Celebrities with bizarre alternative businesses (13 Photos)


  • TigerLily2012

    Really hard to read this one but would be interesting…

  • b3nje909


    this is why Kiss are a mockery to metal/rock.
    their excessive amount of shit merchandise that only morons would buy.

  • Phreaky

    Kendra Wilkinson selling stripper poles is "Bizarre"? Really? How about Melanie Mayron from that show in the 80's "ThirtySomething" selling butt cream? (look it up) Even stranger – her father makes it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722809282 Oliver Vorian Wang

    #1 #2

    Ugh. Fuck that band, and everything they stand for. Their music has always been absolute rubbish, and their theatrics are just to pull in money and 14-year-old groupies to fuck with.

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  • hmcby

    not trying to be a dick but if your going to have a gallery like this can you make the paragraph a little larger so we don't have to zoom to read the whole thing. Just Sayin

  • Pinchy

    Hey chive, could you make it so mobile users can pinch zoom the images? Can't read any of these fuckers. Thanks.

  • Suz_Q

    Best celebrity business — Ross Valory bass player for Journey – he thought of these things called Mouth Man shirts– hiiiiilatious!! http://Www.mouthman.com

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