• Karl

    Congrats to that kids dad…good memories about an eternal child play!

  • letter bruce


  • elie

    is the kid speeking swedish?

    • Rabbit

      I believe he is 🙂

      • peewee

        i assumed it was french

    • Ride

      That is one smart kid 🙂

  • Dirkler

    If my dad would have done the same thing to me, I would have a VHS tape of the ceiling. Spoiler for you kids: in the 80's, the video cameras were alot bigger.

    • Kellie Ross

      best comment to this video-ever.

  • Otter

    "Eat Fresh."

    • Otter

      c'mon! you guys didn't see the SUBWAY logo on the screen of the tv?

      • @bdaley84

        I saw it. Thumbs up to you.

      • Buster Cherry

        What do you want, a fuckin medal?

        • Otter

          Just surprised at all the down votes. But if you have any…

  • Whiskey_Drinker

    Yep – Showing this to my brother-in-law to see if my niece will do this. Awesome.

  • Dakota Moore

    if i had a go pro i would totally do this with my daughters…

  • Uripper

    MJ poster above the cot WTF

  • The Interrobang - Does This Make Hide and Seek Seems Like the Worst Game Ever!? | The Interrobang

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    soo off topic but…. MANNY WON! BOXING IS RIGGED.

    • Ned_Ryerson

      he did, but no need for it here.

  • iXOredheds

    So funny how all toddlers seem to go to the last place they found you. My daughters do the same thing.

  • BB23

    hahaha, dad sticks a camera to his kid's head. Awesome.

  • Andy

    Okay this was adorable.

  • the_mike

    Here is what I got from this.

    Who puts a Michael Jackson poster over a kid's crib?

    I'm strapping a GoPro to my three year old.

  • Zrock76

    I play hide and go seek with my 3 year old all the time. She will play for hours if I let her. I usually take a book with me when i hide though just because I try to hide somewhere else in the house every time and it sometimes takes her 15 minutes to find me.

  • HOYVIN Glavin

    When I was 3 my dad taught me hide and seek after a fight with my mom. He's really good too because I still haven't found him.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Reminds me of some of the FPS video games I play…. Go to a spot, die, go back to the same spot just in case, die, look somewhere else, die, try it again…. Except this is much more adorable. 🙂

  • spike99908

    did he ask his kid if she wanted to be on the internet forever?

  • ucanefan

    Kids are morons

    • RealZoo

      Yes you are.

      • 4980

        wow. that's the best you could do?

  • texxs

    1:15 – Shut the door dude, your wasting the air conditioning!

  • NetDoc

    My kid is getting a HERO2 cam!

  • WowWeak

    Congrats! You ripped off Wimp .com twice in one day. A new low!

  • Daniel Accorsi Miranda

    nice. On a different subject. Why the heck they dont simply post the youtube videos? Why do they need to put on their own "the chive" video player?

  • leah_bee


  • Gaho

    Wow, Mirrors Edge 2 has some nice graphics! 😀

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