Redheads are all the rage these days (40 Photos)

  • Guthrie

    #18 #26 #29 I ❤ me some red heads!! So hot!!

    • Vic

      #26 looks great from behind….now we need the front!

      • kcco

        fire bush?

      • AfterDark

        Yes we do

      • Levian

        Did anyone else think they saw some nip until you realized it was part of the door?

        • MAX

          yes we did!

    • ABCdario

      #18 es Annalee from suicide girls
      take a look at :

    • BeerAndStupidity

      Hah…I picked these exact three too.

    • Leo

      probably the best video in the world. Chivettes.

    • Steve

      You can get her iPhone case on Ebay or
      KCCO. They also Chivette ones too and BFM

  • Attaxia

    #29 for the eyes… but you've posted better gingers chive

    • xsoldier2000

      When I saw this, i uhhhhhh…. 'arrived'

    • ummm...

      you know, upside down, she kinda looks like michelle trachtenberg

    • Prometheus

      yeah the eyes are great, but hair is hot, but the rest of her face (when you flip the picture) is kinda sub-par

    • frecklepenis

      NSFW – Harley Everett

      • g-man

        nice find!

  • Rannndeh

    #36 I think… MOAR!!

    • Vic

      2nd that!

      • Buckeye

        3rd that!

        • xavi00


    • Shoggoths

      Yes.. find her!!!!

    • The Dude

      Would Smash like an idaho potato!

    • usmc_chiver

      WV huh? Since you're posting on here – good news for you: you're gorgeous. Bad news for your brother: I think he's gay 😛

      • Danielle Kay Lynn Lloyd

        Luckily for me, I don't have any brothers, lol.

    • Frank DePaolo


    • Hammer

      Yeah more!!!!

    • jhicks8

      OMG Finally a Chivette from the WV!

  • TokyoFace

    #35 … a new level of hotness

    • echogeo

      Yeah, sub-level. Put the staple gun down ladies. Hole punching your face is not attractive.

      • Dave


    • LukeTheTerrible

      Sorry but chest tattoos on a lady are gross. The first reply covers the piercings.

    • Greenerblues

      Even without the shit in her face and the badly placed tattoos she's just average looking. I bet she'd be really pretty if she tried less.

    • TokyoFace

      i guarantee if she asked you guys on a date, you would say yes…

      • kcco

        umm, no. some of us have standards

      • g-man

        Hell no.

    • Megan

      I took all my facial piercings out because I realized that…. well, I looked like her :-/

    • Gtamazing

      I like my bitches freaky

      • 489083

        man, almost everyone gets tattoos. how is that freaky?

        • MRB

          besides. her chest piece looks like shit. some chest pieces can be very well placed and look good. the colours and design of this tattoo look terrible.

  • yuri

    #3 made my day

    • Dusty

      Looks like a cropped blowjob pic.

      • Jimbo

        Probably is. She is a pornstar after all.

    • guest

      Her name. Is marie mccray

    • oh yeaaah

      made me cum

  • hulksmash

    redder is better

  • Vic

    #10 #11 sexy reds!

    • Levian

      Wow, #11 is stunning! Is she a chivette?

  • Skrewd21
    • Underbaker

      Just use the number off the picture above and put a number symbol before it like this #18 and the pic will appear in your post. I thought all suicide girls had tats?

  • Vic

    #23 now that you got the job, we need to see MOAR!!

    • Levian

      Please don't forget to be bored at work now!

      • AfterDark

        Or submit something to After Dark

  • N8orius

    yeah… he'd better recognize #24, if he doesn't, he's a fool

    • Vic

      want to see MOAR of this BRIT!

    • Can't Tell

      Hard to tell without the face, but kinda looks like Brit pornstar Bee Armitage

  • Trav1121

    #1 #33 There is just something exceptional about chicks with glasses… Can't get enough. The red hair just adds to the allure.

    • Levian

      Fucking gorgeous, all of them! Great post chive

    • misanthropetb

      I'm 99.99% sure that #1 is Jayme Langford. She's a porn star so google might be NSFW.

      • Levian

        I don't know who she is but she's going to be in my head all day

        • misanthropetb

          She's (in my opinion) one of the hottest porn stars out there. Sadly she seems to have developed an eating disorder or something and went from having a very sexy, slightly curvy shape to rail thin and skeletal looking. Very sad. But still, a smoking hot redhead. Just google the pictures of when she was healthy looking.

    • Mr_Cellophane

      Naughty Librarian fantasy…don't pretend you don't have it…

  • LaKangaRue

    Still wondering when mine will make the cut… :

    • AfterDark

      Submit it to AfterDark, we'll get you recognized 🙂

      • neindon't


    • Really

      Based on some of the broads shown here, you (or the broad you're trying to submit) must be ugly.

  • Curtis Vineyard

    #18 #21 #33 #34#
    Red Red Red Red RED!

    • Tecusmeh

      Great taste sir! These are the 4 best by far. Wish I could add more thumbs up.

  • Connor

    #16 ginny weasley??!?1

    • Jenna

      For sure!

    • LoneOsprey

      Real name Bonnie Wright.

  • scoop it

    #34 do want

    • Havaard

      Derby girls are epic win.

      • Codius

        Definitely need a derby girl post!

        • eino

          I second that notion

        • ACPB


        • Havaard

          I wholeheartedly agree. As for whoever voted this proposition down, clearly, they are not interested in women.

    • Derp

      How does she floss?

    • JustSayin'

      Definitely see a potential Chivette of the week story and post here

  • Jose Flores

    Dear Lord I think I'm in love.

    • Shannon Coverdale


      • Bugman72


  • B0oRadley

    #19 Need another sword ? this ones free.

    • Kaladis

      I don't suggest having a sword fight with her using it

    • Underwear Matter

      Don't get her hopes up… You know it's only a dagger.

    • Rubber Blade

      The only thing yours cuts is your ego

  • realzoo

    #4 That is all.

    • Whale

      I'll add #2

  • 11B68W

    Redheads make me believe that there is a God and that He loves us.

    • Kodos

      Redheads are from the Devil, my friends.

      That's why they're so much fun.

    • luke

      because he gave us redheads to make fun of?


    Redheads= YES

  • etcrr

    #4 #18 #19 very nice very hot

    • yup

      fuck you etcrr

      • etcrr

        You are a mindless Troll

        • g-man

          gotta preserve that rating. lame-ass.

    • Herp

      Add #39 cause she is a redhead and they are all the radge these day

  • Coach

    #7 is a walking miracle!

    • Nelson

      I thought the same thing; very dynamic, nice smile, looks like a really fun girl.

    • drewplp


    • Bob-o

      Hell Freaking Yeah She is!!!!!!1

    • Tomx569


    • iPad chiver

      I think I might have gone to colle with her…I'll ask her if it is her and ask for MOAR!!!

  • David McInnis

    #21 Goodmorning.

    • UWYO

      i would gladly wake up to her forever……….MOAR

      • Elcastino

        Judging by the condition of the hair, it was a really good night….

    • Kodos

      .. now, back to bed!

    • wyochiver

      Yeah, you're doin' it right!!

    • Desertsteel

      Good afternoon, good night, and good God!

  • Oregon_country

    #18 Yea that look does it for me

    • echogeo

      She is off the charts!

    • Lisa

      She's a Suicide Girl named AnnaLee. She's so damn gorgeous, it's ridiculous.

    • Kent

      God damn she is a living goddess.

  • b3nje

    #1 is stunning!

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