Chivettes bored at work (36 Photos)

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  • Johnny B

    #16 MOTHER OF GOD. The pure definition of beauty!! MOAR!!

  • Boman425


  • wowsers

    #7 is absolute awesomeness! I would love to see her at the office…mmmmm! Eating it up!

  • edgarallanboh

    #5 and #6 Holy lord!! FIND!!!!!!!!! MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billyb221

    #29 is wicked cute I wish she was in Colorado

  • onoku

    #30 marine chicks are always either dead sexy or hideous, there doesn't appear to be a middle ground there.

  • Syraphym

    #31 who is she I'd like to see more of her

  • Kenny Dodd

    Hahaha, 36 is my girlfriend, and when I was all pumped and told her I saw her on Chive, she got pissed and thought I sent in her pic. Thank fuck it was her best friend, sorted that out.

    • ChristophersonofGray

      currently no #36, did she ask it to be removed?

  • Kyle Danger Bowman

    Just amazing.

  • ahrefodiggsy
    This is not Marine Corps camouflage. It isn't any service, but I can tell she was trying for Marines.
    1. The colors are off
    2. We don't wear velcro like that on the shoulders
    3. I can tell by the shape of the collar on the right that it's folded back with velcro on the other side. Like an Army uniform. I know, I've seen some Army uniforms.
    4. If she had any relation with a Marine, she would know that not only do we not roll sleeves anymore, we have never rolled them like that (outer side of the cuff on the outside of the roll). I've seen that crap on some junior marines or jrotc, but never in Marince Corps past have I seen that.

    Just thought I'd point that out. Call me a troll, but U.S. Marines happen to get very particular about their uniforms.

  • M.K.

    #21 if you are stationed in Virginia…hmu. Always looking for awesome chivers to chill with!!

  • lv2acler8

    #3 and #30 hotties in uniform= WIN!!

  • Landon (blanket guy)

    # 14. Going to random as hell. But does that girl work up north @ Christina lake/ Cenovus Terminal?

  • Bob

    #5, #6, and #7 are amazingly sexy. Find these women, please.

  • Fred

    #7 holy fuck….so hot

  • devildoc026

    #13 Kat??? Holy crap

  • fred

    #22 find her

  • DaMitz

    find them!!!
    #8 #1 #22 #36…. thanks…

  • AmericoPolk

    #5 and #31 more please

  • devildoc026

    #11 sry. Kat is that you?

  • BigO

    Find Her chive!

  • Jeremy Hall

    #3,#5,and #30-find for me please!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Again with deleting photos after the post is up and then re-numbering the photos so the comments and photos associated with them are fubar.

  • Imamarine

    ahrefodiggsy you’re either a dumbass boot or a civilian.

    1. Marines aren’t soldiers they’re marines. Army are soldiers.
    2. The Velcro if for ir patches, you’d know that if you’ve been in past soi or mos school.
    3. Who’s to say when that picture was taken? This is only the first summer we haven rolled sleeves.
    4. That IS a marine uniform issued by CTEP with camouflage on the inside.
    5. There’s no Velcro under the collar.

    My conclusion, you’re the faker. You talk like you’re a marine, but you’re not.

  • Heath

    #11 MOAR!!!!

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