint me like one of your French Girls

  • rick

    #20 life will find a way

  • Cat nap

    #34 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Kelly

      what kind of cat is that its cute.

  • Timmy

    Oh My Gosh!! Animals Are Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cool!!

  • The Doss

    I Think What You Mean Is Animals Are Sooooooooooooooooo TASTY!!!

    • HatBomb

      I no see y u thumbs down, animals are delicious!

  • antcruz

    #12 worst birthday ever vs #25 best birthday ever.

    • Ruby Tues.

      I concur that message is authentic…..

  • Trav1121

    #4 Our cats do the same thing to our turtle. Little bastards!

    • chucklesclown

      They're probably jealous because they don't get the warmest spot in the house.

  • Timmy's in trouble

    #14 Just get on Charlie guys and I'll explain in the way

  • Now on yer knees

    Bitchs love flowers.

    • On yer knees


  • babyfartmagizax

    #2 beats by snake

  • Exp

    #40 is actually a disorder that causes dogs (and sometimes people) to act out their dreams. Normally when you dream your body will be temporarily paralysed to stop this from happening.

    • tbone

      its a classic

    • woodgood

      it looks like a grand mal seizure. my golden retriever gets them.

      • goodwood

        Yeah, that's exactly how my Shepherd acted when he had seizures. I couldn't watch the gif.

    • Paul

      He looks like he is having a bad dream and being chased…
      Had a dog that had seizures and it didnt look ANYTHING LIKE THAT.

    • Jack o' lantern

      What a fascinating story

  • Fall

    Get better lil dude!

    • HECTOR

      Fuck! That must'be been expensive. We gotta do it for our dogs tho. Kcco

      • Mine

        Is it hip dysplasia then? Poor guy/girl.

      • wade

        she had to get her ligament repaired…

      • wade

        it was and we do love our dogs…

    • thekcco

      Thanks, shes a trooper, and after that she now has pet insurance! 😀


  • ros

    Watching this 20 times is better than reading "How Winning Works", "What Do You Want to Do Before You Die", "Dream New Dreams", "Search Inside Yourself", "Wishes Fulfilled", "I Live the Dream, No More Excuses", "I Suck at Girls", "Living Beyond Your Feelings", "A Place of Yes", "Unlimited", "Use Your Brain to Change Your Age", "How To Get Out of Your Own Way", "Sexperiaments", "You Can Create an Exceptional Life", "The Best Advice I Ever Got by Katie Couric", "Redirect", "The Boomer Diet", "I Can Make You Happy", and "It's All About the Dress".

    • Logicyup

      Drugs are good and all that, but I think you might wanna rein in on them a little bit.

  • 2Dogs

    Epic cat is epic

    • Ned Ryerson

      that cat has some serious skill

      • 2Dogs

        and brains…I would hate to piss him off

    • 2Dogs

      Also what was not mentioned is this little bastard saved 3 kids from a burning house.

    • ros

      That was essentially the point of my post above, but it just seems to have pissed people off..

      • ros

        Ok, I'm done. No more posts, Chive. Have a good life. Bye.

  • OMG

    #29……cats never stop to amaze me

    • G Monie

      Thats because they usually just walk on by. Cats cant be bothered to stop and amaze every person they see…

    • HatBomb

      I think you spelled cease wrong…

  • Harry H-d Sinner

    #33 Awww what happened? Get better pup! That's my soft spot…

    • Jeremy Brewton

      She had a torn ACL from playing to hard, she is recovering fine though, so all she can do it KCCO :)…..thanks for the support!

  • Jimmy_Recard

    #21 Do unto Otters as you would have Otters do unto you.

    • Imzkid

      You win. That's some funny shit right there.

    • Scott

      Otter-ly adorable.

    • Jack o' lantern

      weird fleshlight

  • giferst


    ready for dancebattle

    • sadman

      Red Panda vs. "So you got wasted" Hermit CRAB! #20

  • Matthew White

    Like a boss #15

    • Ned Ryerson

      yeah…what happend after this picture was taken?

    • shtsquid

      Yeah…until the tiger bites the dogs head off

    • chucklesclown

      All I can think of is one of the many Arrested Development characters proclaiming, "I've made a huge mistake." Perhaps the dog is a Bluth?

    • Notme

      Soon to be Like Lunch

  • calm2chaos

    #33 can we just eat him….

  • Busternut

    #39 Firefox has encountered a pop-up.

    • CRC


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