Euro girls of 2012: Finally, a reason to care about soccer overseas (42 Photos)

Via Euro2012girls

  • El_profe

    Hello #7 and #18

    • carlos

      #7 is a romanian soccer fan (jersey) and they are not playing in the euro, so please do your homework first… 😉

      • aleksandri

        who cares? shes hot!

      • Token Black Chiver

        How in the hell are you seriously complaining about the title and category. Step outside of that little box of yours and look at these gorgeous women!

      • El_profe

        Are you under the impression that I made the thread? I didn't, and even if I did I wouldn't give a fuck. She's a gorgeous soccer fan.

      • Token black #2

        At least there's no token black chicks!

        • kigero

          You’re a real charmer, aren’t you.

  • Curtis Vineyard

    Put a smile on my face.

    • Collegato

      CHIVE, some photos are from the world cup (you can see the Johanesburg stadium in the back), and ROMANIA is not even playing the EURO. And some of these girls suck. Fuck your lazy ass "BOB".


      PS. sorry Curtis.

    • Magrin

      Im in ukraine right now. When i get back ill be submitting some good photos. Hot chicks everywhere

  • whyme1973

    #2 #12 #42 Damn.

    • upperdeck

      #12 you spelled CUM wrong…

    • Dinho

      #42 is Sarah Brandner, who is the wife/girlfriend of Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger.

  • Sick350Z

    #12 #21 #28 Scooooooorrre!!!

    • Macro

      28 ain't bad, the other two are scags.

  • beserker

    #11 Yesss please!

    #16 unforgivaeable

  • Ned_Plimpton

    Soccer still sucks, but I'll gladly scroll through this gallery again.

    Also #22

    • rromero

      Dude, soccer is awesome. It is the most popular sport in the world and this gallery just enhanced it a little bit more.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        In the US, soccer is as popular as cricket.

        • rromero

          And by world I meant in general for all the coutries in all the continents, not only the US.

        • FactChecker

          Sorry Ned Flanders, more US kids are playing soccer than any other sport now. Soccer/Futbol is a game you have to play to appreciate it.

          • Ned_Plimpton

            I do appreciate the sport. Played up to high school. It's great exercise.

            I just wouldn't watch a game on tv, much less pay for a ticket to one.

            • jimmy c

              The flopping is unbearable. Such fucking pussies.

              • ihatebasketball

                have you ever watched basketball?! flopping and drawing fouls makes basketball even MORE awful

                • jimmy c

                  I agree, especially how only fifteen years ago things were completely different. Anyone who flops in the NBA is a bitch, and the refs only make it worse by allowing them. The refs and David Stern.

              • PayHeed

                Calm down…

                "I watched the Giants flop this year when they couldn't keep up with the no huddle. I also watch D Wade and Lebron flop all the time during this playoffs. Weird, pro players flop? How dare they!"

                • jimmy c

                  What makes you think I appreciate flopping in those situations? I'm a Giants fan and that pissed me off. Once again, pussies.

                  Soccer has it the worst though. Basketball is the second worst, and in football it's pretty much non-existent. Soccer they barely get touched and feign career-ending injuries.

                  • Deads

                    Go and watch Rugby then. Compaired to the other sports Rugby is a sport that doesnt have a lot of the crap most other sports these days have. And the players dont even wear helmets and pads etc.

                    • durr

                      He can't, it's not 'Merican enough!

                    • jimmy c

                      Good one, that's not dead enough.

                      I watch Rugby when I can find it. Definitely entertaining and probably the most physically demanding.

                    • KCCO

                      Someone needs to keep calm.

              • Dr_Batman

                To be fair, Ronaldo makes up about 90% of said flopping. He spends more time on his back than his mom.

    • Damn

      this is silvi van der vaart, wife of rafael van der vaart (netherlands)

    • Craven

      Wait a second, Americans who don't like sports NOT from their country? Shocker!
      Maybe there aren't enough commericals for you.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        I'd have more fun listening to old people breathing through their noses while eating sandwiches than watching a soccer game.

        I'm not Canadian & I like hockey.

        • Nickincollege

          So are you saying you couldn't care less if your national team is doing well in international play such as the World Cup?

    • cbo1

      Your right. Soccer sucks. I've seen fish that flop less than soccer players. Bunch of pansies.

      • Brent

        Without soccer we wouldn't have hot soccer moms so soccer rules

      • durr

        I watched the Giants flop this year when they couldn't keep up with the no huddle. I also watch D Wade and Lebron flop all the time during this playoffs. Weird, pro players flop? How dare they!

    • Payheed

      Sorry Ned you're just flat out wrong. Soccer is the largest growing sport among kids in the US. There have also been more new Pro soccer stadiums built in the last 5 years than any other pro sport. All I'm saying is your statement about how soccer is as popular as cricket is just about 100% wrong. It's okay if you hate soccer and your view on the worlds largest sport is totally askew, but please KCCO man and quite hating on something you can't play.

    • USF Bull Rigger

      Soccer inevitably turned into Rugby which became American Football…very Darwinian. Like Neanderthals becoming Homosapians.

      • Livin' Legend

        I can't find a Darwinian explanation for all the ass-slapping. Please enlighten me.

        • USF Bull Rugger

          Well, in Soccer it all started with very thin, very sweaty men hugging/caressing each other in somewhat of a homoerotic way pregame, post goal, and post final whistle. Rugby, noting that these actions were less than optimal for the aggression needed for prime bone crunching tackles lessened this with the obligatory "touchy" actions of scrumming and fist pumping, but limiting the caressing for their wives at home. Football, being a sport derived from Rugby, took the lessons learned by Rugby players, tweaked and refined them until we get what we see today as the aforementioned "Ass-Slap".

          See, natural selection at its finest. We have eveolved.

          • USF Bull Rugger

            and **evolved as well 😉

          • Lili

            Evolution? To a sport where men wearing shiny tights jump on top of each other? That looks way more homoerotic than soccer!

            • US Bull Rugger

              *Yawn*…what?…oh…it's just another person who has never played the game…

        • Dr_Batman

          Every spot has ass slapping. It's a sign of encouragement. Now, when the hand lingers…

      • Karl

        FLORENCE FIGHT CLUB now that is a sport. and for your information football didnt evolve into anything, but rugby did evolve into a panzy sport where you have to wear protective gear. i say skrew darwin and lets all join FLORENCE FIGHT CLUB

        • USF Bull Rugger

          I never said football evolved into anything. If you would have actually read what I wrote you would see that clearly. Also, by your statement, it is obvious that you have never PLAYED football. As you can see by my the "Name" I post, I am a "rugger" or rugby player and played for my University. I have also played football (yes, with pads) and recieved offers to play at some Division II and lower Division I universities…and I can clearly and unoquivocally state that I have never been hit harder or beat up more than when I used to play football. Rugby is tough no doubt about it…but you have never been hit like you get hit in football. It doesn't matter what anybody says after this or if I get "thumbs down" or whatever. Call it a pussy sport because it utilizes padding…but go out there and play…just one game…and tell me if it is a pussy sport then. Remeber to RICE your injuries after you get your body snapped in half.

          • Durr

            "I have also played football (yes, with pads) and recieved offers to play at some Division II and lower Division I universities…"

            Prove it.

    • Ash

      To every single one of you, its called Football.

      • Jason


        • USF Bull Rugger

          Love John Cleese…but, again, he's never actually played American Football, so is generalizing what he believes to be true. A lot more goes into every play, every formation, and every movement made on the field than anyone who bashes it thinks…

          Again, play the sport before making a decision about how irrational, stupid, boring, dumb, or whatever you think it is.

          • Jason

            I posted the video for the part about the name, the rest is just a funny bonus. But how exactly are you so sure he has never played American Football?

            Apart from that, saying Cleese is "generalizing what he believes to be true" is a valid point but a bit rich coming from a guy that says things like "Europeans are allowed to not like American Football or Deoderant…"

            • USF Bull Rugger

              Lol…Jason, I thought the irony in my original statement about Europeans and their deodorant usage was apparent. Guess not.

              But, can we all just agree to disagree…I've played just about every sport mentioned on the post and I have my preferences. Soccer, while not my preferred sport deserves its just due as it IS the most popular sport in the world…I just don't like some aspects of it (flopping mainly)…I think it detracts from the game.

              I would like to end this by stating that you are a scholar and gentleman and the fact that you enjoy the Chive is testiment to you as a person. Good day, Sir.

            • USF Bull Rugger

              Also, look at John Cleese…does he look like he ever played football…or any contact sport for that matter? lol

              (I can't say for certain, but again, I am generalizing based on looks) ha.

              • Jason

                Haha well that is a very reasonable assumption about John Cleese.

                I can agree that diving (or flopping) is a really bad aspect of Football. And sadly I don't see that changing. But I think you would be at least somewhat convinced of the joy of the game if you witnessed a European or World Championship in Europe. So by all means come by our beautiful continent two years from now to have a magnificent experience 😉 Holland is highly recommended, assuming we play a tad better next time. And while you are at it you can bring us some of that deodorant you spoke of 😉

                • USF Bull Rugger

                  Hahaha..I do appreciate every sport (maybe not speed walking)…and I would love to visit Europe again and bring you guys a gift box full of Speed Stick ;). Haven't been since 2002….

                  (But, seriously, I dont know about Holland as I have never been there, but at Charles DeGaul Airport in France…I almost threw up on multiple occasions due to dangerously potent body odor. Maybe hat is just Charles DeGaul airport though lol.)

                  Have a good day, buddy!

                  • Jason

                    No that's just the French;) They can do many things but personal hygiene isn't always one of them, the men at least.

    • Heath

      Its called Football and its fucking AMAZING!!

    • The Avenger

      You have the right no to like soccer or any other sport for that matter but to talk shit about the most popular game in the world simply because it's not big in "MERICA" or should I say "The United States of North America", that's just ignorant, arrogant & disrespectful! That goes to everyone with similar attitude towards other sports or activities I'm just tired of people like you putting down what's not "merican"! If you don't like soccer don't watch it but don't open your mouth to easily criticize & minimize what others love! Pinche vato meco! Respeta culero!!!

      • USF Bull Rugger

        If he has the right to not like it like you say he does, then he has the right to say that it sucks publicly. Censorship is the least democratic of traits…

        (Your attitude towards America appears to be as aweful as the ones you are criticizing…but I defend your right to have that attitude…because I am an American, and that's what we do…well, most of us anyways)

    • Splinter

      You are outrageously beautiful.

    • Laroque


    • ChiveRulez

      That's mrs van der vaart, the wife of the # 23 of the dutch team

      • kigero

        Wow that was looonnng, but from what I gather (or at least from what I can remember, seriously it was long) but there seems to be a lot of rage and ignorance which may or may not be an act. Anyway for the people who keep saying flopping, which I can only assume they mean diving, yes it happens but it’s the ref’s decision that count and that can be just a simple play on which doesn’t disrupt the flow of the game or a yellow card which as you know is a punishment. The reason any professional sports person gets to that leave boils down to the fact that they have a natural ability and have put in the hours training. Disrespecting anyone who competes at that level is silly.
        There were a few comments that seemed to stray in to areas such as evolution, censorship and John Cleese (I’m not sure how looking at a 72 year old you can tell about his sporting history but he was a boxer in his youth and I’m sure that’s a contact sport) all of which seems to rely on hyperbole rather than fact. Unfortunately I don’t have the patients to really go into the ins and outs of the silliness and I’m sure you don’t want to read any more of my poo-poo, but get over yourselves and KCCO

        • Martin Berkhan?

          Cool story, Bro.

    • ItsCalledFootball

      It's not called "soccer" ya fud, it's called football. "soccer" is a word made up by you septics.

  • DaddyD

    I usually prefer blondes, but #39 and #40

  • happy =D
  • Wet_tosti

    #11 is taken at the WK in Afrika asshats! The girls got new Bavaria dresses.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      For the ones who don't get what Natte_tosti is talking about

      WK = WC = World Cup football in Africa

      but it don't matter much because HUP HOLLAND HUP

      And i'll also take the 3rd girl on the left any day #11

  • kimohoyo

    #20 is hot as hell

    • Timmer

      Find her chive!!

      • CHEZENKO

        meanwhile in Ireland

    • Rudy

      Was totally watching this game, lost my shit when her pic came up.

  • Larry

    To many hot girls to point out only a few. I think i might like soccer a little bit more now also. Nice post CHIVE!!

  • Cal1

    #14 I'm Standing

    • joe

      You do realise that without the french you'd have the queen on your money?

      • Guest

        And without the USA the French would be using German Marks.

        • Nice try America.

          You mean with out the English and the rest of the world they would. Dam Americans turn up late and try to take all the glory.

          • Notmyname

            The only reason we were late is even with all of the equipment we ended up giving away, nobody could do shit without us.

            • Jiub

              I can only assume that you're joking, because anybody who has any kind of knowledge about WWII that's not coming from american action movies would know that this is bullshit. Thanks Russia for saving us.

  • @LosTorre

    Makes futbol a lot more interesting

    • nonombre

      You mean soccer?

      • rromero

        English is the only language (as far as I know) where soccer is called different than football/fútbol or something similar.

        • Lil John

          We (Americans) already have a football. You guys'd call it handegg, but still.

          It's no excuse… merely an explanation.

          • rromero

            No we don't, we call it American football, at least in my country. Where is it called handegg?

          • LiT

            the person who came up with that name should be slapped in the face. hmm a sport where you hold a ball, lets call it football

  • Takingbackcider

    #19 #20 Go on the Irish!!

    • Giller

      Stand up for the girls in green.. Stand up

      • jessup

        Shoes ooooffff for the girls in green . COYBIG

    • outof816

      The Irish fans just showed that they have some class. Down 4-0 against Spain, they started singing and cheering more than other fans would if their team was up by 4. Much respect going that way, for sure.

    • Geo_B

      Beautiful Find them Chive!!!!!

    • Dr_Batman

      Too bad they got eliminated 😦 No more hot Irish women for us.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #14 That's m'girls!

    But who is #41 and #42? I'm guessing not your average football fan….

    • maoam

      average german soccer-fan

  • tv_paul

    #20 Please kiss my Blarney Stones

  • echogeo

    #19 #20 #21 #22
    A very nice run of pretty girls.

  • jhoratio

    Soccer is so interesting that boobs

  • loltron

    Romania in Euro 2012? Strange, i thought they didn't qualify.

    • Cavalary

      Apparently Chive "qualified" our girls at least :p

      • NotAmerican

        At least we're a great competitor at "beautiful girls". But still, while I admire theChive's enthusiasm, I must state that Romania didn't qualify (again…) this time.
        #5 #6 #7 #38

    • M.O.T.

      Beat me to the comment! I have a feeling they just Googled "hot girls euros" and posted the results. If they'd watched any of the games they'd have seen so many hot women, that's all they focus on in the crowds.

      • M.O.T.

        Also COME ON ENGLAND!

  • echogeo

    Reminds me a little of Bo Derek in "10".

  • Richard

    Lot's of Euro trash.

    • rromero

      Lots of Richard's hate…

      • Lil John

        Girls? They hate girls, right?

    • Oli

      I dont think you even understand the expression "Euro Trash" because this is not it at all?!

  • Ben

    #12 I'd cum on England

    • SirBoobsalot

      Hur Hur Hur

    • Hucks

      You bastard, I thought that was rain.

  • echogeo

    And she's humble too!

    • CJizzle

      this got me, too…i stared for 5 minutes…

    • Mendelssohn

      Angelic face.

    • joe


    • Torden

      Is she the same woman as #26 ?

      • yes man


  • Lthrnek

    American CHivetts are so much HOTTER

    • Mc Donald

      you spelled FATTER wrong

      • Fuck off

        You spelled "I'm a retarded fag who likes taking gorilla dick up the ass" wrong

        • Mc Donald

          just saying,
          the average gorilla dick is 5 cm long (1.96 inches)
          Not so much fun for my ass…

          • Woop


        • Dr_Batman

          Can't we have a cordial argument without you bringing up an ape's genitalia?

    • rromero

      Chivettes are stunning no matter what country they are from.

      • SirBoobsalot

        Here Here!

        • Woop

          Hear hear..

      • Dr_Batman

        Indeed sir!

    • Shearer

      You're an idiot.
      I love all the Chivettes. But if live your life with that attitude, mate, you're gonna die an uneducated, inexperienced little boy.

    • Marc Danzmann

      no, they are not! American Chivettes all have fake titties!

      • oregon coast

        all in all, I thought it was weak, did not take long to scroll through that.

  • Mikeg01sf

    I need to move overseas and become a face painter

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