There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (93 Photos)

  • Johnny

    #71 we need MOAR closer with less arm bra PLEASE!!!

    • marvin

      yes yes yes and yes

      • nash

        I send em them and they just re post this one lol

  • world of wunder

    Just when I was about to give up hope….

    also, OH MY GOD #93

    • xavi00

      #46 powpowpow

    • DLo


    • ChiveOn

      #7 I've been crushing on this girl for years. She was (don't know if she still is) friends with a girl I used to know named Noel.

      • Internet-Meme

        Cool Story, Bro.

    • BruceWayne

      #75 duh

      And check the age of #89 LOL
      All the ladies are special and cool.
      Thank you.

    • Tomas

      #93 BY FAR!!! WOW!!! Many others of note and worth in this post of SC's, but THIS one…. WOW!!! ❤

    • djp

      My faith was restored by #31 and #89 as well, but, what a way to end the post.

    • mullet

      Being that this sunday is fathers day id like to give all these girl's fathers a big high five for giving them no love growing up. thus allowing them to crave attention from strangers and granting me the sight of their boobs. thanx dads where ever you are. most likely in jail or sleeping with their friends.

      • Dr. Who



      I stiil think the SC should be saved for the ones that show their face.

  • claire


    I'd go bi for that one.

    also, is that a real chive black shirt?

    • Blair

      Yup. They started making black KCCO shirts. Bad ass.

    • HatBomb

      Yup, that's the real deal, keep an eye on the bookshelf 😉 As long as they make gorgeous women like that, I'll never have to go bi…

    • Dr. Brovorkian

      I believe she was a chivette of the week about a month ago. Drop dead gorgeous!

    • will turner

      Her name is Jordan, she's almost as amazing as the chivery bookcase 🙂

    • Devin

      And I go straight to watch that.

      • AStraightDevin

        Don't worry GayDevin, I got this one.

  • lando


    you win the boob olympics

    • HatBomb

      Hmmm, #93 might get the gold, but I'll give her silver.

      • Tomas

        Agreed!!! ❤

    • wolfpack

      Just wow! You should never be allowed to wear a shirt.

    • TheWizz

      sorry, close second to #71

    • Kris

      Is it just me or is that pretty much her whole nip?

      • Mancusoproject

        Was thinking the same thing….. Looks awfully close to a nip.

  • Peter Miller


    I'm literally watching my boss, who is a girl, scroll the SC right now. also, she's kind of hot

    • CDD

      Where's your camera, son? XD

    • I <3 Gamer Girl

      That's Gamer Girl… Glad to see her in the SC!!

      • Jessica Condrey

        *Waves* Oh Hey 😀

        Chive and Game On ❤

        • Vision

          Love is only a wave away

  • Vic

    #13 #40 67 sexy….and way too many to choose from though…

    • babyfartmagizax

      #69 I'll take you up on that offer 😀

    • Chris

      She gets it too, no make-up is nice and all girls should looks to this 🙂

  • jmdmn

    #2 A true blue-eyed brunette beauty – as rare and elusive as the black "Chive" t-shirt

    • hootie

      or the even more rare and elusive hot Asian girl w/ a phat booty…I've witnessed it only a handful of times and it's breathtaking-

    • Felcus

      I have a black KCCO, and therefore I am.

  • tdogyo


  • Vic

    #93 #90 damn!!

    • Dr. Who


  • PhotoPhreak

    #39 should be the new era of recruitment posters

    • Kyle Heard

      been seeing a lot of our navy girls on this site. too bad I havent seen them on the Reagan yet 😛

  • Fall

    Sexy chivettes! Another reason why Friday is such a wonderful day!

  • @RickvdS

    Damn.. big chivette spree!
    Let me hold those for you 😉

    • Reddit

      They got this pic from reddit gonewild… Not a chivette.

    • whiskaleafa

      I wanna marry her!

  • 42095477

    this is definitely why the chive is the home page on my phone..

  • Vic

    #89 #67 love that…

    • Really?

      #89 Won we mover with that face, the body was just additional win

      • Tecumseh

        Wish I could give more thumbs up. I froze when her face came up and again for the body. Amazing!

  • hootie

    #45 Big n' natural…spectacular-

  • MrMav

    #37 #57 #76 #85 #86 = WOW!

  • Sarah

    #92, #93

    there's fucking nobody doing it like the chive these days, bravo

    • joe shabadoo

      you're not looking too hard then

  • A.E.

    #93 dear god #45 beautiful

    • Mtr

      Where is the pic of the 4 women on the beach in wet bikikis

  • DanTheMan

    #11 I'd rather go hard on you!

    • kevin

      go easy on you? what could we say that is bad great ass and legs Moar please!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ProudPapa

        Why does a chick on stage, wearing thong, have the right to ask us to take it easy on her? Yes, you're very hot. I'll bet your dad is proud.

    • Cale Loddeke

      #11 Are you a big st charles motorsports calender girl? I talked to last years miss January for a while at PointFest this year.

    • Slim Jim

      no chance, i would do go it my balls hurts

  • Vic

    #47 ill play you..

    • Rico

      If she's dressed like that, you're bound to lose.

      • simplizitey

        challenge accepted

    • Tomas

      Mind if I lob a couple balls your way??? :p

    • Vic

      dressed like that…i would not expect to win. although i would enjoy every minute of it.

  • tv_paul

    #2 Mila look a like (and I like)
    #76 So darn cute.
    #47 Love all

  • Beau McFaggy Pants

    My pants are so tight they may never come off.

  • PDiddily420

    Nice Meat Curtains !!!

    #26 #63

    • Koont

      The UNDERTOE is strong with these!!

      • PDiddily420

        Lol…Undertoe. I love it!

      • Jake

        Definitely need a section for camel toes

    • Jen

      #60 #69 #50 I will take one of each please! #69 I won't take a girl like you long to find a good guy. So stop waiting around!

  • thewinedown

    #31 and #67 I'm in LOVE.

  • Mr. Niceguy

    #67 Well there's 1 reason to go to Oklahoma…hot hot hot

    • Arden Ballard

      OK with me! Bags are packed.

    • Perd

      This is the best looking girl in a sports bra I've ever seen on theChive!

    • AssHaterson

      About the only reason I see to ever go to that turd of a place.

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