Being a great dad: Level Boss (22 Photos)


  • Cml

    This was copied off of 9Gag. It was originally a girlfriend making it for her boyfriend, did no one notice the extremely girly hands that "Dad" has making the candies?

    • The6ftAsian

      Im guessing the pic of the girl in 16 and 17 is the Girlfriend… kind of weird if the dad just threw that in for the son. #16 #17

    • Otter

      #20 the groupon of 30 shots with an AK47 at the rife range gave it away for me.

    • Simon

      That's a point. The original post cites that "I love my boy and he loves zombies and sweets".

      Looks like somebody somewhere may have made a false assumption of the relationship.

    • Anonymous
    • NIGGER

      You mean chive is a bunch of reposting whores??

    • B Dub

      #14 I see what you mean about the hands. Come on Bob, do your homework! Still, she did it Chivette style for her man.

    • ME4

      That's BS. everything from 9GAG isn't original. Seriously. It's from everywhere else on the internet. 9GAG sucks.


    #22 lovely packaging

    • Dr_StrangePants

      now THAT's craftmanship

    • WelfareDept

      #17 love how he put a picture of a chick in there… You know… Just in case! 😉

      • No Way

        He's just trying to make sure his son doesn't grow up gay. Gay people recruit others (usualy loners) because they can't procreate.

  • Cutta

    Awesome dad, is awesome!

    • gnocco

      This is an old 9gag repost (not hating on the repost) but it was from a girl to her BF. not a father son deal. you can see she included a picture here: #17

      • Yeah

        #6 and #14 do look like girl hands. Hmmm…

        • Banananah

          maybe it's just one of the kids dads.

  • Saskguy26

    Epic present! should have included a copy of "Zombie Survival Guide" as well.

    • Archie R Spires

      Dude, that book made me cry and have nightmares at 31! I don't want to know what it would do to a little kid.

    • Pezski

      I suspect he may already own it…

  • duh

    What if Zelda was a girl?

    • Timmer

      Zelda is a girl dumbass, that's why she's a princess

    • Jeff

      He's just trolling. Calm Down. He seems to be a douche who likes to make people mad.

    • Abe

      Mmm zelda IS a girl! She's actually the princess of the series

  • BrianS

    epic. nuff said

  • Tanya

    Adopt me?

  • Michael

    This was made in Poland ;]

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      I grew up near Poland, and remember having those egg chocolates…. BEST THING EVER!

    • Jimbo

      This is offensive to Polish people.

    • Munyshot

      Thanks Sherlock. FAIL.

  • Hedonista

    he is from Poland – LOL

    so why this KIT is in English ?

    • Banananah

      because Poland doesn't produce Zombie Survival Kits, he had to order one from Miami.

    • Drew

      kinder eggs are allowed in Canada and Smarties are a Canadian thing so my guess is….

      • DubCitySin

        Amen to that. haha, i still laugh on cbc news one night the woman who was detained at the border because her kid had a kinder egg, when they were going to the states.

    • pimpampet

      these days, because we all watch family guy and south park, anyone of the younger generations can speak english.

    • Flox

      Because most Zombie stuff comes from english territories and as such all video games and movies have such objects labeled in English. If he had written the labels in polish it would have been pretty lame.

  • Dan

    Awe, I wish my dad wasn't an alcoholic 😦 no ak-47 for me

    • Dan's Dad

      Sorry son, the last 5 years have not been kind to us. Please forgive me, I DON'T DRINK ANYMORE !!! but i don't drink any less 😦

  • aszek395

    You know you're father really loves you, when he goes through all this production just for his son
    Chive on!
    Hope you two have an awesome day at the shooting range, you should call up FPSRussia!

    • Spelling Police

      *your. "You're" is a contraction of "you are."

      • mcfadinj

        And you should put your hand in your pants, grab that tube-like object and shake it violently. For whatever reason, I'm betting nobody has ever touched that tube-like object in your pants.

  • Tyler Macias

    Post reaction pictures time MEOW!!!!

  • Dylan

    um where are the twinkies!? has he not seen zombieland! 🙂

  • Turnip

    This is all good and well until there's a real zombie apocalypse and the kids left trying to fend off a zombie hoard with TicTacs and a fucking kinder egg.

    • Hunter X


    • Dick Salad

      Fucking spit coffee all over my monitor! Comment of the week!

    • HotashNerd


  • mark

    my dad sure wouldn't go through the trouble of making something like that for me

  • Pole

    Yay for a Polish daddy.

  • Dabadee

    Gratuluję pomysłowości 😀

  • hahahaha

    that dad is a fag

    • jeff donuts


      • Chuck Norris

        also agreed.

  • David

    I never had a dad, cant wait to be one to celebrate fathers day for the first time, hopefully i can come up with cool stuff like this

  • SPB

    Well, the bad thing here is… if a Zombie apocalypse ever happen, this kid will be eaten first, because he will be FAT o/ !!!

    • Eric

      Haha, yes insulin is going to be tough to find during a zombie Apocalypse. I'm a dad of 2 teenagers and my wife would have my head giving them all the sugar. Super cool idea though, he obviously loves his kid so right on for him.

  • NaTaS

    how is that awesome? guy just ripped off someones original idea and passed it off like was creative.

    • KO617

      You're mad at your dad.

    • Ryan C Olson

      actually this is a complete fraud, the pictures are as well… A girl did this for her boyfriend for their anniversary.

      • olson twin


  • irdrumr

    fucking great. first time i've ever seen something like this. thanks cool Dad.

  • MattKL


  • jonnyx

    I see what you did there…..

    Don’t but your kid the expensive console unit he’s been begging for the past few months. Just wrap a bunch of sweets in a box, and take him to cheap a trip to the firing range and make some bullshit story about zombies…..

    • KO617

      Hmm maybe not everyone's dad is Daddy Warbucks and can buy his kid a PS3/XBOX when he whines that johnny down the street has one. Awesome Dad got creative, went straight for the sweet tooth, and let him blow away some paper targets with an assault rifle. Good on him…now I'm gonna make my Dad take his grown as son to the firing range this weekend.

    • j22

      wow, what a hater.

    • rcorrino

      Yeah, give the kid a game console and s/he'll remember it until the next upgrade comes along. I'm pretty sure the kid will remember this gift long after all the sweets have been eaten.

      " Yeah dad, thanks for all the cavities and the diabetes……" Sarcasm aside though, If I were this kid, I'd remember shooting a real gun with my dad long after I've killed imaginary opponents on a big screen.

      One thing though, couldn't the dad have at least put a nerf gun in there?!

  • NHale

    It's a thoughtful gift. Here son. In case you're ever attacked by zombies, make sure you give yourself a nice case of diabetes and a fat gut.

    Actually i think this guy was just trying to make his son fat and slow so he was zombie bate so the dad could get away. Sneaky sneaky.

    (refusing to make a Polish logic joke)

    • j22

      Damn, can't even give a kid some candy without people getting all Michelle Obama about it.

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