Innovative ways to reuse old things lying around the house (30 Photos)

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  • darren


    • Holy Shit WTF

      You may or may not have just reached the pinnacle of your life.

      • JBb

        No he did. Nothing else will compare.

        • Morons

          And both of you have reached yours as well. Congratulations.

  • Giants Fan

    ^ dumbass!

    • Giants suck wad

      You're a Giants fan and he's the dumbass? SMH

  • echogeo

    Luckily for me I just happen to have 5 whiskey barrels out in the garage.

    • insanely great

      have you got any blood in your alcohol system….;)

    • Master_Rahl

      needs more cowbell. would that be a flask or something?

    • Sean Dwornick

      if you need help emptying them, let me know!

    • Dotson

      Old whiskey barrels are worth $400-$800 a piece. Sell them in eBay dude. People buy them for aging wine and beer or as decor.

    • BentWrenches

      I have played this drumset! Sounded great that bass drum was super boomy. Annd..My username is super relevant to #25

    • nwf

      All these ideas are mostly impractical, but when you read the text in an infomercial voice it makes the post worth it.

    • Wiley

      And 100,000 old picture frames #29

    • ChodeLauncher

      I can't imagine that drum set sounding very good..

  • STeve

    First sucks balls

    • Jawbone

      You crave the semen as well, kid.

      • Mjmchiver

        Anyone who talks about first sucks

        • Der Freischütz

          Is this now First Club? The first rule of First club….

          • rcblockhead

            Mjmchiver, you just talked about first.

  • echogeo

    Yeah, that looks comfortable.

    • Anonymous


    • Austin Anderson

      I'd pass out in it.

    • ChodeLauncher

      But you can brag about it to fellow hipsters

    • hmcby

      I have sat in one of these and its actually quite comfy if the seat is cushioned right.

  • DrewskiDrew

    #1 Tama drum set Donkey Kong Edition

  • asdasd

    Almost all of these things would cost more and would be beyond the average
    person's skill to do for themselves. Other than that, extremely cool!!

    • JRB

      You sir, sound below averagely skilled. No disrespect (New Jersey accent).

      • asdasd

        Have you tried drilling a hole on a wrench? When you have, come tell me
        how you managed to do that with your bench drill, center drill and HSS and/or
        cobalt drill bits. Then tell me how you managed to bend them using a propane
        or better, an oxy-acetylene torch, all of which are available in an average garage…

        • Cavey

          I think the point was to make you think outside the box.

          • dirtE

            But it's the chive, which if you haven't noticed, is focussing more and more on the box.

            • winkin and wankin

              I see what you did there..

          • asdasd

            Sometimes being cool for the sake of being cool doesn't cut it.
            Spending the insane amount of time needed to make that frame corner roof is
            an example. Using a ketchup bottle as a pancake squirter (oh my!!) is brilliant, don't
            get me wrong, as are many of the simple ideas proposed, but the more advanced
            ones are plain silly…

            • boo

              ketchup bottle pancake squirter is always in use at my house. also a useful tool to make pancake shapes for the little ones.

            • Crafty

              You only think its silly because you probably have no creativity and wouldn't be able to do it. Most of these things are pretty simple with the exception of the sink, couch and ceiling.

    • Underhill

      Some of these are borderline cool but the cost and level of difficulty is beyond reason in many cases.
      What will it take–assuming you have a plasma cutter, grinding and polishing tools and the desire to end up with an uncomfortable ''love seat''–to cut up that bath tub.

      • asdasd

        A plasma cutter would be the nuclear option in this case. You could end up with the same
        result using an angle grinder. You'd piss off a lot more neighbors, but you'd also be done
        at a fraction of the cost.

    • Fucknuts

      Used condom as a icing pastry bag?

  • Frederik Era

    Lovely, gonna try that one out!

    • Friar Tuck

      Don't forget to set up your cam first and put a box band-aid next to it!

    • James

      Yeah, you thought it sucked when you broke a light bulb before…. just wait

    • Ned_Plimpton

      'The Longest Yard' with Bert Reynolds… You have been warned.

    • The Occupant

      Strictly speaking it's not a candle, it's an oil lamp. Candles use solid fuel.
      Still, a really neat idea worth looking into.

    • Djblue

      believe it or not, it's actually very easy to empty an old light bulb, I've done it many times to make little planters out of them.

  • RealZoo

    #15 #18 #22 I like these ideas.

    • Beej

      #22 is on for like $25

    • Charlie_Cheen


      Use An Old Hanging Shoe Rack *as diabetes locker


    • Trey Reeves

      Mmmm, this candy tastes like dirty feet.

  • MikLAD

    I'll keep #4 for its rightfull purpose thank you…..storing beer next to my bed

    • MikLAD

      I meant # 14 I guess i was rushing to get on the first page and failed miserably

      • AnyoneForCoffee


  • awhite2020

    That would cost more to do than my entire is worth!

    • awhite2020

      Than my entire *house* is worth.

    • gambit83

      I think that's one of Dan Phillip's houses so all of the frames were free. He builds houses out of 80% found and donated materials. it's pretty cool.

  • rickacha

    #13 #17 #28 I find these very useful and yet so simple

    • common sense

      yes use that old TP roll if you like fecal matter all over your cords.

      • Gob

        You get shit on your toilet paper roll? That my friend is kinda insane…

    • Rufio

      #13 works well if you only have 7 bags.

  • CaNaDaaa

    #6 #26 – What are these CD's you speak of?

    • JP

      Lmao, I haven't burned a cd in years

      • ancientlegacy

        try putting one in a microwave and enjoy the fireworks.

    • Algonquin Burgandy

      I believe that CD's were old wooden ships used during the Civil War period.

  • kylecali

    #22 found at
    you're welcome

    • Mickey

      While it seems like a cool idea, credit cards are too thin to make usable picks. This gadget cannot cut through anything thick enough to use a good pick.

      • Hobbson

        A credit card isn't thick enough to use as a pick? What do you use? A nickel?

      • hello please

        Depends what you're trying to play. I frequently play with a pick much thinner than a credit card.

        Also, what Hobbson said.

        • Nelson

          Yes like Clorox bottle picks for example. A "Fender Thin" might be somewhere between a clorox bottle and a credit card. Fender Thins are my favorite weight for picks.

      • Thud

        Too Thin??….. Whadya picking? A Harp? Piano Strings? BBQ Grill?

    • Kaylee

      Also found at

      ❤ your loyal geeky Chivette.

      • yoursarcasmboresme

        I would recommend the pick punch over this. based on some of the reviews i've seen online,

        • Doozy

          I own a Pick Punch. Very heavy duty, can punch through most heavy plastics or whatever you'd use. Really great.

  • tortilla

    i repurposed my shamwow as a rag

    • Jawbone

      I'm sure it's very helpful when you're on your period.

      • Jawbones dad

        Is this "Jawbone" person ever funny? It must be a 13 year old considering the constant barrage of lame "potty" jokes

        • Jawbones grandpa

          I second this motion! Jawbone pull your dick out of your mouth and think of something decent to say

    • darsh
  • AwesomePossum

    To all of these, meh.

    • Tommo

      not enough half naked women for you?

    • AwesomerPossum

      To your existence, meh.

      • Tommo

        So you dont want a slice of my pie?

  • tortilla

    #12 the irony of using a and old computer as an even older form of communication! heh

    • Not irony

      Not irony.

      • Irony

        Yes it is

        • not it's not

          it's not irony!

        • isweari


    • Its me

      Not irony

  • bill

    #21 warning: please do not repurpose in reverse. Old mirrors DO NOT make good tennis rackets

  • old guy

    #7 that looks like one of those peg toys where you put your face in it and it leaves the impression of your face. Although you probably shouldn't do that for this.

    • chivepolice

      shut up, stan.

    • Yessirr

      This really looks like the only one that wouldn't be more trouble than it's worth.

  • fhild

    #1 oh now i know what to do with all of those old barrels i have around the apartment!

  • asdfasd

    25th! i can count!

    • Barf

      You're still a dumbass like the first one.

  • rerew

    #4 shit someone stole my bathroom!

    • DaddyD

      Bathroom! Someone stole my shit!

  • Mike

    #15 You want me to fill one of the most fragile household objects ever invented with kerosene and light it on fire? Is step one putting the fire department on your speed dial?

    • rerew

      they prefer to be called "sensitive" fragile is to harsh a word. that insult might backfire, resulting in a molotov cocktail type scenario

      • Spelling Police


        • KyleHeier

          swing and a miss

        • cows250

          If you are TOO dumb to use the word TO it would behoove you to STFU

    • Bevity

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! You are 100% right. Who in their right mind would use the light bulb candles? Oh wait… some people have written they like the idea… oh oh.

      • Mikey-poo

        You are good at understanding the hidden meaning of English words. Obviously in that comment – even though I was speaking only of myself – I meant in a greater sense that all of humanity can only have the same opinion on re-purposed light bulbs as the one I possess.

        OR, maybe you just suck at trolling?

  • brown dog

    #18 when you get diabetes, they take your feet anyway.

    • you win the thread

      And that's game set and match to brown dog.

    • ......

      I laughed out loud at my desk on that comment

    • FoolOfATook

      One of the best comments ever on theChive

    • Coral

      I laughed until I cried. Absolutely hilarious comment.

    • Bevity

      They call it a pantry, but it's a personal candy store. You and Mike (above) really made my day. It's good to laugh.

  • Paul Blackburn

    all awesome!

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