Stars, stripes and hot girls (97 Photos)

  • maboze1x

    #2 #40 So this is called the american dreams? 😮 And may I add; not just american! 😉

  • RealZoo

    'Merica #6 #11 #26 #46 #56 #74

    • RealZoo


  • Vic

    #38 is my American dream…

  • XxOnEdgexX


  • etcrr

    #97 The hottest lady in the post and to the other women, Too numerous to mention all the women pictured above who are actually in the armed forces Are the true Heroes in this post and to them, God Bless you and thank you for your service to our country. <p class="comment-thumbs">

  • tata

    I used to chit chat with #45 waaaayyy back in the day. Crazy to see her on here!

    • Guy


  • kimohoyo

    I love women in uniform. Thanks you for serving your country

  • Chaos

    #66 simple yet cute smile

  • RandomTask09

    Serious question: Is draping or wearing the flag as a bikini/underwear/shirt etc. considered patriotic or a desecration? And what about the Chivers from abroad and their flags??

    • matt

      def not a desecration when its draped over women like these 😉

    • Chris

      I agree. I mean the rest of the world accepts that the US only creates overseas wars to teach their population geography, but how about a bit more of a global feel to theChive?

      • Cywasi

        Actually the flag is not to be worn as a garment. It is not "law" or anything such as that. But there is a Code of Conduct for the flag. But with that said….these are wicked hot photos, specially that last one!

    • Mike

      I wouldn't go so far as to call it a desecration but it is thought of by many to be somewhat irreverent. I think in a lot of cases it is well-intentioned and therefore you could call it "patriotic" as well but it's not technically correct. If you ever see a police/military burial ceremony, you get a good idea of just how much care and precision is dedicated to handing the American flag.

      As far as I know, America seems to seems to be the most visible example of this practice, though I'm sure it happens here and there in other countries too.

    • B34M3R

      Depends. If the flag touches the ground at any point, it is supposed to be properly disposed of by burning afterwards, which I honestly doubt happens much. (the proper disposal that is)

      • Awesome

        It actually happens a lot. There are only a few organizations that are allowed to retire a flag, Boy Scouts being one of them. We retired between 30 and 40 flags at our district meeting last month. It was a very sobering experience to see flags properly cared for.

  • matt

    #7 rockin the American cameltoe, #33 that's def some side lip 😎 this gallery was def worth the pain of having to get to the Brigade

  • whyme1973

    #1 What a fantastic ass!
    #42 #45 #66 You ladies are just cute as hell! Send more!

  • The Doss

    #82 = Hell No!! Kill it, Kill it now please!

    • 4nbstd

      You gotta burn that flag.

    • Rick

      sorry guys, I don't watch enough TV to know who that is…photo's out

    • stonewall

      Second that, she's a disgrace.

      • Muadieb

        Who is she?

  • teh spraintz

    #1 Quick! My husband just pulled into the driveway!!

  • bryon

    #45 and #81. I want moar!

  • pop

    God bless america and #1 #33 #40

  • Cinurwe

    #52 #82 #90
    Day ruiner

  • Ryan

    #82 Kill it Kill iT!!!!

  • Jezza67

    #43 I like where this is going.

  • BB23


    No, Brigade. NO!

    • Rick

      as I said above, I don't watch enough TV to know who that is…photo's out

  • Greg

    It would be a better world if we all got more of #42

    That's unadulterated beauty if I've ever seen it!! Just wow

  • amplexus

    #82 the only acceptable reason to burn the flag because it has been tainted by the foulest creature ever "the snook"

    • Poke4Life

      Literally took the words right out of my mouth…

  • Jonny Isles

    #1, #40
    My top choices of a great post.

  • Shat_Thrice


    The FUCK is she doing in here?

  • BigPup

    #28 Out of place much?

  • Bilbo Braggins

    #80 Best American Flag bikini shot EVER (deserves a post of its own)

    • BuckersAZ

      Pretty sure she had her own magazine cover for this one…Cindy Crawford is still hot.

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