Living statues: It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it (43 Photos)

  • edslerson


    • edslerson

      Yay I got first!

  • The Bandit

    #1…at least he chose a comfy position
    #19…has motivation written all over her face
    #41…maybe just fell asleep being drunk…friends took care of the coloring (sooo, you got wasted)

  • MEC

    #22, doesn't matter had sex

  • etcrr

    That is pretty cool fantastic make up and Costume and freaks people out of they move

    • windowlicker

      If I was a statue, I would remain still too then move and scare people. These statues are scary but funny too. Another great post chive. This made my year. lmao.

    • etcrr

      fantastic costume pretty cool makeup and that is freaks out of people if they move I am old and lonely

    • Bill57

      Well, shit. You guys pretty much covered it.

      • Aaron

        Why do I feel like I am reading the babblings of drunk 12 year olds here?

        • windowlicker

          You are starting to get it.

  • Woody


    • MylesofStyles


    • Jon

      In chicago. Have a picture with him somewhere in the attic

      • quinn

        chicago, il during the taste of chicago.

  • Soviet Plague

    Living statues, eh? Should have included a pic of my ex-gf during sex.

    • TJP

      "What's the difference between Jello and my wife? Jello moves when you eat it."

      – Bill Clinton

    • Maybe

      I think that means you're doing it wrong.

      • Tim

        Sadly there are many a girls who think sex is:
        "I lay on my back".

        • Incredible Stud

          Huh…I never met any. Are you related to etcrr?

    • DaddyD

      "What's the matter, darling? Did I hurt you?"
      "No. Why do you ask?"
      "I thought I felt you move."

    • Dr_Batman

      Either a funny joke or a horrifying look into the sex life of a necrophiliac.

  • HonoluluChiver

    These people are going to die way too early.

    • Simon

      So are all of my friends.

  • kissmykarass

    Some of these are quite impressive. Its nice that they only work for a tip. But if there was a museum for this kind of art, I wouldn't regret spending the money to see them.

  • FionnR

    I kind of feel like I've been cheated on, I always thought no. 39 was Dublin's living statue and now I see him whoring around in England 😥 …*sniff*

  • djd

    I am the question that cannot be answered
    I am the lover that cannot be lost
    Yet small are the gifts of my servant the soldier
    For time is my offspring, pray what is my name?

    • insanely great


    • RandomTask09


    • SadeShadz

      God! o.o

    • I don't know

      Easy, djd.

      • Vader


  • MIke

    Pictures of people pretending to be statues? Please show me more!!! 😀

  • stot

    #36 These are actually real statues lmao

    • Doron

      I believe this is in Antwerp, Belgium. Near the Cathedral.
      The 'statue' on the left is a man.

      • alex86

        Yes it is. He's quite known, he has been a statue for a lot of years now. He has become one of the touristic attractions of Antwerp.

  • Jame

    Taking pictures of living statues is the most pointless thing. The point (if there is one) of a living statue is for them to not move. If you take a picture of anything, it's not moving. So in pictures, EVERYTHING is a living statue

    • Tj Huddleston

      By your logic… The Chive is specifically a site that posts images of statues with FLBP and helps donate to statues who are military heeros

    • Frank & Been

      You know when you think to yourself, "Nawww… no one is that stupid" ?

      I've just been proved wrong.

  • professional sitter

    it must look very nice on your cv

    • Smartass

      "Capable of doing absolutely nothing but breathing for hours at a time, while still expecting to get paid for it."

  • etcrr 131p

    And if they move it would be scary because statues aren't supposed to move but then they look like statues and then they move. very good chive great post.

    • I'm gay Dan Conrad

      Oh I get it they look like statues so when they move people freak out because statues don't move as they are made of metal, or other materials that don't move. Haha it's do simple

      • gay Dan Conrad

        Do simple??? You asshole

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    You know what, I'm calling it:

    Covering yourself with paint, and then expecting people to give you money while you just stand there, has now been done to death.

    Move along now, please.

    • Simon

      Painting things has been done. photographing things has been done. Making sounds has been done.

      And posting comments has been done.

      I find these interesting.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        In all of the above, people have improved and evolved the art. Painting, photography and music of today are nothing like what they were last year, which was nothing like ten years ago, which was nothing like twenty years ago….

        *This* all started with people covering themselves in paint and then standing still….

        ….and years later, it is *still* people covering themselves in paint and then standing still.

        It's done.


    #29 MOAR!!

    • Tomas

      Actually, LESS… if you know what I mean. 😉

  • Tj Huddleston

    #31 #34 #38 The paint on these are ridiculously detailed!

  • Dustin MUFC

    would be even cooler if they were GIFS. Still awesome none the less!!!

    • etcrr

      Why? They dont move. They are statues.

    • Justin Critchley

      they are gifs keep watching

    • Dr_Batman

      Gifs of them standing around? How exciting!

  • Clint

    Why is #4 flipping me the bird? :/

    • tiny tim

      most "living statues" want u to pay to take a picture, this person probably did not

  • Larry

    #1 #41 no sleeping on the job!!

  • Alex

    Saw them in Madrid!!!!!


    • Sho

      It's only one dude, the one with his eyes closed. I have a pic of him taking a break.

  • Guy

    #41 will be me Saturday night

  • @RickvdS

    I can't give much about these living statues, it's not even entertaining :/

  • DAC

    #24 I've heard of that Dr. before, his first name is Jer… Dr. Jer Kolf

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