Taking a peak inside the Blizzard Entertainment headquarters (31 Photos)

  • yup

    fuck you

    • etcrr

      You little boy have no imagination

      • Bill57

        very nice post i like the decor and the things that they show for people to look at as shown perfect place for the zombie attack but its called blizzard and there is no snow lol

  • I would know

    It's a fun place to work unless you were part of the 300+ GM shit-canning spree they went through recently. They are moving all in-game support to Texas, because California is a giant piece of shit for businesses.

  • LordNibbler

    #5 Executive brain storming session.

  • http://woody.typepad.com/ Woody

    #15 is a custom MAME cabinet made by Dream Authentics in Indianapolis. I played it before it got shipped to Blizzard while they were packing up the one they made for my man cave. They also made a sweet one for Hugh Hefner with all the playboy bunnies on it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamieleevalerio Jamie Lee Valerio


  • Glaspotron

    I have a feeling that place smells of mountain dew, corn chips, and social awkwardness.

  • isotoast

    Oh hey I remember that place. i have a mini version of #1 sitting on my book shelf.

  • Diablo

    If you think this is nice you guys should really check out Arenanet's headquarters. Its pretty sick.

  • https://www.facebook.com/christopherneal Chris Neal

    It's "peek," not "peak," dammit! *weeping*

  • Leor

    "and they don’t mind showing off their successes throughout the office."
    I went to Blizzard HQ a few weeks ago, they didn't let me through the gate.

  • http://twitter.com/rickybello @rickybello

    I don't think the place looks fun to work. However they got cool stuff (geeks) hanging

  • Sylvain R.

    where do I give my resume?

  • thekujo

    this place is amazing! i've been inside due to my wifes friend working on the program/design team. the artwork is awesome, photos cant describe all the detail, its all over and down every hallway. and each employee cubicle has its employees personality with action figures, statues, etc. theres even a gym, like it gets used tho hahaha. so glad i was able to tour inside

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  • Scuba

    If they spent more money on dev and not on crap Diablo3 would work I guess

  • keffrey

    i want to work here as a librarian

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600905794 Branden Mathew

    funny how people think that people that play these games are nerds with no lives … i was scholar athlete in hs still play in 3 hockey leagues had multiple hot gfs most likely better looking then you closed minded fucks. KCCO aand dont judge

  • Bath Salty Dog

    #11 I bet it smells like virgins in there

  • http://www.facebook.com/davintosh David Thornton

    But to where will you take said peak? How much faith does it take to move it?

  • ramon

    I guess they sent most of their money on the office and not the battle.net servers!!!!!

  • shnugs

    Better then my job no matter what you all say. sigh

  • Steel

    so….when are they going to make a good game?

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